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  1. Home state to Buckeye Triumphs, plenty of contact details on their web page ....worth an email.
  2. ...Nice! Must of been a full can of easy 1 & a plaster's trowel for that load.....
  3. I've got Toyota four pot calipers - not identical to the ones used by Dennis as I use vented discs but I can't imagine they would be different fittings/thread. Mine are metric M10
  4. Got something similar myself which is to give clearance for the air box for the Webers...
  5. That's the correct piece but having recently had to fit some myself I found the replacement parts useless and made my own to fit. The pictures aren't brilliant but will hopefully give you an idea of the problem. The black one is the replacement, the middle one is whats left of the original and the last one is the one I made. The replacement is completely the wrong shape & the nuts welded in the wrong place at the end....up to you but it will probably be less pain and cheaper in the long run to offer the wing up & get it all lined up as it should be & then fabricate a filler piece that actually fits as it should......
  6. As the others have said the valance is an easy fix, as for the sill - a good body shop may be able to pull it out but if you're tackling the job at home I think I'd take it back to bare metal first and if there is no rot apparent I'd probably cut out the damaged section which would enable you to have a good look inside and assess the quality of the metal & if all's well just let in a plate and seam weld. I'm loath to remove more of the original than is absolutely necessary and it would be comparatively easy to make the folds for a repair section which could then replicate the original. Although the new heritage panels aren't as bad as some stuff in the past they will still not give you the same crisp definition of an original panel without some careful lead work. The only thing I'd add is that there must have been a fair bit of force for the sill to have been pressed in along that particular area so you need to check carefully that you don't have any subtle bulges or ripples on the edge of the floor pan or elsewhere along the inner/outer sills....good luck whichever way you go - looks like you have a sound basis to work from.
  7. Adam, yes - but they are not the same although the instrument locations are! The differences are in the centre switch panel mountings & the shape of the hole for the steering column, but these are simple mods, you will be able to achieve the change you want with little effort
  8. I used to, now I accept that the better way is cream first. Consider yourself an honouray Devonian Bob!
  9. Love the noise... helps with the old man tinitus.....
  10. Got one in mine Hamish but I don't ever remember seeing one on offer at the internationals, you may need to look further afield....
  11. For what it's worth I've had a couple of these sumps from new and they were both porous...but I agree with the others, I think it is more likely a gasket issue, plus of course you can't use the original bolts as they are too short
  12. No probs, when I fitted the works hinges to one of mine I had to extend the mounting plinth on the top deck with lead & shape to match the bigger hinges....I just had a look and the forward section mounts are different as well..
  13. The back section that fits to the rear deck has two studs instead of one. The longer forward section that fits to the boot, I believe had just two studs in the same location as the originals but I've got a few in the garage & can check for you if it helps?
  14. Not sure what your project requires Mark but the works cars had extra large hinges fitted which were off a Vanguard - there are still some around or failing that there are numerous other larger offerings that turn up at auto jumbles
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