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  1. Wow, Rob - I am truly impressed! I didn't know there was such a thing - but as my grown up sons will affirm I am a bit of a ludite when it comes to computer stuff. I followed the link to the Tr4/4A section which is my personal interest and could see a lot of the early details but it is possibly as much as a decade out of date - which I'm basing purely on my memory of previous searches & could be eroneous. It is still a lot better than nothing so thank you for the education.....
  2. Folks, I've found the TR Registry a very useful searchable asset over the years but it's been down now for a long time & I was wondering if anyone knows if it's now dead in the water and if so whats happened to all the valuable data about our cars? I hope its not lost as it was the only searchable online facility of its kind that I am aware of. Mods - feel free to move this post if you think it is more appropriate elswhere & I've put it in the wrong place!
  3. Or this? there are all types on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362704160268 I was sure the Register used to have key fobs - they were being given away as prizes at the quiz night at the international a few years back but I can't see them in the Register shop....
  4. Thanks Graeme thats reassuring, there is a spring on the earlier 4/4A boxes although it has a different part number & in all honesty I never understod why it was needed as the locating pin at the other end made the shaft a fixed item with no lateral movement possible. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/clutch-transmission-drivetrain/clutch-systems/clutch-system-tr2-4a-1953-67.html Do you think the sping is for pre loading one side of the clutch fork or just as an anti-rattle?
  5. To conclude this thread - a friend of mine in the local group has lent me an old cross shaft for comparison & the difference is obvious, & as I suspected the hole is about 4mm too far one way which makes it unuseable with the designed locating pin in the end. Following on from what Roger suggested earlier I have realised that as I have double bushes in both sides of the bell housing if I press the ones on the offside together rather than with a gap for the locating bolt the fork can self centre & I can still use the grease nipples as designed...it's good to talk!
  6. Hi Roger, yes I could except becasie this is the greasable kind of cross shaft I'd have to plug the two holes in the casing where the locating bolt goes at the end of the shaft -one is tapped & one isn't. It's not the biggest engineering challenge but I'd rather the shaft was fitted as it was designed to be if you get my drift.....
  7. Folks - has anyone got an original clutch cross shaft to hand they could measure for me? I am in the process of rebuilding a box & bought a new cross shaft (geaseable bearing version) as I had to cut the old one out due to the normal sheared pin problem. As always I drilled the fork & shaft to take a roll pin then assembled to the box which is when the problem arose. When the locating bolt is fitted on the offside of the box & the fork retaining bolt is fitted the actual fork ends up in the wrong place, I.e. one of the release bearing carrier locating pins is almost touching the side of the front cover extenion & the other stands off by about 9mm - certainly wouldn't be able to fit the bearing carrier as it is. I could do with the exact measurement from the centre of the grove that takes the shaft retaining bolt near the end of the shaft and the centre of the hole that takes the fork retaining pin - both of which can be seen in my third photo. I'd like to be well armed before I phone the supplier again as this is already the second cross shaft from them as the first was faulty for a completely different reason. I am using the same fork in the box so the only thing new is the cross shaft (& retaining pin) Thanks in anticipation
  8. 11.2mm wide x 79.2mm long. rounded at both ends & the rivet holes have centres at 66.5mm apart...hope that's what you need
  9. Pretty certain that was an integral part of the original replacement panel......
  10. Paul, not 100% sure which part you mean but if it's the struts that sit under the rear deck on either side - they look like this - & I've got some spare if you need them... This the underside of a rear deck for a TR4:
  11. Changed batteries a couple of years back for a red top - couldn't believe the weight & size difference with brilliant performance and the added safety of a battery that can be fitted at pretty much any angle without fear of acid spills....
  12. Got this same kit sat on the shelf waiting to be fitted - I've just checked and it now comes with Timken tapered roller bearings as Stuart refers to...
  13. The problem with that David is the requirment to use sealant - especially the RTV they recommend which is probably responsible for clogging more oilways in our engines than anyone realises - brilliant stuff but has to be used with caution in the right places. The beauty of the silicon bead seals that are set into the rocker cover lip as Chris describes is the fact they don't need sealant just an oily finger over them and screw down lightly - never had a leak in 10's of thousands of miles and never replaced it. The rocker cover can be taken on/off & easily with a couple of thumb screws, no tools required.
  14. They're still going strong Graeme, I use them occasionaly but not seen the alloy covers....
  15. Not sure if any of the suppliers do - I think most of us have it done by local engineering companies....
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