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    1962 TR4
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    Plus the L200 Barbarian as my good ladies daily driver, and my support vehicle for all things TR related!

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  1. Half dozen cars from the Devon group....also at Tetre Rouge
  2. Not sure which is the saddest - the fact that you quote unqualified commics as headlines or that you feel it appropriate to the share them with a classic car forum...
  3. Or better still replace the little blighters with 10/32 unf 1/2" long capheads & use a long wobble head allen key..........makes everything so much easier
  4. Uumm, I feel another project coming on.....
  5. This is very helpful info, I've never had a split tunnel fitted but had always thought it was to avoid the H frame removal, - this is probably a daft question - but why isn't the joint made further back? - Surely that would enable even a complete engine gearbox removal with the front of the tunnel & H frame still attached, or am I missing something?
  6. I thought the purpose (one of) of the split cover was to avoid the necessity to remove the dreaded H frame - is that not the case then?
  7. Just done this very job - it was tight & I had to tilt the arm slightly an an angle but they came out without damaging anything.
  8. Thats good to know thanks Stuart, I was certainly hoping it would help with the set up on mine.
  9. More completely pathetic & sad than tiresome.......
  10. Not an ideal arrangement - double pole & two relays means the indicators are only live as they should be with the ignition but hazards at any time....
  11. The only man I know who colour coordinates his loft insulation...
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