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  1. Is it just me or do those springs look frighteningly close together?
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1964-Triumph-TR4/323848637354?hash=item4b66e20baa:g:zpIAAOSwBXhdGlRa
  3. Fitted loads but never seen that before... a new anti squeal alternative? - what do the suppliers/manufacturers say?
  4. Like Roger , I have no knowledge of wedge related issues but it does look like there is a fair bit of freshly deposited shiny metal debris attached to the front cover extension that the release bearing slides on & the surrounding area...nothing that can be properly fixed with the box attached..
  5. +1 for that Bob, but the fact there is identifiable slack in the rear UJ is good enough reason to pull the prop & replace the joint anyway - get that done first & see what's left to deal with... it should be easier to identify if the UJ's are in good order
  6. Nice pics, & nice weather by the look of things...
  7. Plunger in base of gear stick jammed & blocking 1st/2nd gate?
  8. I've got a couple of the alloy covers but I've had the gasket face machined to take a loop of a 5mm silicon bead which is then sealed into the groove in the rocker cover so I just add a smear of oil to the head and hand tighten the knurled knobs, never had a leak after 10K plus miles Also didn't like the breather hose coming out the manifold side of the block & running around the back of the block to the catch tank so pulled the original fitting & plugged the hole - then tapped and fitted a new one on the opposite side which makes it all much tidier......
  9. Under the check strap pointing upwards.....
  10. Here you go Roger, it's basically a small tablet of oblong steel with a nut welded on the back & the corners rounded off, you drop it behind the seal (I then used one of those cheepo telescopic magnet things to hold it against the inside of the seal while I screwed some stud into it and put a plate over the outer edge and pulled it out by slowly tightening the outer nut - works really well & only cost me a few bits of scrap metal.
  11. There's a very simple tool that can be made to extract these little blighters easily, I'll try & find some pictures, although I'm fairly sure I posted them before when we were all using photo bucket so they'll be long gone now..
  12. I may be completely wrong here Dick but to be honest I can't see that a half mil offset is going to make any difference at all so it doesn't matter which way round they go, how on earth did you pick up on such a marginal thing?
  13. I Don't use a really wiggly pipe......
  14. Folks, I know this may seem a little low tech by the above standards but it's only a fiver & made by Sealey and it works a treat.......
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