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  1. I may be completely wrong here Dick but to be honest I can't see that a half mil offset is going to make any difference at all so it doesn't matter which way round they go, how on earth did you pick up on such a marginal thing?
  2. Folks, I know this may seem a little low tech by the above standards but it's only a fiver & made by Sealey and it works a treat.......
  3. Thanks Stuart, looking closely at the damage I don't think the back end of the box was miles away from breaking free, I've emailed Colin at CTM to see if he sells these brackets, failing that I'll fabricate some stronger ones myself.
  4. Hi Roger, I've just given it a bit of a clean, I can't find any damage extending into the chassis rail, the notch at the back of the gearbox mount looks like a bit of heat damage from the original weld to the back end of the bracket...?
  5. Morning folks, Just stripped down a nice straight TR4 chassis which has this damage to the gearbox mounts both sides of the chassis rail...is this a common problem, what causes it? Anyone encountered this before?
  6. `` Not needed Rod, just a smear of sealer.....
  7. One of the culprits for an o/d leak is the adapter plate that sits between the units, they tend to get distorted along the bottom edge if someone has used force previously to assemble everything, it's worth checking with a straight edge as it's not always apparent to the naked eye & it would be a shame to go to all the effort of replacing the gaskets only to still have a leak..
  8. On the basis that all braking needs to be consistent in terms of response either with or without servo - I think you've answered your own question......
  9. Was that all metal Hamish? - or is that excess silicon sealer from the rebuild that's found its way to the sump section on the O/D - it has a slightly translucent appearance
  10. A couple of adjacent missing dog teeth is far from ideal but in your position - also not a game changer, I like the idea of you cleaning it all out as best you can & zipping it back together and using it until you are in a position to pull the box & sort it properly. And don't be afraid of building these things yourself - lots of reading, a clean work area and a good understanding of the tolerances involved and it can be done on a very reasonable budget. I've done several over the last few years without any issue at all.
  11. The nugget of metal on the right in the bottom pic looks like a dog tooth - should be able to see where that one has come from by slowly rotating the main shaft...
  12. Did you by any chance replace the con rods?
  13. Rich, Dennis is still an active member of our Devon group, I'll send him an email for you & ask him to look at your posting...
  14. Be interested to know if it comes with the spring for the inside of the Viton seal like Christians version has, it doesn't show in the advertisement....
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