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  1. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1479007 Up for sale this week
  2. Well the plug screws failed, even a very old one. 6BA fits great if it helps anyone else one day
  3. I'll give it a try, good idea
  4. Does anyone know for sure the thread size of the heater cable retaining screws, measuring the thread at about 0.0870 inch internal I'm guessing 4-48 unf or 6BA Missing both of mine
  5. Hi Mike, Note your post regarding the app not opening on upgrading your iPhone, could you still enable/disable the immobiliser function? Like the idea of it, but the idea of a phone issue preventing the car starting worries me. Tom
  6. As a standard TR6 engine makes 150bhp another 50bhp from modifications hardly seems a wild claim. With a steel bottom end, the higher rev limit will only raise this figure.
  7. tr7v8

    Dove purchase

    Strange things have happened Wayne, as I, like yourself, have a TR7V8 with bodywork as extreme as a Grinnall and also a Dove. I'd of never put money on it. Now to make the drag car road legal....
  8. Well with Eve getting bigger by the day, a four seater Triumph was needed. To my surprise my wife Louise spotted a Dove for sale at a reasonable price. Deal done. it's a shame I have sold off my dad's huge collection of spares. I think I'll find myself buying some back at rather different prices! Cheers, Tom Pringle
  9. Can anyone help with the marking on the end of this TR4A camshaft? Assuming it's modified... BHMRY2
  10. Thanks Roger, appreciated. The order of service was my wife's (Louise) work. Most other parts were mum's choice, the wicker coffin, the songs and even the vicar. Although her readings were based on my choices she adapted them for Diane perfectly. It was a sad day, but it went well. Thanks to everyone else, your comments mean a lot. We do have a donations page for her funeral to her chosen charities. That some have asked about so link added below. https://dianepringle.muchloved.com/
  11. Thanks Paul, I'd like to add this convoy behind the hearse is in initial stages of planning and I've put it out there before its been fully authorized, the council have accepted the idea in principal, but We need to keep the numbers under 30, this is people rather than cars. so 15-30 cars, obviously depending on number in the cars. We can have use of toilet facilities at the cricket club. We will need mobile numbers to confirm any track and trace covid aspects in regards to the use of these. I appreciate Mere isn't near anywhere, stuck in the wilds of Wiltshire. But there is pl
  12. Mum, Diane, passed away 16.48 thanks to everyone for your messages, it means a lot. I found appropriate attire Tom
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