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TR7 Electric power steering

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I bought my current TR7V8 last year and after a few years doing other things was particularly surprised at how heavy the steering was.  Maybe its age and being used to modern cars but it was really bad particularly when parking and at low speed. As I am hillclimbing the car, hairpins have been a real pain - just getting the lock on and off.  I put roller top bearings in and gave the whole system some TLC with the grease gun but it made little difference.  I started to look for power steering and found the old hydraulic system to be just about impossible to source.  I then looked at electric systems and found two.  I plumped for a system from a company called 'Easy Steer' it only cost £550 which was by far the best value.  I've just fitted it - took me about 4 hours.  All you have to do is remove the old column and replace it with the new one which has the motor attached.  There is also a control box and a variable sensitivity control knob.  It a bit of a fight to get it under the dash as there is a lot of wiring in the way and the tube for the air vent but it does fit. The wiring is straightforward only needing a good main 12v supply, earth and switched 12v supply.

I've just taken it out for a drive and the car is completely transformed.  Frankly, it's the best money I've spent on the car so far and that's including all the money I haven't told my wife about!!  If anyone wants to know more just ask or PM me.



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