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  1. I am in the process of renewing all the brake components on my '81 DHC, so far this is going well (UNTIL NOW).I am in the process of replacing the rear brake cylinders; the new cylinders fit quite nicely, however the securing to the rear of the back plate is by a 'C' clip. My problem is how to fix the clip. Is there a knack to fitting the clip or is there a tool available for purchase/rent which will allow the clip to fit with the back plate in situ?
  2. I know that many will be surprised by this request, however I am in a bit of a quandry. I am fitting new suspension units, (Spax gas inserts, springs and super pro poly bump stops to my TR7. My problem is that I am uncertain as to the position of the bump stops and the 'way up' that they are supposed to fit on the inserts. Any advice would be most welcome.
  3. I am concerned that my 1981 TR7 has no oil pressure gauge as standard therefore I am considering removing the defunct clock, (which is only right twice a day) and replacing it with an oil pressure gauge. Has anyone already carried out this operation, if so what would be the problems involved, if any?
  4. Many thanks to all who gave such good advice and responses. I actually completed all of the checks suggested to no avail. Finally decided to check the battery condition and, to my surprise, Found that the battery was completely dead, apparent cell failure. A new battery has solved the problem, Cyclops is now purring! Many thanks again.
  5. Thanks Grahamgl, good suggestion, I'll do that.
  6. Hi Allan,

    Apologies for the delay in responding, just getting used to the Forum setup. I am in Essex, Leigh-on-Sea to be precise and, as I said, really new to Triumph cars, and the Register.

  7. Hi, I am new to TR's having aquired a 1981 TR7 , 2 litre DHC. All was going well, some minor items were renewed such as gas struts for the boot lid, and new boot trim, until yesterday when I tried to start my my pride and joy only to find that there was absolutely no power to the ignition. I seems as though there is no battery present; no dashboard lights, nothing. I have checked the battery an all seems well, plenty of power there. Can anyone assist? I am thinking that a fuse has blown and am currently in the process of checking. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  8. Hi Ransome256. Thanks for the response, however I don't believe that the lamp is regarded as a fog light as the car has been MOT'd regularly with (I assume) the lamp in place. I shall have the issue checked by my local MOT station. Regards Emrys.
  9. I have just acuired a 1982 registered, 2 Litre,DHC TR7 with 65,000 miles on the clock (original according to the MOT certs). My 7 has a central lamp situated below the front bumper in line with the fog lights; it appears original but I'm unsure. Can anyone assist?
  10. Hi Allan, I am new to TR's, and also the Register. I have recently bought a 1982registered TR7 which I am currently 'reviving' . Obviously I also find the steering heavy, especially when manoeuvring in tight spaces. I am considering fitting power steering so your record of the procedure and any advice would be most welcome. Thanks Emrys
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