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  1. Hi Ralph, I use my left leg to bring the handbrake lever towards me to a reachable distance when strapped in. Cheers, Cliff
  2. We now have a new contender to join the three best excuses. 1. The big boys did it and ran away. 2. Your cheque is in the post. 3. I had to go for a drive to check my eyesight. (As publicly admitted by DC and MG (Not the car)).
  3. Hi Adam, 30 FGF was, and still may be, owned by Colin Wheeler. Colin lived in the Durham area but may now be in the Cambridge area. 30 FGF was used extensively for Hillclimbing in the 1980's until Colin moved into a single seater. I am not sure if Colin is still a member of the TR Register. Regards, Cliff
  4. One of the features of the Bo'ness Revival in September is the Bo'ness Saltire Trophy, a competitive Historic Rally / Production Car Trial type event, please see the attached details. The Bo'ness Revival is the venue for the TR Register Scottish Weekend and already there are eight TRs entered for the BST. In addition there are at least six TRs expected to compete in the Bo'ness Revival Hillclimb. For details please contact Stephen Hall at ScotlandDirector@tr-register.co.uk or Cliff McKinnon at cliff@bonessrevival.co.uk Bo'ness Saltire Trophy Information.pdf 2020 TR Register Scottish Weekend.docx
  5. In addition to the Bo'ness Revival Hillclimb, Scotland's only combined Historic Motor Sport and Classic Car event, and home to the TR Register Scottish Weekend, a new Historic only Hillclimb event is planned for Doune on the 23rd and 24th May this year. Doune is one of the most, if not the most, demanding Hillclimbs in the UK and thoroughly deserves its title as the 'King of Hills'. Entries for both Doune and Bo'ness shall be opening shortly so if you would be considering entering either, or both, events please drop a line to Cliff McKinnon on cliff@bonessrevival.co.uk. As a possible incentive there shall be a TR specific class at both events if we have four TR entries.
  6. Good Morning All, Many thanks to everyone who has provided information, I have received a call from TR Enterprises with some set-up information so hopefully I can resolve the situation. Thanks again. Regards, Cliff
  7. Hi Stuart and Mick, Many thanks for your replies. I have asked Simon at TR Enterprises for info a couple of times, but they are busy people. The info from Stuart is particularly helpful, I have trawled the internet often and I think I am just about there, but it's just that final bit I need. Rolling Roads and people who are familiar with setting up TRs are thin on the ground in my neck of the woods. Cheers. Cliff
  8. Does anyone have information regarding Choke and Jet sizes for Webers for a TR Enterprises built competition upgraded engine. Thanks. Cliff
  9. Hi David, I have used a cable throttle for many years on my Hillclimbing TR3, scrutineers prefer cables to linkages. I have used HIF SUs and Webers at different times and cables make the switchover easy. I use the Triumphtune block which attaches to the throttle pedal and my homemade 'Heath Robinson' device at the carb end for the SUs, I have the pukka device for the Webers. I hope this helps. Regards, Cliff
  10. Who is this mystery scot on the forum?

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