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  1. Hello Keith, Many thanks for your detailed response, it cerainly helps. E5 Fuel supply appears to be quite patchy north of Hadrian's Wall and there no doubt shall be a point where E10 may have to be used out of neccessity, which may lead to issues. I am unsure as to the timescale for degradation of wetted parts in the fuel system due to Ethanol, so doing something sooner rather than later may be prudent. There are a number of 'Ethanol Eaters' in the marketplace but there does not seem to much in the way of evidence as to how effective they are. Our Scotland Director, Stephen Hall, ha
  2. Hello Mick and John, Mick, Thanks for the information, I shall await developments. John, It is a kit for the wetted parts of the fuel system for E10 compliance. There are a number of 'additives', mainly from the USA, available, it would be good if the FBHVC could confirm their effectiveness. My understanding is that E10 has been used in the USA for some time, so information should be readily available. I would imagine that the additive would also require to contain an octane booster, unless a high octane E10 fuel is made available. Regards, Cliff
  3. Hello Stuart, CMC are Classic Motor Cars, a 'high-end' restoration company in Wales who do a lot of work on Jaguars. They are offering a complete upgrade of the fuel system to make it E10 compatible, exactly what it includes I do not know, but I suspect all fuel lines, seals and gaskets and probably floats for carbs and tank sensors. Regards, Cliff
  4. Good Morning All, Would it be possible for anyone to advise if they have taken steps to mitigate the use of E10 fuel in their TR, or any other 'Classic'. Although there have been government assurances that E5 fuel shall be available until 2025, I am sceptical if this shall actually be the case. Already I have found difficulty in obtaining E5, not all filling stations stock it and those that do do not always have it in stock. Prior to the current 'crisis' I ended up making a 50-mile jaunt just to find E5. Pretty much all of the fuel for Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of nor
  5. Hello All, Attached are a couple of images of a brochure I received from the Ceylon embassy in 1970 when a chum and I were planning to drive from Scotland to Sydney in my Mk1. Triumph 2000. Unfortunately we never made the trip, the problem being getting the car into Iran as a surety of 2.5 times the new value of the car was required which would only have been refunded when the car returned to its country of origin. Another snag was that Syria and Afghanistan suggested that a carrying a firearm would have been worth considering. The image of the TR was taken at Nuwara Eliya Lake, I wo
  6. Hello All, Attached is an image of the Clyde Valley Group cars for the rest stop in Glasgow for the 1973 End to End run. The image was taken in the underground car park of the Glasgow showroom of McHarg, Rennie and Lindsay. I remember one entrant of the run thinking it was only a couple of hours from Glasgow to John O'Groats, I think he must have had a long night. Cars pictured from left to right are, VGA 544, my car from 1974 to 2016, now residing in Aberdeen. SWB 552, Mad Ian's car, written off shortly after the photograph. VHU 81, subsequently owned by Richard Larter, Unidentified
  7. Hello Mike, I had a problem with progressive locking of the brakes many years ago, after many attempts to resolve the situation I discovered that the problem was caused by the vent hole on the reservoir cap being blocked, creating a vacuum in the reservoir, thus causing the brakes not to release after each application until they finally locked solid. It may be worth checking that the new reservoir cap has a vent. Cheers, Cliff
  8. My introduction to Motorsport was via Stock Cars, a certain amount of modifications were allowed at the track I competed at in Motherwell in the late 60's early 70's. My Anglebox was fitted with a 1500GT Cortina engine. Great fun if a tad scary at times. Cliff
  9. Good Afternoon All, Thanks to all who proffered advice on my problem. Following a stripdown and clean, plus an additional earth wire normal service has been resumed. I now have £75 to spend elsewhere. Regards, Cliff
  10. Good Afternoon All, Thanks for the info. The gauge swings to full with the feed cable disconnected, and the gauge works, albeit slowly to full, when the operating lever in the tank is manually lifted using a piece of bent rod. I hope it is not the sender, which was replaced a number of years ago when I installed a new fuel tank, the issue is getting the sender out as I have a fireproof bulkhead installed. Bob, Would dismantling the gauge and giving it a clean and some WD40 be a good idea, unfortunately we live at opposite ends of the UK. Thanks again to all. Regards, C
  11. Afternoon All, After 63-years my fuel gauge has decided it has had enough, it still works, but needs a flick on the glass to spring into action and seems to read low. I can get a replacement for £75, but just wondered if anyone has any hints as to how I can perhaps remedy the situation before purchasing a replacement. Thanks. Cliff
  12. Hi Ralph, I use my left leg to bring the handbrake lever towards me to a reachable distance when strapped in. Cheers, Cliff
  13. We now have a new contender to join the three best excuses. 1. The big boys did it and ran away. 2. Your cheque is in the post. 3. I had to go for a drive to check my eyesight. (As publicly admitted by DC and MG (Not the car)).
  14. Hi Adam, 30 FGF was, and still may be, owned by Colin Wheeler. Colin lived in the Durham area but may now be in the Cambridge area. 30 FGF was used extensively for Hillclimbing in the 1980's until Colin moved into a single seater. I am not sure if Colin is still a member of the TR Register. Regards, Cliff
  15. One of the features of the Bo'ness Revival in September is the Bo'ness Saltire Trophy, a competitive Historic Rally / Production Car Trial type event, please see the attached details. The Bo'ness Revival is the venue for the TR Register Scottish Weekend and already there are eight TRs entered for the BST. In addition there are at least six TRs expected to compete in the Bo'ness Revival Hillclimb. For details please contact Stephen Hall at ScotlandDirector@tr-register.co.uk or Cliff McKinnon at cliff@bonessrevival.co.uk Bo'ness Saltire Trophy Information.pdf 2020 TR Register Scott
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