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  1. The first ever round of the British Hillclimb Championship that was held at Bo’ness, Grangemouth was celebrated yesterday, exactly 75 years to the day of the original event. Historic race cars gathered at Kinneil House, the venue of the Bo’ness Hillclimb, to mark the occasion. Among the classic race cars there were a Riley MPH that competed at Bo’ness Hillclimb in period and in the Monte Carlo Rally, as well as a Cooper MG and a Terrier Mk2 that raced at the famous track. Other famous racing cars that will be there included a Jaguar C-Type, Morgan 4/4, and the Fisher Spyder that was built in E
  2. Hi Deggers, That's the one, thanks for that. Regards, Cliff
  3. Hi Mick, Good to hear from you. I have just contacted Wayne regarding the App, obviously I am unable to access the App, but I wondered if there are any listings for Scotland. In the old booklet on the website the only listing for Scotland was Balfron Sports Cars in Balfron, which no longer exists. I have put my name down as a contact to assist where I can. I appreciate the comments regarding a hard copy, but would it be possible to have something which could be accessed via the website in addition to the App. Regards, Cliff
  4. Hello, Did anyone catch the Look at Life programme on TPTV last night about the 1959 (I think) RAC Rally, a fair number of 3As played cameos. Some coverage of the Rest and Be Thankful Hillclimb which was a stage on the rally, plus going downhill on the old 'Devils Elbow' in Glenshee. The Look at Life team competed in a Humber Hawk Estate, not sure what the current equivalent choice of vehicle would be these days. Regards, Cliff
  5. Ian, I would second that idea as I am a Luddite and do not possess a mobile phone, let alone a smart one. Regards, Cliff
  6. Hi Larry, It would be great to have at least one round of the TRR Championship in Scotland in 2023. When I was on the Bo'ness Revival Board it was an annual request to the MSA / MUK to allow Championship rounds at the track, as you say the reasons given to us were baffling. With reference to the TRR Championship in particular, one of the conditions of the track licence is that slicks are not permitted, which could be an issue. Another factor is that Roger was dubious as to the number of TRR members who would enter Bo'ness as the track is relatively short and a distance away for entrants f
  7. Hi Hamish, I did try to have Bo'ness included in the TRR Championship, but issues with the MSUK and distance for competitors from south of the border meant it was not to be. We did manage to have a good turnout of TRs in the TR Register class at Bo'ness with a few members making the trek north over the years. Attached are some images of my entries at Bo'ness, including 2999F in its guise as Jim Clark's TR3 (RSC 190) for the Jim Clark Bo'ness tribute in 2019, which seems a long time ago now. Larry and I have had some communication regarding a round of the TRR Championship at Doune in 2023,
  8. What about Doune? I sometimes think I am missing out because I live a few hundred miles too far north. I am afraid my days of tramping up and down the M74 and M6 at unearthly hours to get to classic hillclimb tracks are over. Prescot 1982 and Harewood 1988. Cliff
  9. Hi Hamish, The 3a , if it was a 3a, was supercharged and was a real beast when it ran properly, which was not all that often. At the time the car was owned by Bill Pollock who bought from Englandshire, I wonder if it is the same car on previous posts on this thread. The car went back to Englandshire in around 1985 and seemed to vanish without trace. There cannot be many supercharged sidescreen cars about, perhaps it is languishing in a garage somewhere. If my memory serves me correctly, Bill's wife Val competed in their TR5 at the same meeting, making her one of the very few lady TR drive
  10. Often forgotten is the informal 'Scottish TR Hillclimb Championship' for TR Register members which started in 1982 and ran for a number of years. We even had a TR specific class in the Scottish Hillclimb Championship. Attached is an image of the the competing TRs taken at Doune in June 1984. In recent years the Bo'ness Revival has seen a good turnout of TRs, again with our own TR specific class. There is some talk of an Scottish Historic Hillclimb Championship being organised, if it comes to fruition it would be great to see TRs back out in force again. Cliff McKinnon
  11. Hello Keith, Many thanks for your detailed response, it cerainly helps. E5 Fuel supply appears to be quite patchy north of Hadrian's Wall and there no doubt shall be a point where E10 may have to be used out of neccessity, which may lead to issues. I am unsure as to the timescale for degradation of wetted parts in the fuel system due to Ethanol, so doing something sooner rather than later may be prudent. There are a number of 'Ethanol Eaters' in the marketplace but there does not seem to much in the way of evidence as to how effective they are. Our Scotland Director, Stephen Hall, ha
  12. Hello Mick and John, Mick, Thanks for the information, I shall await developments. John, It is a kit for the wetted parts of the fuel system for E10 compliance. There are a number of 'additives', mainly from the USA, available, it would be good if the FBHVC could confirm their effectiveness. My understanding is that E10 has been used in the USA for some time, so information should be readily available. I would imagine that the additive would also require to contain an octane booster, unless a high octane E10 fuel is made available. Regards, Cliff
  13. Hello Stuart, CMC are Classic Motor Cars, a 'high-end' restoration company in Wales who do a lot of work on Jaguars. They are offering a complete upgrade of the fuel system to make it E10 compatible, exactly what it includes I do not know, but I suspect all fuel lines, seals and gaskets and probably floats for carbs and tank sensors. Regards, Cliff
  14. Good Morning All, Would it be possible for anyone to advise if they have taken steps to mitigate the use of E10 fuel in their TR, or any other 'Classic'. Although there have been government assurances that E5 fuel shall be available until 2025, I am sceptical if this shall actually be the case. Already I have found difficulty in obtaining E5, not all filling stations stock it and those that do do not always have it in stock. Prior to the current 'crisis' I ended up making a 50-mile jaunt just to find E5. Pretty much all of the fuel for Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of nor
  15. Hello All, Attached are a couple of images of a brochure I received from the Ceylon embassy in 1970 when a chum and I were planning to drive from Scotland to Sydney in my Mk1. Triumph 2000. Unfortunately we never made the trip, the problem being getting the car into Iran as a surety of 2.5 times the new value of the car was required which would only have been refunded when the car returned to its country of origin. Another snag was that Syria and Afghanistan suggested that a carrying a firearm would have been worth considering. The image of the TR was taken at Nuwara Eliya Lake, I wo
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