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  1. Hi Andy I fitted some new old stock genuine Lucas headlamps to my 6 when i did the rebuild. I bought them in the mid eighties when BL still supplied parts. They are the clip on ring type so I guess they are what you should have. Cheers. Laurence.
  2. Hi it's worth checking the plug on the lead from the ignition switch is pressed fully home under the dash where it connects to the wiring loom.
  3. Topoff

    chassis holes

    Hi the picture is not obvious but could they be threaded, to take the 4 bolts that hold the radiator support bar?
  4. Hi the large horizontal slot opening is a tell tale for a leaking water pump. What you see is how it is, odd though. Laurence.
  5. Hi Gary i don't have those holes on my 7s. It could have been where a previous owner fitted a roll bar maybe ? Laurence.
  6. Hi I think much of the heat cones from a hot engine. That metering unit gets too hot to touch and sends unused hot fuel back to the tank. My 6 copes well in high temperatures as long as the road speed is high, if stopped in traffic for more than a few minutes with 25% fuel or less the pump gets louder. An immidiate fix is to add fresh fuel, I keep a can as even a gallon of cool fuel helps until a petrol station can be found. A more permanent fix would to add a fuel cooler as mentioned earlier or, for your trip, adding an electric fan to keep the engine temperature down. Laurence.
  7. If they had had them when we got married I would have had an electric pump on my wedding present list at Halfords. Laurence.
  8. Topoff

    Tr6 tyres

    Hi I have been looking for a good 185/70/15 tyre for a while. This is the correct rolling radius for CP cars but the best options are expensive. That said I have just been quoted by my local tyre company for a new brand "Radar" which are made in Singapore. The price was £100 each fitted. Cheers. Laurence.
  9. Hi Dave my 6 was the same. I changed to the longer TR5 hose which helped a little but the only fix iwas to replace the PRV with a new item. I had fitted a recon item that went loud after 800 miles. After speaking to The reconditioning company it turned out they were unable to bench test their PRVs and recommended a brand new item. The brand new one has been fine for over 3000 miles.. Cheers Laurence.
  10. Hi Steve do you still have the wings and bumper? Laurence.
  11. Topoff


    Hi in the UK The single bulg bonnet was superceeded for the 1980 model year (March). This means all production convertibles have double bulg bonnets. All TR8s, US production and UK Prototypes, would need double bulg bonnets for clearance over the carbs. On the 2 litre cars either bonnet could be fitted without any modification. Laurence.
  12. Hi there is a good gap checking device that's readily available and only costs a pound........ They used to be round but they have a few sides now. Can you guess what it is yet?
  13. Hi looks like TR6 PRV mounts to me. Try part number UKC2451 from all the usual suppliers. Laurence.
  14. TR Shop are very good on rear lamps and I'm sure can offer all the others too. Laurence.
  15. Topoff

    Plate wanted

    Hi I am need of the metal plate that holds the wiper and washer switches to the wooden dash. The Moss catalogue shows two plates but I have only ever seen one plate with two holes. Can anyone supply me a plate or just a drawing giving the dimensions and relative positions of the holes? I have Clear Hooter switches Thanks in anticipation. Laurence.
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