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  1. Hi Andy You should be able to remove the switch part from the steering lock by undoing the 2 tiny screws that hold the white block with the wires, on to the metal lock. The screws are opposite each other and may be obscured by the plactic cone shaped cover which will pull back to reveal the wire connections. The other end of the wire will have a plug that joins the loom. With the 2 screws and the plug removed the switch part can be taken off the car for examination or replacement leaving the steering lock in place Good luck. Laurence.
  2. Topoff


    Hi Clive. The bonnet pull on our 7 has a habit on feeling like you have pulled it all the way and the bonnet won't release. The truth is the last few millimetres of travel on the cable can be very hard to get. i have found if you push the handle all the way away from you and then give it a good fast firm pull the bonnet will pop. Good luck and let me know how you get on. Cheers. Laurence
  3. Hi Brian. What year is your car? The early ones should had a sliding prop like the hood and your picture. The later ones had 2 gas struts connected to the hinges. An early car can be converted to gas struts very easily if you can get hold of a pair of later hinges. If the bracket for the sliding prop is missing from the trunk it must be a change made on the late cars. My 1980 convertiblehas the bracket and the gas struts. I hope this helps. Laurence.
  4. Hi the corners of the side windows do get very close to the fold on my car too. I think that most are like this. On the video the only thing I do that they didn't is, if you have it, is to zip out the rear window and let it hang down over the rear trim panel. This may help with the folds and the fitting of the hood bag too. Cheers Laurence.
  5. Hi I could measure one for you but if you need a new one they are available from Robsport for sure and probably others. Let me know if you just want the measurement. Cheers Laurence.
  6. I think those wires will bend enough to go out the back.
  7. Hi I have found the quickest and easiest way to remove the shear bolts is to cut a slot across the end of the bolt with a junior hacksaw. Then a fine flat blade screwdriver will wind them out. You may cut into the steering lock surrounding the bolts but this won't be seen when the cowling goes back on.
  8. Hi I know the inertia belts were not supplied by Britax but the company I have always used for the static belts maybe able to help. They are the descendants of the people that worked for Britax in Byfleet that bought the parts and equipment when Britax stopped. They offer a full reconditioning/ remanufacturing service. You can google them for a phone number or an email address they are called FDTS Ltd still in Byfleet. They do other belts and may have the exact item or certainly a pair of similar items from the earlier TR6. Laurence.
  9. Hi I haven't tried to paint any but I gather from a reliable source that the new ones are all black plastic and the later ones are just over painted, and the silver comes off those too!
  10. Hi There is an old thread on this forum all about painting the plastic Dash and other bits. One of the replies was from claggy001 and I used his formula, via my local paint shop, to get good results. I don't know how to add a link to the thread on here but if you google TR7 dashboard painting the thread should be the first on the list. Cheers. Laurence.
  11. How did the Herald in the widow get upstairs ? Looks like it's being worked on.
  12. Topoff

    BHP 440K

    Hello Patrick Since I started this post all those years ago I have found and been in contact with the current owner. I cant remember exactly when I bought it, probably 1992. it was advertised I the Exchange and Mart as a stalled restoration project. I went to see if in Slough where it was in lots of pieces spread over two lock up garages no work had been done it was still Damson but came with a Surrey top glass frame. It was me that changed it to Mallard blue but sold it in 95 to start my business. In 2015 I restored another in the same colour as it look
  13. I had an old Rootes model that made that sound, I think it was a Singer.....
  14. I heard of losing your bearings but losing your ball ! Try looking in the grease or at the end of the brush if you used one to apply it. good luck.
  15. No problem. This is commercial business that can be googled for the number. Mike Harding of Harding Auto services in Woking.
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