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  1. I have started a new post in this General Forum on the subject of chassis for TRs, as there is some good news to set against the loss of CTM. Ian Cornish
  2. That CTM (Colin Matthews) has closed has been revealed elsewhere on the Forum, but since the news may affect any owner of TR2 to TR6, I am posting this news from Neil Revington here (please note, I am NOT advertising Neil's offering, solely providing information!): We have bitten the bullet and are making them here. We have a workshop close by where the operator is super keen to get the process to a point there we supply all new chassis but for the moment we are offering an exchange service. He has had the jigs made and we have delivered 3 chassis already with a 4th in process, and we have 4 forward orders, so it is all go. See https://www.revingtontr.com/tr4a/chassis/chassis/complete-chassis You might like to alert the Forum to the fact that there is no break in supply, as we can now supply customer’s needs. Neil's words in italics. Ian Cornish
  3. I have been told that the light industrial complex in which Colin (CTM) had his business was sold off completely to a developer, so Colin shut his business and has moved to France. One of his experienced men retired as he is 64, and a younger chap found employment elsewhere. You'll notice that there is no longer a CTM advert in TR Action. Like so many, I'm very sorry to see CTM disappear as 30 years ago Colin built for me a chassis which was a 100% accurate copy of the well-rotted chassis in 4VC. In so doing, he was doing what the Competitions Department did on numerous occasions in 1962-1963 to replace the chassis damaged in the ever rougher rallies undertaken by the four Works' TR4s. We know, for example, that 5VC, which in the hands of Thuner & Gretener undertook more Rallies than the others, had at least 7 new chassis in the two years! Ian Cornish
  4. I saw Ian Smith at the Chiltern Group meeting last night, and he told me that already he has 15 orders, 14 UK and one from Ireland. I am going to publicise Ian's offer to the TR clubs around the world and am hoping that a notice will be in the next TR Action - if not, will be the one after that. Ian described to me how he packages these rather unwieldy rails in order to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition - a lot of work for him. He is performing a marvellous service for owners of hardtops. Ian Cornish
  5. With the oil pump giving a nominal 70 psi, a very small hole is more than adequate to make the gauge work! Ian Cornish
  6. Phil - I'm afraid you misunderstood my question to Chris. He has fitted a Racetorations rocker cover, which vents to the left (see his photo on Page 1, above), whereas I have, in addition to the usual TR2/3/4 crankcase vent with its up then down tube (as you have described), a Moss rocker cover which vents to the right, at which point I have connected a rubber tube which goes over the top of the rocker cover, down past the fuel pump to finish alongside the normal crankcase vent. Hence, I'm venting direct to atmosphere from the crankcase and from the rocker cover (actually, it's the engine which is venting - I vent in the usual human fashion, but don't tell my grandchildren!). Ian Cornish
  7. Thanks, Chris, useful to know. Ian Cornish
  8. ianc

    TR2 prize

    I don't recall either of these shots of Miss Dujim appearing in TR Action - perhaps Registrar Mike Ellis or Wayne could arrange to include them in a future issue? Neither shot is risqué, so the PC brigade ought not to be offended! Ian Cornish
  9. Archie - I'm sure you have removed the plugs - near impossible otherwise! On my TR4, which has no mechanical fan and an electric fan in front of the radiator, I manage with a large adjustable spanner. Very tedious, but possible. If your electric fan is a sucker (behind radiator), then I imagine you have somewhat less space for a wrench or spanner. Ian Cornish
  10. Chris - I notice that from your Racetorations rocker cover you have a tube running horizontally and then downwards towards the fuel pump. Two questions: 1 - does the tube enter a catch tank, or does it vent towards the ground 2 - if to a catch tank, do you collect much oil in the tank. I ask because it strikes me that a horizontal tube situated near the rear (lower part) of the engine might permit quite a lot of oil to find its way to the outside. I have a Moss alloy cover, which has the vent tube on the right (carburettors) side, and I run an open-ended tube over the top of the cover and dangle it down the left side of the engine, alongside the crankcase vent tube (mine is a TR4, TR4A doesn't have crankcase vent). Ian Cornish
  11. ianc

    TR8 breakdown

    About 40 years ago, I acquired a TVR which had been fitted with the engine from an MGBV8GT in place of the 1.5 litre MG engine. For 3.5 litres, the V8 had a very modest power output (some 154 BHP, I seem to recall), but buckets of torque from near zero rpm. Every so often, for no apparent reason, the engine would stop, which was very embarrassing. If 1 waited 15-20 minutes, it would start again and carry on as if nothing had happened - until the problem occurred again. I never got to the bottom of the problem, and flogged the beast. Ian Cornish
  12. ianc

    TR4 -v- 4A engine

    I had drained the engine of oil before laying it on its side and securing it firmly to the pallet. Because of the considerable weight, it would help removal from your car if you had a strong support, almost the height of your car's boot floor, situated behind your car, so that you could move the pallet onto that as step 1. For step 2, we had an old kitchen worktop inclined downwards from the support to the ground, and we slid the pallet down to ground level. For step 3, to get the pallet into the shed, we adopted the technique used in moving the huge stones to Stonehenge - 3 rollers to go beneath the pallet as we moved it forward slowly. Ian Cornish
  13. ianc

    TR4 -v- 4A engine

    When we moved house, four of us, with a couple of scaffold poles into the bottom of a pallet, managed to get my spare engine into a Transit van. I had laid the engine on its side as it was more stable that way. Ian Cornish
  14. Oh dear, Chris - you have put me to shame! I had better dismantle my rather tatty Dolomite header tank and give it a lick of paint! Neat mounting arrangement, but my car has a couple of coils and pair of Italian air horns over there - very crowded! Ian Cornish
  15. David Ferry has been bringing TRs back from the USA - worth contacting him to see whether he has a reasonable secondhand lid. You can find him on this Forum. Ian Cornish
  16. PRESS RELEASE TR DRIVERS CLUB & TR SPARES DEVELOPMENT FUND 25th November 2019 Since the shocking news that British Motor Heritage had scrapped the Triumph TR7 press tools, the TR Drivers Club has been looking into the best way to reintroduce these no longer available panels. The TR Spares Development Fund came on board in the spring of this year and together we are now able to report that instruction has just been given for the tooling up and supply of the all-important TR7 front panel (a.k.a. the headlamp panel). The chosen supplier is Ex-Pressed Steel Panels Ltd. of Keighley near Bradford. This company has an unrivalled reputation in the industry and when looking for a suitable supplier for Triumph’s last sports car, the TR Drivers and TRSDF felt it was important that replacement panels should be made in Britain by British workers, so Ex-Pressed Steel was the ideal choice. It is hoped to have the first panel on display late in 2020, whereupon a decision will be made as to which panels should follow - currently, front wings are the favoured option, but that may change dependent on the TRDC and TR Spares Development Fund sourcing alternative supply of new, old stock panels. It is essential therefore that this first project is successful, and anyone interested in obtaining one of the first batch of ten headlamp panels - which will be to the cost of around £625 including VAT for TRDC and TR Spares Development Fund members (i.e. just about every TR7/8 owner in the UK) - is requested to make contact with John Clancy of the TR Drivers Club – john.clancy@bfcc.biz More details of the TR7 panel project and other reintroduced TR7/8 parts can be seen on the club’s web site at www.trdrivers.club. John Clancy & Brian Ridley-Jones (TR Drivers Club) and Ian Cornish (TR Spares Development Fund) Background Triumph dealers found out that British Motor Heritage had scrapped the TR7 press tools when a bulk order for TR7 front wings could not be fulfilled. Although nothing had ever been reported to the Triumph clubs or dealers, it is believed that the decision to sell the press tools for scrap was taken when the BMH Blackburn site was cleared out several years ago. Had advance warning have been given, main Triumph dealer Rimmer Bros. would have put in a mass order to guarantee supply for many years into the future and it is also possible the TR clubs would have joined forces to re-site the enormous press tools. A whistle blower notified the TR Drivers Club that the press tools had been scrapped only a month prior to Jon Burgess of Classic Car Weekly contacting the club to ascertain if there was any truth in the story leaked to him. The TRDC was able to confirm the story and advise that the club was already looking into alternative methods of manufacture and supply.
  17. Like Bob, I'm very pleased with the lock which I bought from Marco, and I published a recommendation in TR Action once I had fitted the lock. Not only does the lock prevent theft of the precious fuel, it makes it near impossible for anyone to pollute the fuel by pouring material into the tank. Ian Cornish
  18. Peter & Bob = nice looking can. I noticed the lack of pressure cap, then found this in the description: Please note - an inline pressure cap should be installed along with this tank. This means that one would need to put a T-piece in the line, and devise a mounting for a pressure cap - easier to use a secondhand can, such as that from a Triumph Dolomite. Then one trasfers the pressure cap from the radiator to the can, and buys a sealing cap (no internal pressure seal) for the radiator.. Incidentally, 0.9 bar (near 13 psi) on Dave's cap with temperature gauge is too high for a TR. Ian Cornish
  19. John - that looks like the Dis-Car-Nect item which I used to fit. Nowadays, I have a battery isolator switch on the TR. Ian Cornish
  20. Tim - Spectacular cloud formation and lighting effect in your second shot. The 2 shots brought a smile to my face - always good to see a good TR4! Best wishes, Ian Cornish
  21. Our daughter-in-law's father (another Ian!) has drawn my attention to a very decent-looking TR6 which is for sale at APS in Brackley, carsales@autops.co.uk. Ian speaks well of APS as they have looked after his Audi TT since 2004. I have no personal knowledge of APS, and neither of us has any interest in this sale. Ian Cornish
  22. Yes, a set = two cantrails, one left and one right, as in photo. I've edited the description to clarify this. Although I'm not in the market because the hardtop of my TR2 was sold to someone in 1969, I think this is a very good deal for a quality product. Ian Cornish
  23. CANTRAILS FOR FACTORY TR2/3/3A/3B HARDTOPS For those who are perplexed, these are the alloy gutters fitted to the sides of the hardtop to direct rainwater away from the sidescreens and/or the pilot and passenger! Part numbers 802611 (LH) and 802612 (RH). These parts were not available for a considerable time, but club member Ian Smith, who has restored a factory hardtop, found a supplier who was able to make these parts. In response to an advert in 2015 in TR Action and on this Forum, Ian received orders and then organised production and despatch of 15 sets. Ian thought that he had satisfied the worldwide demand for cantrails, but it seems not, as he has received further requests! This is a second – and final – chance to procure a set of cantrails, by contacting Ian via the email below. If there were sufficient demand, Ian would arrange a short production run, and if there were 10 members interested, an estimated cost per set (of two, left & right) would be £75, plus P&P and VAT. Although somewhat unwieldy, cantrails can be (and were) shipped to any TR enthusiast world wide. If interested, please e-mail Ian on: trcantrails@yahoo.co.uk
  24. For the seller, ONLY 5% plus VAT means 6%, and then there's entry fee of £25 plus VAT (=£300). I like the use of ONLY ! So that comes to £13,500 plus £300, giving a total of £13,800. They must have needed an armed escort to convey all the day's takings to the bank! On my way back with my newspaper from the centre of Thame today, I noticed that one of the cars belonging to the estate agent had changed from a big Jaguar to an equally big Maserati. I wonder what the first year's depreciation might be on that beast? Ian Cornish
  25. From what I heard the auctioneer say on Saturday, the 15% INCLUDES the VAT which the auction house has to pay on its commission, so it's 12.5% to the auction house, with the VAT adding 20% to that to give 15%. From what you say, Hamish, I conclude that the car was bid to £225,000, but the cost to the purchaser is £258,750. Ian Cornish
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