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  1. Thanks Graham, is that the overdrive solenoid you have fitted on the battery tray (1)? What is the thick black piece at (2)? And finally what is the pipe at (3) connected to at the other end please?
  2. Does anyone have a good exploded view diagram of how things all fit in place under the dash please; or some clear photos? I took loads of photos when I dismantled the car back in 2019, but lost them when I sat on my phone. School boy error not to have backed them up. Regards, Mark
  3. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts. Mark
  4. Hi all, I am in the process of fitting a new stainless steel exhaust to my ‘58 3A. I have fitted a new support bracket and bushes in front of the chassis box which is clamping the joint nicely and holding everything firm. Getting the clamp in place where the two box sections come together was a faff but I have managed it and the rear support was easy enough. All of that done I am not convinced that the exhaust won’t still knock on the rear of the chassis box section. Has anyone done anything else to make the system more rigid so as not to knock on the chassis? Mark
  5. When I was after one last year I didn’t get any offers; eventually getting one off of a dealer who had converted a car from RHD to LHD. No it’s like No49 buses.
  6. Hi Phil, i too imported a LHD from the US and after considerable deliberation decided to stick with the steering box rather than convert to R&P; mainly for the reasons you gave of wanting to keep the horn and indicator on the steering wheel. I found the RHD steering box and a RHD dashboard by contacting dealers. They do exist. Good luck with it. Mark
  7. Thanks Paul. I have taken the plunge and have decided to give it a go myself. What could possibly go wrong? Worse case scenario is the cost of paint etc and many hours taking back off.
  8. Hi Paul, looks to be a very nice paint job; can I ask how much it set you back? Mark
  9. I didn’t paint over the machined areas so tat the engine number remained easy to read.
  10. Many thanks Stuart, Ken is very helpful. Regards, Mark
  11. I should soon be in a position to put the base coat of paint onto my 1958 TR3A. I want to re-spray it in its original colour of Primrose, which isn’t available through the main suppliers. Ideally I would like to purchase the paint in 1 litre tins as I will be spraying the car in stages and would want to use a single mix, but don’t want to open it all at the same time. If the supplier could make up a small number of aerosols too for touch up and any areas missed that would be perfect. Can anyone recommend a supplier please? Regards, Mark
  12. Thanks Rob, much appreciated. Mark
  13. Has anyone fitted a USB port for sat nav, phone charging etc and if so any advice gratefully received? Mark
  14. Mine is TS27913L and has a Z28 chassis from 1958
  15. How much oil is required for a drained gearbox and rear differential? Sorry I’m being lazy as I’m sure it will be in the manual somewhere Mark
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