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  1. Thanks Guys. I will certainly take a look.
  2. Hello Chaps, I am reaching the stage of retrimming the TR3A. Can anyone who has been through this process offer some tips and recommend a good contact adhesive please? Happy motoring to all, Mark
  3. Phil, are you South Wales? Only my son lived on his narrowboat on the Mon&Brec. He regularly pops home and could take it down Brecon way for you if that would help. In the meantime I still need to cut the centre box off and will package it up ready for shipping.
  4. Phil, No charge, happy to help. See attached pic. Splitting it from the centre piece may take a bit of effort. Mark
  5. Many thanks Roger, I will pop over to Holden’s to see if they have stock. Jeremy Holden is a friend and neighbour; just a pity he recently sold the business. Mark
  6. I contacted Revington TR and they are out of stock and seeking a new supplier. If there is anyone out there with a lathe and wants to make one, please do let me know. Regards, Mark
  7. Hi Phil, Where are you based? I have a rusty one, no holes that I can see and no major dents either. You are welcome to it. I am near Worcester. Regards, Mark
  8. Hi, I recall reading once that there is a supplier of an adapter/interface between the temperature transmitter and the thermostat housing which overcomes the dissimilar metal corrosion issue. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Regards, Mark
  9. Very smart looking, do you refurbish them? Regards, Mark
  10. Thanks Ralph, I wasn’t going to weld the battery tray in. It was previously held in by a number of screws and I have had it powder coated. Mark
  11. Hi all, I am about to start refitting everything behind the dashboard as well as the dashboard itself with all that involves. Can anyone please advise as to the best order to do this in? The battery tray is still not fitted nor the blanking plate, master cylinders or pedals etc. Best regards, Mark
  12. Thanks Graham, is that the overdrive solenoid you have fitted on the battery tray (1)? What is the thick black piece at (2)? And finally what is the pipe at (3) connected to at the other end please?
  13. Does anyone have a good exploded view diagram of how things all fit in place under the dash please; or some clear photos? I took loads of photos when I dismantled the car back in 2019, but lost them when I sat on my phone. School boy error not to have backed them up. Regards, Mark
  14. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts. Mark
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