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  1. Just before the Government’s self-isolation edict I tuned my TR6 Engine. Best fuel consumption ever! I’m now getting 3 weeks to the litre. Perhaps because I’m now going slowly round the bend…
  2. In a complete contrast with Tom’s sleek sprinter at Curborough, here we are being overtaken by - a cyclist in Ljubljana last year…
  3. Hi there, does anyone have any advice on fitting an audio buzzer to the indicators on my 69 TR6. I quite often find I’ve left the indicator on as the warning light and sound and is very poor. Thanks in anticipation. Phil. Hi Phil I fitted audible buzzers to the indicator circuit of my Morgan some years ago. I intend to fit two more to my TR6 this year. I've attached a PDF of the simple circuit diagram I followed. The buzzers can be bought from Vehicle Wiring Products Tel 0115 9305454. https://www.vehiclewiringproducts.co.uk/p-637-cab-buzzer?search=cab bu The buzzers are now £6.76 each. Martin Indicator AUDIBLE Repeaters.pdf
  4. David I’m sure you’re aware that the Ordnance Survey did and I believe still do publish various maps of Roman Britain which might be a useful resource/starting point for discussion. My two favourites, which have stood the test of time and have been on my bookshelf since my student days are the Ordnance Survey Maps Of All Roman Britain and the second one is just of Hadrians Wall – from Bowness on Solway to Wallsend. Copies of both maps regularly crop up in Antique Bookshops and are currently available from Amazon for a few pounds – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000P4H7HK?tag=duc08-21&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006RSH9BC?tag=duc08-21&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1 If you need help let me know. My credentials are I’ve had an interest in both TRs and in Roman History since my student days when in Newcastle I regularly explored Hadrian’s Wall. I recall Scott Dobson, the author of “Larn Yersel' Geordie’ also did a spoof booklet on the “Geordie Wall”. Halcyon days. Martin
  5. Simon I was in the same situation as yourself about 9 months ago, looking for a recommended company that could make good the paint work on my car, and like you I live in the South West, just over the Somerset county border in Dorset. My first port of call was Neil Revington. He recommended me to a company in Shaftesbury, Dorset called Autobody repairs. I then spoke to the owner Thomas who agreed to show me around his premises before I made a decision about the way forward. To cut a long story short I was very impressed with what I saw and heard. Thomas showed me various cars he was working on and had completed – waiting for collection. They ranged from Aston Martins to Minis and included at least one TR – a car I believe owned by Neil himself. I agreed for Thomas to do the work and when I collected my TR6 I was very, very impressed. My requirement was smaller than yours, making good the rear wings which had suffered from the shot blasting effect of the gravel roads on the LBL rally last year. The challenge had been to match the new paint with the sun bleached original BRG paint work which he did perfectly. You cannot see where the old paint finishes and the new starts. Stunning work in my opinion and I would have no hesitation in recommending Thomas and his team. I will definitely be using them again. Incidentally if you go to their web site http://autobody-repair.co.uk and view their gallery you will see a Sapphire Blue TR6 in their paint shop undergoing a complete respray. I live 20 miles south of Yeovil. Send me a PM and I can give you my details as a satisfied customer of Autobody repairs and I’m sure Thomas would be very proud to show you around his premises. And/or if you want to meet up, you can view the work on my car. Best wishes Martin
  6. John, To add to Derek’s comments From January 1972, the North American TR6 Commission Plates were stamped with a U suffix (for USA) which replaced the L suffix which had been previously used for this market as the code for Left Hand Drive. Your Engine would have been originally stamped with a UE suffix too, which denotes USA Engine. Good Luck Martin
  7. In my experience Silvabronz in Alton, Hampshire are excellent. http://www.beckworth.net/ They offer a complete restoration service – making repairs to the base metal if necessary and then triple plating – first copper, then nickel and then chrome. Beautiful work, far better than the original BL quality and they give a lifetime guarantee. When I collected my bumper from Russell the owner last year and asked him to clarify what a lifetime guarantee meant, he looked at me over his glasses and replied – the chrome will outlast you. So that’s alright then! Martin
  8. I’m of the same mind as Stuart. The original fibre heeled points last far, far longer. I believe that Lucas originally used Tufnol for the heels – a thermosetting resin based fibre composite material which is way more durable than the cheaper thermoplastic heeled points. One of the many engineering applications for Tufnol was car engine gear wheels so durability and longevity was always synonymous with the brand. On the subject of reliability, fyi, Martin Jay, aka The Distributor Doctor manufactures high spec. condensers. When I spoke to Martin last, in the Summer, he said he no longer imports condensers, - which he found were sometimes incompletely filled with foil which caused them to fail prematurely. Martin’s condensers are now made in England with the correct length of foil and also resin filled to doubly safeguard against a broken internal connection due to the contents vibrating. Martin
  9. John - Here is a short video taken by TR Register Italia Iain’s TR3A VHP 529 features arriving and leaving Misurina – Car and driver both in fine fettle… Martin
  10. Andy Just over a week ago (4th September) I collected a distributor from Martin. He said he was going on holiday the following day. I’m not sure if he said how long for but the impression I have was a couple of weeks. Martin
  11. Lots of good advice on which parts to take already. Sufficient to say in my experience, spare parts are like lucky charms. The ones I take I never need. It’s the parts I leave behind on the bench that I want. Parts aside - If you plan to drive in Europe then take the TR Register Euro Breakdown Directory (which I believe the Register is updating) either as a hard copy or as a PDF on your tablet or phone When we came to a halt on the recent Liege-Brescia-Liege Rally with a loose drive shaft, we found an excellent British Sports Car Garage in Treviso Italy on page 42 of the Directory. Moreover as we were 60 miles away, RAC Euro Assist agreed to trailering us to the Garage – MG Autofficina, rather than the local Fiat franchise. MG Autofficina fixed our car in an hour. And, if you're not multilingual take a hard copy of a parts Catalogue for your car – the Moss Catalogue for example. When you get to the garage of your choice it solves the language problem of how to describe the fault to the proprietor/mechanic who may not speak English. You can point to the part on the page – a picture speaks a thousand words. It worked for us. However after our impromptu pit stop I can now remember the Italian for “my nuts are loose” Bon voyage. Martin
  12. Pete's (aka bfg) advice makes perfect sense. With regard to gaskets and gasket materials I’d like to pass on the following contact whom I had the pleasure of meeting and competing against on the TR Register Liege Brescia Liege Rally very recently. John Hicks is the owner of Ram Gaskets – based in Cornwall https://www.ramgaskets.com Ram gaskets are gasket manufacturers and gasket material suppliers. Moreover John is a fellow Triumph enthusiast and drives a beautiful TR4A. When we got into conversation during the rally I found him very knowledgeable and very helpful. Check out their web site – they offer technical advice, material samples, bespoke solutions and there is no minimum order quantity. I will definitely be beating a path to John’s door in future. Martin
  13. Roger H We’re also thinking of visiting the IOW and I’ve now added Brading Roman Villa to our list of places to see. However we may wait a week or two for the air to clear since its rumoured the last old roman to visit left a malodorous impression. Veni Vidi Flati indeed. Martin
  14. John You asked if you can expect running difficulties at high altitudes. I don’t expect your Strombergs to give you any problems but that’s potentially the least of your worries. I found that I was back-firing all the way to the top of some of the high Alpine passes on our recent European rally. The cause? – Drinking too much carbonated water before the ascent because the bubbles expand at the higher altitudes…. And so in the interests of marital harmony, in the close confines of a TR cockpit – stick to plain water if you want to avoid those embarrassing bottom burps… Or take a dog so you can shift the blame… Martin
  15. This is by way of a testimonial to a British Sports Car Garage in Treviso near Venice: MG Autofficina 31100 Treviso, Via Brigata Marche 13. Tel 0422 303258 – the owner Mauro Michilin and his enthusiastic mechanics helped get us back on the road when we had a drive shaft work loose on the recent Liège Brescia Liège Rally. We were recommended to the garage by the President of the TR Register of Italy, Federico Zaffalon, who was extremely helpful when we limped to a halt miles from anywhere, near the village of Claut off the SR251. When we arrived at the garage we immediately knew we were in safe hands. To the left of the entrance was an MGB, to the right a TR3 and at the back of the garage a 60’s Jaguar saloon… A picture speaks a thousand words and so using the exploded parts diagrams in a Moss catalogue we were able to convey in limited Italian, the area of the car that we felt needed attention. The car was fixed in a couple of hours and the invoice embarrassingly small. If any club member is touring the Veneto area I recommend you make a note of this garage just in case. Treviso incidentally is a beautiful city too, well worth a stop over and exploring – while your car is being attended to… Martin
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