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  1. As someone else said, your choice of ramp depends on what you want to do under it. I purchased my full length “MR1 ramps” from Mike Dawes several years ago. Sealey tools have now taken over production of the MR1® design and are now able to offer a revised and updated product. https://www.sealey.co.uk/MR1-Carlift I bought mine for safety reasons. My galvanised ramps are massively strong and give me confidence to slide under the car on a crawler. With sufficient space to enable me to work on the whole length of the underside to change engine, gearbox and diff oils, to work on
  2. The commission number and the engine numbers don’t match. For the avoidance of doubt you could contact the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust - https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/archive/heritage-certificates For £43 plus p&p they will provide you with a certified copy of your vehicle's entry in the original factory ledger, showing your car's specification as it left the production line including the commission number and the engine number. Your engine is quite probably original since I also have a 1976 TR6 which has a commission number CF54202U and its original engine
  3. Thanks for this Derek. And for jogging my memory about my membership of the Register in 1981. Halcyon days! I was the second owner and living in East Kent during the 1980’s. When I sold the car in 1991, I have reason to believe the car moved to the Medway towns area of Kent. Whoever has owned the car since 2004 has obviously cared for it since every single year it’s passed its MOT with no advisories. Perhaps it is still in the South East? If any TRR club members recognise the registration, perhaps they could pass on my details to the owner. I would love a chin wag
  4. I owned this car for over 10 years before selling it in September 1991. I have many happy memories of European touring in this car including a pit stop in a garage by the shores of Lake Geneva to have a new universal joint fitted. I see that the car lives a cossetted life now, only covering 12k miles in as many years. Is it known to the Register? If so I could fill in the history of the car during the 1980s for the current owner. Martin
  5. We were blessed with mainly dry weather. Off the A roads we didn’t see many vehicles either. There were way more red squirrels than classic cars! In a week of exploring, the only Triumph we saw was a Siena Brown TR6 just outside Steel Rigg car park. Martin
  6. Last week - A dirty day in the Dales… A pit stop for a bacon sandwich at the highest Inn in England. Then on to Buttertubs pass, To wend our way to Hawes for the Wensleydale cheese experience. A Grand Day Out Gromit!
  7. John When I recently visited Revington TR I saw one of their “bucket seats” with a four point harness. They supply a fitting kit for the TR6. The seat I saw was trimmed in vinyl material with contrasting piping. Not sure about leather. Martin https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr6125sp/name/rtr-seat-special-colour-vinyl
  8. Hi Mike I purchased my MR1 car ramps 4 years ago to service and work under my TR6. Like you I have limited space and the MR1 ramps are perfect for my needs. They're expensive but my ramps are galvanised and built like a battleship. Most importantly they give me enough clearance to work under the full length of the car from sump to diff comfortably.
  9. Just before the Government’s self-isolation edict I tuned my TR6 Engine. Best fuel consumption ever! I’m now getting 3 weeks to the litre. Perhaps because I’m now going slowly round the bend…
  10. In a complete contrast with Tom’s sleek sprinter at Curborough, here we are being overtaken by - a cyclist in Ljubljana last year…
  11. Hi there, does anyone have any advice on fitting an audio buzzer to the indicators on my 69 TR6. I quite often find I’ve left the indicator on as the warning light and sound and is very poor. Thanks in anticipation. Phil. Hi Phil I fitted audible buzzers to the indicator circuit of my Morgan some years ago. I intend to fit two more to my TR6 this year. I've attached a PDF of the simple circuit diagram I followed. The buzzers can be bought from Vehicle Wiring Products Tel 0115 9305454. https://www.vehiclewiringproducts.co.uk/p-637-cab-buzzer?search=cab b
  12. David I’m sure you’re aware that the Ordnance Survey did and I believe still do publish various maps of Roman Britain which might be a useful resource/starting point for discussion. My two favourites, which have stood the test of time and have been on my bookshelf since my student days are the Ordnance Survey Maps Of All Roman Britain and the second one is just of Hadrians Wall – from Bowness on Solway to Wallsend. Copies of both maps regularly crop up in Antique Bookshops and are currently available from Amazon for a few pounds – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000P4H7HK
  13. Simon I was in the same situation as yourself about 9 months ago, looking for a recommended company that could make good the paint work on my car, and like you I live in the South West, just over the Somerset county border in Dorset. My first port of call was Neil Revington. He recommended me to a company in Shaftesbury, Dorset called Autobody repairs. I then spoke to the owner Thomas who agreed to show me around his premises before I made a decision about the way forward. To cut a long story short I was very impressed with what I saw and heard. Thomas showed me various car
  14. John, To add to Derek’s comments From January 1972, the North American TR6 Commission Plates were stamped with a U suffix (for USA) which replaced the L suffix which had been previously used for this market as the code for Left Hand Drive. Your Engine would have been originally stamped with a UE suffix too, which denotes USA Engine. Good Luck Martin
  15. In my experience Silvabronz in Alton, Hampshire are excellent. http://www.beckworth.net/ They offer a complete restoration service – making repairs to the base metal if necessary and then triple plating – first copper, then nickel and then chrome. Beautiful work, far better than the original BL quality and they give a lifetime guarantee. When I collected my bumper from Russell the owner last year and asked him to clarify what a lifetime guarantee meant, he looked at me over his glasses and replied – the chrome will outlast you. So that’s alright then! Martin
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