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  1. 123 have just released an update for their app so it’s all working again. yes it was a bit of a worry, car immobilised with the app not working ! I will now download the app on an old phone for contingency Mike
  2. I bought mine direct from 123 Holland- 412 euros delivered to the U.K. That was for the Bluetooth version for a TR4 which has the phone activated immobiliser Mike
  3. This was an earlier rolling road graph, previous owner had the car / engine prepared by Racetorations for historic rallying - torque cure looks similar dropping from 3500
  4. I have a 123+ installed as well on my 4a - 89mm pistons. Racetorations 777 cam. Worked head and Weber 45's I had it rolling road tuned when the Weber’s were fitted and was told no adjustments to the curve were required - I do not have vacuum advance. Just gone into the 123 app on my iPhone to post the curve here and it’s not loading - phone has just been upgraded to IOS 15
  5. The Webers are 45’s model 152G My engine has 89mm pistons, Racetorations 777/1 fast road/rally cam, ported cylinder head but I’m unsure of the valve sizes and the stage, extractor exhaust manifold and fully mappable 123 ignition. The carbs came with std jets but included another set. The specs I have are as follows: Chokes 36mm 4 Progression holes F16 Emulsion tubes 145 Main Jets ( replaced the 140 which were std in the carb ) 155 Air Correction Jets ( replaced the 180 which were std in the carb ) I hope the above helps. Mike
  6. Just had Weber’s fitted to my TR4a Have been waiting a while due to covid and the kit was a pain to fit, much work required to get the manifolds to fit but the jetting etc was spot on. Many thanks to Andy Cattani of Classicandrace who was superb, I cannot recommend Andy highly enough. Apologies for the rotation of the photos
  7. I have the fully programmable 123 Bluetooth, bought direct from Holland. My car has 89mm pistons and a racetorations 777 cam, the old distributor did not have a vacuum advance. I am waiting to fit a pair of Weber’s and have a full rolling road set-up but lockdown is currently preventing this. In the meantime I used a timing light to work out the advance on the old distributor at 500rpm increments and programmed these into the 123 via my iPad, I have been very impressed with the 123 and my Bluetooth version has the added benefit of an immobiliser that you can arm via your phone.
  8. Koni Red Classic are much more compliant, I had spax on my cars rear end conversion and also found them too hard. The Koni are a much better choice and I’m very happy with the ride and how the car handles now, sporty but not uncomfortable. Mike
  9. Please could someone advise me on the correct Superpro bush kit for the front lower damper mounting on a TR4a IRS. i bought SPF0476K which is for the std dampers. I have upgraded Koni dampers 80-1784 and the eye mounting hole is larger than the std damper at 1 inch. thank you Mike
  10. Hi, just so it’s clear to me, I am replacing my bushes with polyurethane, for the trunnions there appears to be 4 sealing rings per side and 4 water shields per side, are these still required ? Any advice greatly appreciated Mike
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