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  2. Hope to enjoy the Tr4 for a good few years in my ownership until I decide to part with it and then it will be passed over to Jonathan who I'm sure would like to own his dad's car as he is clearly passionate about classic cars and will use it as it should be. Hopefully the registration number will always remain with the car as it has no value as far as I'm concerned unless it remains on the original car. Mike
  3. Update in 9067 RW. My uncle acquired the sad remains of this car in the late 80's and restored/saved the car from certain fate giving it a full rebuild using I believe a rust free shell from the states. At the time the car was restored to a very high standard and finished and on the road MOT'd in 1990. My uncle was off an age where he did not then drive or use the car and and only covered possibly a hundred miles or so over the next 30 years. I was aware my uncle owned the TR4 but did not know the registration number. My uncle sadly passed away in 2012 and the car was kept in a garage al
  4. Hi Hammish, just to let you know I have a full roll cage which was taken out of my Tr3a recently before I sold the car Full cage consists of rear hoop with detachable cross tube, door bars, and front hoop which goes from chassis mounts and goes up A post and continues the line of front screen and returns to rear hoop and has a under dash cross tube. Ready to fit complete with all fitting perfect fit under hardtop. If interested let me know. Supplied by TRE. Excellent cage offering full protection and rigidity.
  5. Thanks for your comments Rich. Yes I was thinking of just adding a new system to my extractor manifold. As its CP7 I was just thinking I'd change back to a complete standard system for the purists, not as I'm bothered if anybody knows my car. The main reason is to cut down the noise and under bonnet heat + better access to starter etc. My main ask is a good quality/quiet, system Phoenix ?
  6. I am looking at changing my exhaust system on my TR5 from a single big bore single pipe sports system to a standard twin pipe cross box system. My current e/system uses a 6-2-1 extractor manifold. I would like a quiet good quality s/steel system which I will connect to my original cast iron manifold. Any body recommend which make and a supplier to purchase one from.
  7. Thanks Ian, Tony managed to contact me okay. Hope your well. Regards Mike.
  8. Hi Tony, just spotted your Ad in Classifieds. I have a Tr5 bonnet for sale if your still looking. Couldn't reply in adverts section to your request. Mike Hazlewood.
  9. I may be able to help you. I will have a look tomorrow but I think I have a low compression head from a stripped North American Engine. Mike
  10. I understand a number of Morgan owners use that tyre on there cars. Sensibly priced at £75 each fitted and balanced, look right on the car, correct size as original and highly recommended to me by tyre fitting company I've used for 30 years. Also had a set on my TR4.
  11. Hi, just had new tyres Continental 165/80x15 fitted to my TR5 rims/wheels 15"x4.5". No inner are tubes required.
  12. Many thanks Richard. I am due to pick up my wheels from being stove enameled on Saturday so I shall look at the marking. My wheels are off my friends TR250 which he imported from the USA recently. The wheels were fitted with 205 tyres ' a bit big I think !!! ' 3 fitted without tubes 1 with, but suspect this had had a puncture. Having spoken to a few people with TR5/250's with steel wheels fitted, some have tubes fitted others don't. I have a very good tyre fitter who will also confirm what is correct. Again thankyou for your reply. Mike
  13. Question, I am refitting original 4.5 x 15" steel wheels to my TR5 with Rostlye trims. The valves holes in the wheels are bigger 15mm instead of standard 13mm as on most wheels. This of course is not a problem as Land Rovers still have the larger hole and valves are readily available. The question is where TR5 wheels original fitted with innertubes?. I know the earlier cars had tubes fitted because the wheel rim was riveted to the centre of the wheel and air leaked especially when old. There was also a question as to if the rim on a TR5 was suitable for tubeless tyres due to the roll on the r
  14. Hi Tom, have a set of 7inch wolfrace wheels repainted in anthracite shop with Yoko tyres with very little use.
  15. Having had both breather pipes fitted to engines belonging to both TR2-TR3/3a. I was led to believe that the curved one was fitted at some stage as a modification in the TR3 production to allow easier access for the removal of the oil filter canister.
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