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  1. iain

    TR3 Hard Top

    +1 Jeff I’ll check my records when home later. The seal is available in the UK. Again I’ll find the details this evening Iain
  2. Nah... quick strip down ,shot blast the chassis and repaint. Famous last words!
  3. Hi David, all good spots, the Tyres are my winter Vredestein Snow Tracs.
  4. No Stuart, just taking advantage of the time when I would have been using VHP on numerous events that have been shelved. The 4A will have to wait a bit longer, lets face it its been in bits for 34 years ! Iain
  5. Hi Bob the complete column is still in the body. Iain
  6. John i had the engine and box out in short day. Then yesterday it took me about 4 1/2hrs to get to the photo. An hour or so was working out whether to lift with just the block and tackle or with the block and tackle and the engine crane.......the latter made it much easier to navigate the hand brake and ease the steering column out of the chassis. Iain
  7. Hi Bob no its a solid column. Iain
  8. Hi Peter. not so much bored as realising that with the gearbox and engine out to sort some leaks that were annoying me..........I thought I don’t won’t to be here again in a hurry and this morning set about unbolting the body. The hand brake when on, was vertical enough to allow a lift and move the chassis forward technique to clear the hole.. Only forgot the hand brake cable spring to chassis...gosh they are strong! Iain
  9. Lockdown has so much to answer for......it’s 40 years since I last had this much of a look at the chassis! Time for a good clean some minor repairs and a repaint. What else would I have done this morning?
  10. iain

    Spark Plugs

    You might enjoy this......NGK poster on my barn wall for about 35 years. (Courtesy of Father in Law who ran a light machinery repair business from here for a few years.)
  11. Understandable looking at the data. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/30/coronavirus-uk-map-the-latest-deaths-and-confirmed-cases-near-you-england-scotland-wales-and-northern-ireland Iain
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/coronavirus/video-2178470/Video-Farmer-covers-Mercedes-slurry-parked-field.html?ito=email_share_article-video-lead Iain
  13. iain

    Spark Plugs

    I believe with NGK the higher the number the cooler the plug.....just to confuse as Champion are the other way round.
  14. Slapton was busy today. Lots beach fishing first thing. Iain
  15. Good value at that price. Iain
  16. iain

    Spark Plugs

    I'm intrigued by the comments about NGK. Are these genuine plugs( fakes seem very common)? I haven't had problems, but reading on here many do seem to be changing their allegiance. Iain
  17. iain


    PeteR that quote is rather selective... “Long-term intakes above the UL increase the risk of adverse health effects [1] (Table 4). Most reports suggest a toxicity threshold for vitamin D of 10,000 to 40,000 IU/day and serum 25(OH)D levels of 500–600 nmol/L (200–240 ng/mL). While symptoms of toxicity are unlikely at daily intakes below 10,000 IU/day, the FNB pointed to emerging science from national survey data, observational studies, and clinical trials suggesting that even lower vitamin D intakes and serum 25(OH)D levels might have adverse health effects over time. The FNB concluded that serum 25(OH)D levels above approximately 125–150 nmol/L (50–60 ng/mL) should be avoided, as even lower serum levels (approximately 75–120 nmol/L or 30–48 ng/mL) are associated with increases in all-cause mortality, greater risk of cancer at some sites like the pancreas, greater risk of cardiovascular events, and more falls and fractures among the elderly. The FNB committee cited research which found that vitamin D intakes of 5,000 IU/day achieved serum 25(OH)D concentrations between 100–150 nmol/L (40–60 ng/mL), but no greater. Applying an uncertainty factor of 20% to this intake value gave a UL of 4,000 IU which the FNB applied to children aged 9 and older and adults, with corresponding lower amounts for younger children.“ To give it’s full context and the reasoning behind the upper maximum dose recommendations. Iain
  18. iain


    The US guidance in full https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminD-HealthProfessional/ Adequate intake is shown as 600- 800 ITU daily in well individuals. See Table 2. I draw you attention to the Health Risks section and Table 4. Tolerable Upper Intake Levels. As you says it’s about sharing information and getting a balance.
  19. iain


    Mick I don't argue with your comments, however that is a personal decision made by yourself for which you will be taking full responsibility I am sure. Some wouldn't. All I have tried to do is point out that there are other views. Some on here have already said they have modified their ingestion of VitD3 based on the data I posted re drug interaction. That to me is a positive point also and Peter acknowledge that. The Prof is not a prescribing physician, but a retired cell biologist whose knowledge is not in doubt, but whose doses recommendations for VItD3 are, rightly or wrongly, not currently endorsed by any UK professional prescribing body. Iain
  20. iain

    TR3 Hard Top

    Hi Mike good spot, yes its a piece of stainless strip to mount the Sunvisors. Iain
  21. iain


    Peter...please get it right. NICE do not design or instigate any RCT’s. The role of NICE is purely to evaluate a technology on the published data available. RCT design is driven by the regulatory process. That’s EMEA or MHRA or FDA as the main agencies to satisfy with your New or existing technologies dossier. When NICE was introduced it became known as the 4th Hurdle. A new obstacle for a pharmaceutical (Or a technology) to gain market acceptance and usage......because the role of NICE is primarily to ask, does this intervention bring anything new to the party and if so does it justify the associated cost? Hence 5he explosion in Cost Benefit analysis and the whole area of Health Economics. I think the issue with VitD3 is because it has for decades been thought of as a food supplement, it’s not regulated by any of the above mentioned licensing authorities. The Patient data is therefore of low quality. When it’s scrapped together by NICE who’s appointed team for Vit D3 are expecting robust well designed trial data they can only assess based on as you rightly sat the NICE Protocol, which not surprisingly comes out with the conclusions it does, based on the Clinical data it has been presented with to evaluate.
  22. iain

    An observation

    How many of us have noticed that for the first time in many years, we are getting insect splatter on our car windscreens? In the past, insect numbers being low was blamed on farmers and insecticides......they haven’t changed their habits, but with traffic volumes massively lower has this had a positive effect? Lower pollution etc? Iain
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