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  1. Down there for dancing...Stuart. I would put money on that. Paul
  2. Don't leave any boiled sweets in a bag in it over winter. A mouse made a really neat round hole in mine Paul
  3. A very happy birthday old chap, no doubt Hazel has something special planned you lucky boy. Paul&Sue
  4. I think it might be an air leak. Check it is completely sealed. Paul
  5. Me too, attached photo TR5 prototype which not used. Looks ok but prefer what we have now. Paul
  6. Me too Andy me Too. The problem you have to watch out for with our nearest and dearest posting on these sites is if they are showing photo's of themselves and friends at a party or restaurant (showing what they are eating, uhh) sometimes the credit card they are using is visible on the table! and every bit of info a scammer can get they will. Especially if its someones birthday which they again have now a date and age. It just goes on and on. Paul
  7. Me too. A wise policy I think. Paul
  8. Me too exactly including HGV. Paul
  9. We were taught in the Police that you should only indicate when there is someone else that needs to know your intended direction change (you should already know where your going) . This is to make sure (as Stuart says being aware) you are always paying attention to what is around you. too many people throw on an indicator and start to move before they have looked to see whats around. many accidents i attended with a driver saying but I had my indicator on like that gave them some over riding right of passage. Always be aware and indicate when it is necessary. Paul
  10. Harbottle


    I agree, when he drove Lewis's car he looked seriouse, but when the pit crew messed up (to put it politely) he didn't complain much. Time will tell no doubt.
  11. Harbottle


    VIVA MAX as they say in Mexico. He did nothing wrong, his game plan worked out(but looked like it wouldn’t) Lewis’s did not. we all new there would be tears at bed time, we just didn’t know who’s. Paul
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