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  1. Hi Dave, Here is a picture of my 4 post ramp. As you can see it is handy for storing another car underneath. I have about 6 plastic drip trays fitted across the ramp in case the Tr5 drips any oil. It just about fits in a standard size garage although I took the up and over dorr off to fit car on top and fitted an electric roll up door. Paul
  2. Hi All. firstly I agree with all the comments. Secondly sometimes the less informed/confident of us likes to be reassured that since the last time a particular topic had been aired, there has not been a new view or part or whatever that has surfaced and not connected to previouse discussions on topic. I agree about the amount of dicussion will be drasticaly cut on the forum which is something I like to peruse as do many others I think. Just my 2penny worth. Paul
  3. Hi Dave, if it is like mine the two ramps are fixed at both ends by two bolts. These can be moved a little to adjust width. Paul
  4. Mick, so did mine! Only in blue(Great minds think alike) I have managed to buy a secondhand jacking beam from an old mot garage who was upgrading. Paul
  5. Mick, Mine have the added problem of my grage being shorter they stick out past the door edge!. So I have to take them off even when ramp is down. oh well the benefits greatly outway this minor drag. Paul
  6. Hi Mick, I have a four post almost identical to your's only my garage is not as long. Don't you find it a drag lifting the ramps on and off to allow the car onto the ramp! they a very heavy. i have thought about trying to hinge them someway but not found a solution yet. Paul
  7. Quite right Marco. We say it’s best to take a step back and have a glass of wine and think.It can work wonders. Paul
  8. Met him a few times during the course of my duties, A genuinely nice bloke. Someone of whom it can be truly said will never be forgotten as long as there is Liverpool football club. Paul
  9. Hi Bob. I think the word “Article “ Is not big enough to cover what you have done. It will be good if we have a hard copy complete with pictures to refer too. Well done again. Paul
  10. Not only you tube but your key board has gone bonkers as well Roger Al the best for the new year old chap. I suggest you invest in a spell checker Paul
  11. Great stuff Marco, all the best wishes to you and yours for 2021. Paul
  12. Well all this talk about Vinyl and CD discs and which is the better?. You have all forgotten about the humble cassette tape!. I have a copy of a Richard Digence show and it sounds just as funny as it would on vinyl or disc.So there. I have a Pioneer system bought in the 80s with record deck,2 cd players and count them 2 cassttee players. Hows that for upto date modern eh. Paul
  13. I think the message do you want to sign in etc is appearing on most if not all YT viewers. they are trying to get more people to register/post/ PAY for certain things. I just keep saying no. And yes it is driving me mad also!!! Paul
  14. Excellent stuff Bob,I am sure after your minor adjustments it will run superbly. You will have a good Christmas now for sure, if slightly different like the rest of us. Can’t wait for the first road run results. Merry Christmas Paul.
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