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  1. I think I will stick to my weekend run around Looks less hassle. Paul
  2. My favourite was the mint one
  3. Yes I was there also, not as much there as I hoped but bought a Triumph badge to stick in the garage. Let’s hope things improve. Paul
  4. We have all overlooked one obvious reason for his sudden loss of power? . He had reached the end of his extension lead and the plug had pulled out Paul
  5. I agree with Stuart, he was not paying attention to the instruments telling him his levels were low.No doubt the warnings were also helping to drain the battery as well. He probably decided he had enough power to get to where he wanted to go based on manufacturers claims before he set off. Paul
  6. Anyone remember RevRods I think they were called? Dragster car with a plastic toothed strip with a handle you placed behind the large back wheels. give the handle a good yank and let her go straight across the kitchen floor and smashed into the Lego building my twin was making I laughed he cried. He was never really into cars, I did like Lego though but +1 for Meccano.
  7. It’s certainly not paint Rob, it’s stiff and hard like some sort of plastic variant. Bought at IWE a couple or three years ago from one of the usual suppliers for £35 I think. Very disappointing.
  8. My TR5 is just the same, got used to it now.
  9. Here’s a photo from a couple of years ago. Guess which one is the repro, this was after 1 year only in the British sunshine. As Conrad said you will know the difference when you see them next to each other.
  10. Hi Mark , previouse owner got one fitted to my TR5 18 years or so ago from Revingtons. Its still working. Paul
  11. Conrad is absolutely right, I bought one from Moss and the enamel!!! Bent and twisted off like it was plastic. Don’t waste your money is my advice.
  12. I used them for my 5 badge. Not cheap but excellent job.
  13. As Harry above, you can also fit a shield to protect from road debris etc.
  14. Hi Mick , I agree with what you say regarding having to adopt different lines depending on track position, however I stand by my comment that the racing line for drivers is the fastest line around/through any corner. That’s how they achieve grid positions.
  15. What three abreast!!! I don’t think so. There is only one racing line around any bend on any track.
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