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  1. All the above with an addition of a spare ignition barrel and keys. Cheap to buy and easy to fit should your ignition key break (as did mine) or indeed you lose your key. Paul
  2. Hi Ian My tr5 (PI) has a pheonix manifold fitted by previouse owner and you can see were it has been fettled to fit. I had to remove it recently for some work to be done and it was a pig to get back on but managed in the end. Paul
  3. Harbottle

    Starting issues

    X2 Me too Paul
  4. Damson eh, Jammy bugger. They will start calling you Frank Ifield - YOD...L (those of a certain age will remember) Nice car Gordon Paul
  5. AARRRRRRRGH !!! Nigel as you are aware I am having exactly and I mean exactly the same trouble. The oil is leaking in the same place, dribbling down behind the pulley. My next oil seal will be my 3rd and before I start I was hoping for some resolution to surface. I Feel your pain, boy do I feal your pain. Paul
  6. A great watch. I am sure they must swear as well as have a good time. Am I jealouse - you bet.
  7. Hi Nigel I am thinking it might be the case with the timing cover also. I will try the pressure test to see if it is excessive and maybe the problem. If not I will have to source a new cover and will probably suffer the leak until later on in the season and strip it all down again. I did it last time with the bonnet off for ease of access so might do this again as it gives you chance to clean up a few things at the same time, Hey ho TRs are fun. Paul
  8. Hi Nigel, I am following this topic as I have exaexactly the same problem. I have replaced oil seal twice with double lip version and replaced sleeve, mine still has leak in exacrly the same place as it originally did . I am currently typing this underneath my car (its on a ramp) awaitng friend to view and try and help. I will let you know if I can fix problem. Not looking forward to removing everything again. Paul
  9. Harbottle

    TR6 owner

    All the way to TR
  10. Me too on my TR5. Now I have said this I will be scared to go out in the rain cos you know what will happen.Doh.
  11. Just a thought, check inside the hole it left behind in case something is still there.
  12. Hi Guys Sounds like something floating about in the fuel tank and coming to rest now and then over exit for the fuel. One of our club members had a similar problem which turned out to be the small cardboard disc from a cap of fuel additive which fell in!!. Took a while and a lot of fishing about with a stick and pin thing to remove it. Paul
  13. Jealous, Who's jealous Paul
  14. Hi Stuart Me too for this. There is a lot on the forum about keeping the engine cooler and fuel evaporation problems, which cooling fan to use etc. This has to increase heat retention doesn't it? Paul
  15. Morning Paul.

    not able to do the spraying so got the lads at bad in Congleton to so it for me, it is a good match as it is a dark blue, 


    Mike. Redrose Group 

    1. Harbottle


      Hi Mike

      Looks a wise choice, they have done a good job.



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