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  1. Harbottle

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    Hi Guys Sounds like something floating about in the fuel tank and coming to rest now and then over exit for the fuel. One of our club members had a similar problem which turned out to be the small cardboard disc from a cap of fuel additive which fell in!!. Took a while and a lot of fishing about with a stick and pin thing to remove it. Paul
  2. Harbottle

    Photos of car

    Jealous, Who's jealous Paul
  3. Harbottle

    Under bonnet insulation

    Hi Stuart Me too for this. There is a lot on the forum about keeping the engine cooler and fuel evaporation problems, which cooling fan to use etc. This has to increase heat retention doesn't it? Paul
  4. Morning Paul.

    not able to do the spraying so got the lads at bad in Congleton to so it for me, it is a good match as it is a dark blue, 


    Mike. Redrose Group 

    1. Harbottle


      Hi Mike

      Looks a wise choice, they have done a good job.



  5. Harbottle

    Body panels

    Hi Mike Did you spray it yourself or have it done elsewhere. How did you go with the paint match. Paul (redrose)
  6. Harbottle

    TRGB Fuel Pump Kit Installation

    iani X2 You will save so much time/hassle in the future should you have a problem with pipes or tank or just want to clean up the boot area. My pump is also in the wheel arch and this gives you a little more space to use in the boot also. Paul
  7. Harbottle

    Dodgy clonk at the back end

    Are you sure there is no one locked in the boot!
  8. Harbottle

    Derbyshire Dales Group

    MrG is too close to MG for my liking. Welcome to the forum Bob Paul
  9. Harbottle

    PXE 814F

    I knew I would spell the Piskey I mean Pesky thing wrong
  10. Harbottle

    PXE 814F

    Should be Cornish with PXE (Pixie) as a reg.
  11. Harbottle

    What spares would you take?

    as above but with some oil and a spare ignition barrel and key. mine snapped off inside once
  12. Harbottle

    Period British car articles

    Thanks for posting Michael. A very interesting read on the TR5. Shall spend some Christmas time exploring more. Paul
  13. Harbottle

    Petrol Smell!

    I had a scimilar problem a couple of years ago with my alloy tank. Strong smell when tank full which gradually reduced as more fuel used. After usual connections checked etc, removed tank to discover that one of the baffles inside the tank had come adrift at the top weld causing a small whole to appear. Hence the cause of strong smell reducing as fuel used. Remove tank and check all around for cracks etc as this was only visable when removed. Paul
  14. Harbottle

    A lesson in shock absorbers

    Thanks Stuart I didn't know I got car sick till I saw that. Paul
  15. Harbottle

    top wing beadings

    Two topics down from this, Roger has posted a TR5 at the Earl's Court Motor Show 1967 and it has painted trim. Regards

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