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  1. Hi Gordon, I didn't notice any of the cars first time round. Paul
  2. Welcome to TR5 ownership. A great looking addition and no mistake. Well done Paul
  3. Hi Stuart. Agree with Mickey, your grandad looks a cool dude with smart car. Considering what hit it the staff car got off lightly Paul
  4. Well done Graham mystery solved. I wonder where it is now? Owner might have liked the picture for his garage wall. Paul
  5. Hi Mark, Nice looking car, what colour is that. Never seen one like that before. Paul
  6. Mine was on the forecourt March 68 Paul
  7. Hi Guys, Came across this photo of Regent street London 1968. TR5 NYC 20F or NVC maybe. Anyone know who's it is. Paul
  8. Hi Marco, Having no practical engineering experience, It has been very interesting following your project. +1 for the pictures helping us novices. Keep them coming and as for the "wrong o rings " I call them no rings the amount of time I have got the wrong ones Paul
  9. Happy birthday Jonathan. Have a good day. Paul &Sue
  10. Good looking car. Keep up the good work and updates. Paul
  11. With Stuart, do it properly if your going to do it. Any new buyer will be put off a little opening boot/bonnet to find it has not been totally covered. Paul
  12. Blimey, and those Model T Fords are draughty at the best of times Paul
  13. Hi Dan, just read your article in the latest TRAction, very good . Paul
  14. I never said it was a 4/4a ! my suggestion applies to any vehicle, and people may not consider carrying one is the reason I suggested it under this topic. It only has to break once. As it happens it was the key that broke on mine but this still made ignition unuseable. you also may be unfortunate enough to loose your key. Paul
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