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  1. What three abreast!!! I don’t think so. There is only one racing line around any bend on any track.
  2. Great looking car, I am sure a member of the YOOF group would like the number plate.
  3. This is a very fast corner and Max was in front and had the racing line. I think that’s why Hamilton was faulted. JMHO.
  4. If you could figure out why the bottom has a flat side ? This might be a guide. Definitely for pulling / compressing and has home made look.
  5. How very dare you Stuart! my seats are not perculiar. Unique maybe Paul
  6. Happy birthday Gordon. Have you retired yet? Paul
  7. Hi Mike, looks very like mine. Can I suggest you add a copy of Moss parts catalogue , as depending were you are it is sometimes easier to point to the picture of the part you need instead of trying to explain. You never know when and where you might break down. Paul
  8. Looks a bit like a floor pan? Paul
  9. I believe it was the italian air force who first specialized in planes that could go backwards very quickly I'll get my coat. Paul
  10. Really nice looking car.Agree with Mick and yellow for me also. Paul
  11. Great stuff Marco many like myself have been following this, not only with interest but admiration for your problem solving skills. Very glad it has all worked out. You deserve some kind of award for your efforts but I suppose the fact it works is a great reward in itself. Top marks old chap top marks. Paul
  12. I believe it burns not only hotter but faster like you have got a petrol leak! Paul
  13. Malcolm, When I changed mine I bought what is best described as a heat shield bag which fits over the starter protecting it not only from heat but road muck/moisture as well. Should you ever need to drain the block for cleaning sludge etc, it will also protect from this as the drain tap/hole is very adjacent to the starter. Paul
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