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  1. Thanks Tim. When I checked that number it did not come up with anything? I wonder where it is now. Paul
  2. Hi All, I have had this poster on my garage wall for a long time now as it is were my TR5 originated from. I have always meant to check the reg shown LOU158F to see if it was correct or not. It currently comes back to a yellow Morris. Maybe someone sold it to a Guy called Lou?. Just in case anyone remembers having it and did not know it was on a poster. Paul
  3. could you have knocked the float whilst dipping? may have bent it someway. Just a thought. Paul
  4. I hear he keeps the hardner with the fishnets and stilletos too. Just in case. Paul
  5. Not at the moment Stuart, but I have had in the past and like you had to mess about and use something else until it rectified itself. Paul
  6. Hello Mr Eccles, how are you keeping. How is the 6 going or have you not had a chance to use it yet. i am just fitting a new exhaust to the 5.


  7. A ****ing mess was the first thing that sprang to mind Each to his own though we can't all like the same or there would only be 1 car manufacturer-Triumph naturally. Paul
  8. Are the injectors the same design? hard to tell from the photo but they look different. I have I think seen injectors with no tip just some small holes! (or did I dream that). Paul
  9. Hi Colin, all sounds good. Don't forget to post some pics for the guys to see as and when. Paul
  10. Quite right Bob. This is how false news etc is spread. Paul
  11. Looks good Martin but-not a drop of oil in sight? how long will that last. Paul
  12. Metal does get very cold overnight and condensation forms. The merits of putting a car cover on or not have been discussed on here before, as condensation can form underneath the cover. Might have something to do with that. The battery mats are to protect the paint/bodywork from battery spills as far as I am aware. Paul
  13. You will end up on the naughty step if your not carefull
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