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  1. Happy birthday old chap, enjoy your day. Paul
  2. You are all wrong!!! its obviously Snow White
  3. Chris, you will need to keep a check on the battery after re-charge , as it can cause damage to let a battery run right down . As Rob and Mike say there is likely a problem within system to cause it. Paul
  4. Happy birthday Gordon,

    Love to Hazel

    Paul & Sue

  5. Happy birthday Conrad.
  6. This picture is exactly as mine is fitted, not had any problems in 12 years. I use it as the main bonnet release as it is underneath the dash on drivers side. Paul
  7. Well hurry up you have got us all on tenter hooks.
  8. Just a suggestion if curiosity gets the better of you! try removing some fuses. at least you will know what circuit its on.
  9. Hi Andrew, if you do a search on this forum you will find lots and lots of queries and things to check regarding petrol smell in the boot. It is not specific to our TR5's. Mine turned out to be a hole in the rear of the tank caused by a weld being pulled free to a baffle inside. Happy hunting Paul
  10. Hi Stephen, all the above are good suggestions and worth the time to explore. Would advise some caution with what you push under the bonnet as a jolt from a battery cable will make your eyes water. I have a small 4/5" plastic bag I keep in the car which has a small bulb pump attached to it for easing under the bonnet near the bonnet latch from the windscreen side, the idea being less likely to damage paint etc when inflating to lift bonnet. i can't remember were I got it but if all else fails try looking on google for one. Good luck Paul
  11. Down there for dancing Bob
  12. Another great post Suzanne. Memories are made of this. Paul
  13. There is a pub up Cumbria way called "Oily Johny's" . Very apt for a car club meet.
  14. I take it you have not heard or seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Great stuff Suzanne, thanks for the giggle. Paul
  15. Loud, would be an apt description. I have it on my Tr5 and it sounds great at speed. People know when you have overtaken them. I have a fast road cam and at idle it sounds spitty, but 2500rpm and above wow. Paul
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