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  1. I'd be pretty impressed if hot dip galvanising could double the weight of a chassis! Particularly as it's less dense than steel. Very diligent operator, and worthy of promotion to management, his/her performance being so poor! Really, all? Hot dip galvanising is the gold standard. There may be poor practitioners but caveat emptor. John
  2. It's a thing of beauty! I wish I could justify it. I have occasionally (er, twice) lamented what a pain it is to change the cam timing. I think I would need a vernier cam thing and a new cam to justify the purchase. Where's my piggy bank? John
  3. The H4 replacements I got from classiccarleds have no forward-facing beam. All goes via the reflector. Maybe the H4 adapter Bob mentioned could be an option? John
  4. These ones. Sorry, I didn't note the manufacturer details. John
  5. I had to have a look at one of the headlights to refresh my memory! Anyway, it was pretty straightforward. The headlight LED unit itself is a direct swap for the H4 bulb. There's some adjustment available to get the orientation of the LEDs in synch with the lens, but I found the setup as supplied was fine. There's a lead from the LED unit to the IC box, with a waterproof connector in the middle. The IC box itself I couldn't fit inside the headlamp bowl so I disconnected the lead, threaded it through the original hole and reconnected on the outside ( I don't remember having to open out the
  6. Yes. In fact it was the inspector who pointed out the sidelight oddity. Having said that, he’s a very understanding inspector. YMMV. Probably more important is having them noted on your insurance policy. Which I haven’t yet done. D’oh! John
  7. Hi all, I thought I'd share my experience of doing a comprehensive upgrade of my TR6's lights to LEDs. I replaced everything, with a couple of exceptions, noted below. 1. Instrument lights: Straightforward replacement. I went for warm white, but that's a personal choice. I also have blue and red, just to see which I like best (currently trying blue). My panel dimmer has never been any use (who would want to dim the original lights from their all but imperceptible glow?) but I took the opportunity to replace it with a new one inspired by Bob "Lebro" here on the forum. Works a treat, and
  8. JohnC

    TR6 Diff

    Depending on what you want to end up with, it may be worth considering a Quaife LSD. Made a huge difference to my 6 in the wet. But pricey, particularly after paying for the machining to make it fit. It's not quite plug'n'play. If you look carefully at the small print it's only intended for earlier cars without IRS, in spite of being listed for the TR6... John
  9. Goodness! If I fit a similar venting arrangement will my engine bay look like that? Super impressed
  10. JohnC


    I was amazed and delighted how many rattles disappeared when I overhauled the entire suspension. New bushes all round. They happened to be Superpro, in the standard spec (blue?), and I'm sure it was a simply replacing the completely worn-out ones that brought the transformation. Don't assume you have what the manufacturer intended, and therefore need an upgrade. You may have woefully less than the manufacturer intended, and need...maintenance. John
  11. If there's one thing I've learned in over 30 years of TR ownership (yes, I know I'm a newbie), it's that you need to sort the simple (and cheap) stuff first. John
  12. As Rob says, it's in the distributor, not in the coil. It's a seperate item. Easy to identify if you take off the dizzy cap. And why not change the points and condenser while you're there? The blue thing does indeed look like a noise suppression capacitor. Nothing to see there. John
  13. PI = Lucas Mk II Petrol Injection. Irrelevant in your case as your car has carburettors. Adds a whole new dimension to the joys and sorrows of a car so equipped (they weren't sold in USA). I love it. Others, not so much. Some ( @Tom FremontI'm looking at you!) say Webers are the only way to get fuel into a TR 6 cylinder. May they live long enough to see the errors of their ways Cheers, John
  14. On the subject of fuel smell, I don't know if the TR5 has a similar problem to the TR6, but on the '6 any non-standard exhausts (e.g. "wheelbarrow) can cause petrol smells. May be caused by the flat tail on the '6, but worth thinking about if you have a sports exhaust. John
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