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  1. I suffered for a long time with the smell of exhaust fumes and tried absolutely every hint and tip offered systematically making amends - in the end I noticed a leak from the manifold to head gasket (accidently sprayed WD40 on the Injector manifold)- changed it and have never had a problem since - just a thought as it only really developed and got noticeable when hot...
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions and help - v much appreciated - I'll take the easier and least costly option first and check the solenoid, electrics side of things. Are there any recommendations for Overdrive specialists in the North West/North Wales area?
  3. First time using the Forum today although I confess to being an avid follower and have benefitted from some great advice and tips. I have a Type A Overdrive in my 1970 TR6 which engages straightaway when switched on however it has recently begun to disengage under acceleration? Almost like having a kick-down in an auto transmission vehicle! It quickly re-engages when the throttle is backed off and will cruise happily until an incline is encountered or any additional power is applied. Oil level was fine when last checked prior to being put away for the winter, although that
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