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  1. My local repair/painter prefers Bondaprimer. Regards Harry
  2. External length of the cable would be the one to measure and then the internal would be the right length. There is a couple of **** repros out there so be careful. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  3. I reset my servo push rod with out very much clearance and after a test ride the brakes locked on.Released the master cylinder a tad and got home. Reset the push rod on the servo to the correct clearance and all was well. Thought all the faulty TRW master cylinders were no more. Regards Harry
  4. harrytr5

    Trigger wheel

    I machined mine like that Mark, then put a step in it, as I was concerned that the magnetic sensor would pick up the damper being the same level as the trigger wheel. EFI is great. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  5. The male conical hose should match up with the female union on the metering unit. There is a mesh filter in the metering union which needs pulling out and cleaned. Be careful as it is some kind of plastic. Hope this helps. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  6. Many thanks for that. Made me quite emotional and there is a slight glimmer the cars will be used by the younger generation in years to come. Well done the ladies and shouldn't they be invited to IWE in pride and place to talk about their experiences. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  7. Hukes just outside of Hemel Hempstead. Tel no 01442 843144 Several North London Group members are/have used him with brilliant results. Real craftsman but like all the good ones very busy. I have been using the company for over 30 years and Dave bought the company when Brian Hukes retired. Dave worked for Brian for many years before he bought the company. Nice people and do some high end stuff we can only dream about. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  8. I just ground a ring spanner to fit. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  9. Watched some of it and thought I will enjoy it later. Drat it has been removed. Can some one PM with the link please as I have not up with National G Regards Harry
  10. Roger your not alone I thought it was for a TR5/6 double DOH! Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  11. Found the brake adjuster was loose on mine and made a hell of a noise. Just saying. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  12. Yes on the chassis. My early April 69 TR6 had it on the chassis (sold) and my TR5 has it there.A lot less messy when servicing. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  13. When you turn the car upside down you will then see how easy it is to replace the floor pans.When replaced it gives a huge lift on the restoration. A lot of us have been there and you will benefit from that. Good luck and you will see why we have grins on our faces after every drive out. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  14. A clever trick that I learned from Mike MD in NLG was to to cut the back off the original pump pull out the bellows and glue in a momentary electric switch which then powered up the pump motor (Moss kit). looks stock and does the job. Regards Harry
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