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  1. One of the main reasons why a lot of us have gone back to Lever arms due to the shocking (excuse the pun) state of the roads. V and C Engineering are ace at rebuilding the originals. Dan and I make the rose jointed drop links to order. Regards Harry
  2. Neil, (seat belts)there is a reason why they are more expensive and top quality first, comes to mind. Night and day from the usual fare! Your choice of course Regards Harry
  3. Did you have a look at my seat belts, Neilson and feel the quality? Capping still here if you want it. Regards Harry
  4. I bet it makes the upper end of the 20,s. Would love to have it and finish it that is for sure. Regards Harry
  5. Mates TR6 had a intermittent stop start when driving and this was the culprit. The lid seal from I presume an octane booster bottle had dropped in the petrol tank and swam about with gay abandon till it then settled on the outlet pipe in the swirl pot. This must have been there before he bought the car as he has never put the booster in. My endoscope soon found it and tank out to then fish it out. What a palaver! Regards Harry
  6. Valvoline 20/50 VR1 racing oil,use it all the time and also from Opie oils and others, free delivery. Plenty of ZDDP or whatever it is being good for flat tappets etc Regards Harry
  7. Still for sale. I am in Hemel Hempstead Regards Harry
  8. Factory figures from new 22MPG which I achieved with a light foot. Different story on EFI which I have been running on these last ten years. Regards Harry
  9. My post lifted from another post but thought it might be of interest on here. Amongst the reasons of joining the TR Register is the annual IWE of which I have attended every year apart from one year when in poor health. Some of the venues were turkeys but Malvern is very high on the radar for me. The mix this year worked very well and it was like going back to the early days with the amount of cars and people. I gave up camping years ago but there is still a good number of campers that still camp from North London 20+ I believe. Dan, Howard,Richard and I have helped run the con
  10. Never had a failure on Automec flaring tool producing the same flare. I make up my own in Kunifer and avoid the pure copper one. There I have done it now! Like Alan, lent tools out to then forget who I lent it to and put an appeal out to just leave it on my doorstep.It did arrive that way and still don't know who I lent it too. Never again. Regards Harry
  11. Shame as not many showed up! Lots of interest shown on what we had there. Not going to happen next year as the show concept has changed. I do not know anymore than that so no idea. Well done Pinky on the Gong. Regards Harry
  12. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://gc360enterprises.com/&ved=2ahUKEwiks-raloSHAxWOAtsEHWoOAOcQFnoECBgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1A7ZhGcFO32IWQvViTZ8fY This is for the guy who asked where I got my wheels from and said I would paste it on here. Please reply if it was you. Regards Harry
  13. I found Revington seats hard to get in and out of a mates TR6. I fitted Ridgard seats to my TR5 when I had roll over cage and safety seat harness belts. The passenger seat was altered by Bob to accommodate my wife due to a broken hip. Very comfortable but years later my wife was having a problem climbing in and out. So I changed to Mazda MX5 seats and inertia seat belts. Very comfortable. Nic Theze is having Mazda MX5 seats fitted to his TR2 by Hukes (Dave Joy) the trimmer and they will reshape the tunnel to make them fit and maybe rear of the b post, so all is not lost with these.
  14. WHOOPS NOT MINERAL BUT GLYCOL-ETHER BASED. I have always thought of dot 4 fluid as mineral but never asked asked for that when buying Dot 4. DID NOT KNOW THE COMPOSITION OF DOT 4 WAS GLYCOL BASE EITHER THOUGHT GLYCOL WAS AN ANTIFREEZE MIX. Every day a school day. Sorry, Regards Harry
  15. Why has this not been fixed by the Register or the insurance cover.It is mind blowing that it can not be sorted. I am not versed in modern electronic medium but my daughters and grandchildren are so what is the problem TR REGISTER AND OUR BREAKDOWN INSURANCE COVER EXPLAIN !! Regards Harry
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