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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this Roger and fitted the above to a successful conclusion. Regards Harry
  2. I veneered this dash (American Walnut) on my then concourse winning TR5 around six years ago.
  3. American walnut from Classical Dash
  4. Bit controversial but I like it. Classical Dash did mine after visiting and choosing my dash veneer, switch plinth and door tops. Poplar veneer
  5. I have used KMI for years and just my preference. Nothing wrong with others of course. We are lucky that we have the luxury of people still willing to do this service. Regards Harry
  6. I found the Mintex 1144 good but a bit dusty so I changed to Hawk HPS from Cambridge Motorsport and happy with those albeit a tad expensive. I will try the Ferodo ones next time. Regards Harry
  7. Thanks Stuart, think I am going nuts! Regards Harry
  8. Sorry I thought is was the six 5/16" nuts holding the hub on not the main one on the stub axle. Regards Harry
  9. There are two sizes that I know of one is 8.65 mm and the other is a full nut 10.98mm in depth. I always use the 8.65mm which leaves the correct 1-2 threads showing after torquing up 16lbs Regards Harry
  10. The one Fat Jon recommended I got from Sweden and has the threaded end on it for adjustment. Well worth the effort. Regards Harry
  11. Graham, I have adapted a huge sash clamp for this very work and re-adapted it for a TR6. You know where I am if you want to borrow. Huge thank you to Stuart for showing the pictures.Everyday is a school day! Regards Harry
  12. Well done and welcome to our "world" of TR,s. Your going to love it! Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  13. TR and shopping trolley (Audi) on Register insurance plus household so, all good. Regards Harry
  14. Hi Pete Six cylinder conrods from my TR5 engine (not TR4) but glad your sorted Regards Harry
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