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  1. harrytr5

    TR2/3 FIA Ally tonneau?

    Ken Mumford built a TR2 with alloy tonneau and wheel spats in the late 80s early 90s in Signal Red. Looked superb. Regards Harry
  2. harrytr5

    Help with brakes

    Roger, I just remembered! I had to do that on a TR4A and it worked really well. Something to do with the memory of the seals and not my brain this time. Regards Harry
  3. harrytr5

    Help with brakes

    Sean you know there is two separate circuits. Small tank at the front for rear wheel and large tank for the front on the master cylinder (but you knew that anyway, just trying to help) There were a few dodgy master cylinders out there a while aback, perhaps this could be one of them.
  4. harrytr5

    what am I missing

    There is some fake red rotor arms about. I always buy from the source ie.. Martin Jay (Dizzy Doc) who now stamps DD on the rotor arm.( yes they can fake that) Regards Harry
  5. harrytr5

    Engine Noise.

    I have heard a tapping noise from the metering unit and it was reconditioned. The guy who did it has a vast amount of experience and said some do, do this so don't worry. Still going years later I believe. Regards Harry
  6. Hi Marco,

    I will have two please to fit TR6 and TR5.

    Let me know how I send the money to you.

    Regards Harry Dent

  7. harrytr5

    Clutch Release Bearing

    My Tilton annular has been in service since 2004 in my TR5 and works really well. Needs careful setting up though Regards Harry
  8. harrytr5

    TR6 after market con rods

    I used Forged Fardon Rods (made in UK) and they were fine. Regards Harry
  9. harrytr5

    TRGB Fuel Pump Kit Installation

    iani Failure is not an option and no different from fitting all the other parts.I bought mine and adapters from Demontweeks to fit the tap. I can not remember the thread sizes (that does not help I know) but so worth it. I went over to EFI in 2010 with a huge amount of plumbing and all that entails. Put a tap on, you will thank me the first time you have to use it. It is so easy to do. Regards Harry
  10. harrytr5

    TRGB Fuel Pump Kit Installation

    I would recommend fitting an off/ on tap such as one from Demon Tweeks part number CFT001 all metal with yellow handle, to the tank outlet.Makes maintenance so much easier. Regards Harry
  11. harrytr5

    Replaceing door hinges

    I am with Waldi on this one. I have a nice rubber foam pad that I put on the hydraulic jack and jack it up to nearly the required height, then place the door edge on and a little more jacking till I can locate the bolts. It is much better if you have someone to help you but I do not have that luxury. Good luck and take your time. Regards Harry
  12. harrytr5

    Body panels

    Bastuk wings are pretty good and much better than the retros that were available in the past. There can not be much left of the original new old stock. Yes the panels are slightly thinner gauge but work.I am just pleased that they are being remade again and hats off to Bastuk. Regards Harry
  13. harrytr5


    Greenstuff yuk!!! Regards Harry
  14. harrytr5

    Vredstein Tyres

    I drove as fast as I dared in the pouring rain around SPA last year after fitting Vredestein Classic Sprints (and to me I was really pushing it) with no hint of sliding away or skidding, Really impressed and these are classed as summer tyres! 185x70x15 Ride comfort, great. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  15. harrytr5

    Help! No reverse, wheels locked

    Could be overdrive stuck in.If you manage to reverse with it stuck in you will wreck the overdrive. Put it on axle stands and try to see if the solenoid is working.When you have found the problem you can then run the engine in gear and try the overdrive to see if it works properly. Speedo will rise when overdrive is engaged. Regards Harry

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