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  1. I just ground a ring spanner to fit. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  2. Watched some of it and thought I will enjoy it later. Drat it has been removed. Can some one PM with the link please as I have not up with National G Regards Harry
  3. Roger your not alone I thought it was for a TR5/6 double DOH! Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  4. Found the brake adjuster was loose on mine and made a hell of a noise. Just saying. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  5. Yes on the chassis. My early April 69 TR6 had it on the chassis (sold) and my TR5 has it there.A lot less messy when servicing. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  6. When you turn the car upside down you will then see how easy it is to replace the floor pans.When replaced it gives a huge lift on the restoration. A lot of us have been there and you will benefit from that. Good luck and you will see why we have grins on our faces after every drive out. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  7. A clever trick that I learned from Mike MD in NLG was to to cut the back off the original pump pull out the bellows and glue in a momentary electric switch which then powered up the pump motor (Moss kit). looks stock and does the job. Regards Harry
  8. Ballast coil? Regards Harry
  9. Never seen that before so I guess an add on. Regards Harry
  10. Bad earthing? Regards Harry
  11. I fancy a Triumph T160 Trident electric starter either project or cheaper than the current ones. Gone way over price now. Regards Harry
  12. Ken Mumford built a TR2 with alloy tonneau and wheel spats in the late 80s early 90s in Signal Red. Looked superb. Regards Harry
  13. harrytr5

    Help with brakes

    Roger, I just remembered! I had to do that on a TR4A and it worked really well. Something to do with the memory of the seals and not my brain this time. Regards Harry
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