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  1. harrytr5

    EFI First Drive

    Looking at this company https://www.reverie.ltd.uk/hockenheim-6cl.php That air box looks more constrictive than Dan's MK11 for short indent wheel arches. The inlet tube looks too small Judging by the photos and the first trumpet impedes the air in somewhat. Could be wrong but a rolling road test report will tell the difference. I know the one Dan did for this TR6 EFI made 205 BHP so it breathed well.
  2. I had mine refurbished by Hukes, Hemel Hempstead, Herts . Tel no 01442 843144 I bought the three spoke pad from Moss and Dave (Hukes) made a new leather stitched on rim. Very tasty and he is a true craftsman. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  3. harrytr5


    Have a look in any TR car park and see what most have done and that could be your answer. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  4. Looks like it to me. Just love that breed of dog! Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  5. Much easier to do on the bench. Renew the back to back seals while you are at it. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  6. Well two paint factors could not get it right. Got a couple of more to try. I fail to understand in this day of modern tools that a simple match is so hard to get right. Don't think Sikkins is around now.Most mixing skills seem to be gone.(computer says NO) Search continues. I know my Jasmine TR5 will not match up with any mixes today as the tints are no longer available. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  7. Put rope down the bore and compress the piston onto to it. This will lock the engine and prevent it turning.Leave a length out of the plug hole so you can extract it. Works for me! Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  8. Who is the best around to get a paint match? Need to get a bonnet painted or blended in with a signal red matching paint. As we know red paint fades after a time. I would have thought a good match would not be impossible giving a company mixing paint all day, can it.? I had the same problem years ago with my yellow Dolly sprint and forced the company to have a Sikkens Spectrum analyser to identify the mix and after that is was fine. Regards Harry
  9. A posse of North London Group will be attending (Saturday) and already booked. See you there. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  10. Not that my TR5 needs it as it runs on Valvoline VR1 20/50 racing oil. Does this work or is it snake oil? At £50 for 4 litre it is expensive. Regards Harry
  11. harrytr5

    EFI First Drive

    Speak to Dan, he has a plan. Regards Harry.
  12. I went with my wife and daughter and we all loved it.I am the only petrol head in the family so this came as a surprise!. The noise of those cars was brilliant and the history of Carol Shelby came also as a surprise. Go along a see it. Really good. Regards HarryTR5 Nutter
  13. harrytr5

    EFI - What Plugs?

    On the issue of Spark plug leads you must have the right ones for waisted spark connectors. I of course had the wrong ones which were problematic and caused a misfire a few years down the line. I asked Emerald to supply the correct leads and they now do so (will save a lot of grief in the future) . I had mine made up elsewhere and tested by Emerald but now as they make them I would order from them only. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  14. harrytr5

    EFI - What Plugs?

    What ever you use make sure they are resistor plugs or you will have electrical problems upsetting the ECU and components. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
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