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  1. I am close to junction 8 M1 Hemel Hempstead. Regards Harry
  2. This was my set up in 2011 First pic Totally reliable. Emerald ECU and parts. Single throttle body on standard airbox. Modified throttle bodies 2nd pic 2020 Jenvey Heritage throttle bodies Remapped Emerald ECU on their rolling road. Result, much more lively and fuel consumption slightly higher because of heavy foot and gorgeous sound of the Webber look alike,s when on full chat. If you are thinking of changing just do it. I have kept all the parts to convert back (not by me) Regards Harry
  3. harrytr5

    PI injectors

    I personally prefer KMI in Bedfordshire (not to say negative on any others) and have been dealing with them for years when Ken Mills owned the firm before retiring and family relations took over. kmipetrolinjection.co.uk Just a happy customer. Regards Harry
  4. Full rebuild and is it worth it? Maybe one for a museum. Regards Harry
  5. These might help. I made the cage nuts and cage Regards Harry
  6. When you have sorted the TR5 one, then one for me please. Regards Harry P.S. my mate with the TR6 will have my one which will work with his and I await the version that will work with mine.
  7. Perhaps he might allow you to drive his, then you will know, if both cars are the same spec apart from this mod. Regards Harry
  8. And a part no for the brake master cylinder Jochem. Will the original Triumph master cylinder fit? What is the dimensions of the servo including the master cylinder in length? As you can see I am keen to try this. Regards Harry
  9. Thanks Jochems, Is the servo from a 940 volvo unit and will it fit a right hand drive do you know. Drawings are excellent. Regards Harry
  10. I was not being flippant in regards to so called uprated stuff which turned the opposite. Some I have removed and gone back to originals. Would still be interested if this Volvo mod makes a difference and does it? Regards Harry
  11. How much difference does it make! Just interested as I like waisting my money on so called uprated stuff (not) Regards Harry
  12. Oh Steve I noticed I am not on the second list for CR 1976 tr6 Regards Harry. P.S. Having a slight problem with mine on my TR5 but it is to do with the wiper motor, not your kit. Will be sorted sometime next week or so after recovery from an op.
  13. Steve I had originally asked for two. (one for my mate CR TR6 1975) and thanks for the first one for my TR5. Have not had a chance to fit the kit yet but will very soon. Thankyou Regards Harry.
  14. Replace if it was me Regards Harry
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