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  1. Hi Pete You were looking for some information on classic cars that have already been converted to electric and thought you might be interested in Vintage Voltage which comes up occasionally on Quest UK (TV) - and includes a Lancia Fulvia, BMW 1602, MG Midget and Ferrari 308. I also did a search for Vintage Voltage on YouTube and it came up with some interesting results from other shows. Cheers Robert
  2. Hi Blair I have just registered my TR6 in France, they were satisfied with the certificate supplied by the FFVE - you shouldn't need anything more than that and a current Controle Technique. Send me a private message if you want to talk about the process... Cheers Robert
  3. +1 about the corrosion. I had a cut-off identical to the OP's photo that caused all kinds of weird problems, mainly petrol pump, when I was driving back from Spain one year. I only happened to notice it because there was the tiniest wisp of smoke coming from the cut-off switch. In the end I bolted the 2 cables together and that got me back to the UK.
  4. The problem with using bolts is that you don't have anything to align the gearbox and bellhousing when refitting. This isn't a problem if you've got the engine out, but a total bugger if you're doing it in-situ. Take a look at Cheftush's video at around the 5 minute mark:
  5. Hi John, I was just checking because another company (I won't mention their name), did charge me VAT in the early days after Brexit. There doesn't seem to be much correlation between the price of the product and the price that the couriers charge, so bundling up orders seems to be the most cost effective way. I find that most of the prices from EU suppliers are way higher than the UK, and often it actually takes them longer to deliver than shipping from the UK. I really would prefer to give my money to the locals, but I'm not that rich Cheers, Robert
  6. I think you'll find that it is meant to be a stud that is there to help align the gearbox with the bell housing when assembling. I'm not sure that you'll be able to remove it and replace it with the correct stud, but if you remove the gearbox later (to replace the clutch etc) and you accidentally remove the 2 'studs' then you'll have great fun trying to get the gearbox back on. Cheers, Robert
  7. I think I must have just been lucky with my experience so far getting stuff from the UK. I have found that all the parts I wanted to buy in the EU have been far more expensive in comparison to the UK prices, and the surcharges on top of the import duty have remained fairly small and the delivery very quick. So far I have only bought fairly expensive parts (£500+), so maybe the 'admin' charges are per item and therefore work out as a smaller percentage on more expensive deliveries. Personally, I do find the difference in prices between Moss UK and Moss France quite offensive and I feel lik
  8. Hi John Did Moss UK charge you VAT on the purchase? Cheers, Robert
  9. Also might be worth checking your petrol tank breather, if it's blocked then you may get similar symptoms - ask me how I know.
  10. I've been using the TR Shop in Chiswick who have been shipping with Fedex, and they usually arrive in 3-4 business days. They don't charge VAT at their end, so you only pay for the local (in my case French) tax and Fedex charges which turns out very reasonable. I bought a metering unit, 4 injectors and a few other items which I would have had to pay £171 in VAT (if I lived in the UK), whereas the charges I actually paid was 236€ (about £206). I have no affiliation with the TR Shop whatsoever, but when you get service this good I think it's worth passing on. Cheers, Robert
  11. Sorry, I don't mean to hijack this thread, but has anyone any experience of the Pertronix 2 ? It's meant to have circuitry that prevents overheating/burnout if the ignition is left on.
  12. Another +1 from me, it would be great to have a definitive reference.
  13. Geoff mentioned that the inertia switch being bypassed in the original post. Geoff - I would suggest replacing and re-instating the inertia switch anyway, you really don't want a 125psi jet of petrol going into your engine bay if you have an accident.
  14. Hi Steve, you wouldn't survive for 2 minutes here in France without a horn
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