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  1. Do you have this lift? I'm rather interested in it myself and would like to know how you are getting along with it.
  2. Hi Aston My injector seals are all suspect as well, I'd already replaced 2 and I've got another 4 are on their way from the UK. There's not much left of my original fuel system now - just a couple of hoses in the boot (which look fine, but I'll probably replace those sometime soon). My car was used almost every day for 20 years with remarkably few issues, but it had to stay in the UK after I moved to France 3 years ago until I could find somewhere to keep it. Cheers Robert
  3. Hi John and Andy Thanks for your advice - I may be coming back for more info/hand holding later. My latest problem is that the petrol pump has just decided to lunch itself as well, so now I'm waiting for a replacement from the UK before I can do anything else. This is a warning of what happens when you don't drive a car for 3 years, the petrol additives slowly eat away at the insides of your car So far - burst MU diaphragm (replace entire MU), petrol & oil seals on MU drive shaft were brittle and leaking, one of the injector hoses decided to snap, and now the petrol pump. I'll b
  4. Hi Andy, yes I'm fairly sure it is the CO that they're failing me on. I've just fitted a new KMI refurbished MU to the car, and I'll be putting a few miles on it before I get it retested. That in itself felt like heart surgery to me, so not sure how I'm going to feel about fiddling with the mixture rings. I have the Lucas Red & Green books - but I'll be honest and say that they don't make me feel very much more comfortable. Do you know of any articles that would help an amateur like myself? Having spent 25 years with Enginuity around to fix things like this for me seems like a di
  5. Thanks Stuart. I've got most of those covered (filter/plugs/timing), but I like the idea for the breather pipe!
  6. I am trying to get my car through the French "Controle Technique" and the only failure point at the moment is, unsurprisingly, the emissions check. The car has been sitting around in the UK for the last 3 years, which I would guess is a contributing factor. I have replaced the fuel with nice fresh 98 RON fuel and intend to put around 500 miles on the clock before retesting. I have just fitted a new metering unit which should also improve matters. The question is - are there any additives that I can use or any other tips to improving emissions?
  7. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Thank you all for your advice, I truly appreciate it - but I thought that I'd try to keep the procedure to something my lethargic brain could cope with. What I did was this, starting with the existing FMU: 1. Stuck a piece of paper on the crank shaft pulley with marks showing 20 & 45 degrees ATDC 2. Set the crank to between the 2 points. 3. Took the injector hose and outlet union from port #6 4. Surprisingly, there was the crescent of the port on the shaft! 5. Took the old FMU off the pedestal and noted the position of the dog on the FMU shaft 6. Set up t
  8. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Hi TRier, and thanks very much for the offer, I might take you up on that. I've managed to remove the MU while leaving the pedestal in-situ. I was hoping that as long as I put keep the 'dog' in the same position on the new one as the old one then I should be fine. I'm using a KMI recon and it has a mark on the rotor and a T on the body which should be aligned, and in the instructions it says that should relate to 20-45 degrees ATDC (this is for the later CR MU). I've done a dry run (ie no hoses attached) and thought I'd check in port #6 on the MU and I'm not seeing anything at all. I
  9. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Fantastic - the MU has arrived! That was just 4 days to get from Chiswick to Montpellier. The charges were also not bad, at 242€ (about £210), and with zero-VAT that only works out at about 5% on top of what I would have paid if I'd had it couriered to a UK address. Finally sounds like Fedex have figured out how to get stuff from the UK to the EU. The next bit, which I'm dreading, is swapping the MU's. I've got new 'standard' injector hoses with all the fittings (including banjo's bolts), and it's a CR (125hp) unit, so using cylinder #6 for timing. I'm going to be using Enginuity for some
  10. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Yeah, I was somewhat horrified to find the black conical cap that goes on top of the MU sitting next to the windscreen wiper motor - especially as I didn't notice until I got home, which was a 10km drive from the garage. I'm still hoping that they are a good garage and that they were just having an off-day. Having spoken to Enginuity it appears that I need the 125 unit, but your offer of advice is very welcome.
  11. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Thanks Andy, fortunately everything is already logged with the authorities, they're just waiting for the CT and I should be good to go. Fedex picked up the new MU, along with new injector hoses and unions, from the TR Shop on Thursday and it's schedules to be delivered on Tuesday(!). I'll believe it when I see it, but, as they've already arrived at Charles de Gaul this morning, there's still a chance that I'll have them next week. Then the fun begins....
  12. rwest

    Leaking MU

    I was lucky enough to live only 5 miles from Enginuity before moving to France, they're a great bunch of guys and have kept my car on the road for the last 20+ years. I guess I'm going to have to stand on my own two feet now, they're a long way from Montpellier Having said that, they've given me some great advice on what to do (replace the MU) and they've even offered to talk me through the trickier parts of the replacement.
  13. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Yeah, me too. The TR Shop says that most of their EU exports have settled down now and that I should get the package within a week. Fingers crossed.
  14. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Hi all After talking to the wonderful guys over at Enginuity (my old garage back in the UK), we decided that probably the best bet was to replace the MU as it has >40K miles on it already. Along with the fact that the car had been sitting idle for nearly 3 years, it made for an easy decision. There is also a certain amount of urgency on this and I decided I couldn't afford to take the chance that something else on the MU was ready to fail. I'll keep you informed of the outcome, but I'm getting desperate to get my car registered in France before they change their mind about UK cars
  15. rwest

    Leaking MU

    Hi Mike So that I don't make the same mistake, who did you buy the diaphragm from (if you don't mind me asking)? Cheers, Robert
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