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  1. I make mine out of stainless (just love the stuff). Regards Harry.
  2. Don't know about Limora but CDD are very good and quite a few of us in NLG have fitted them. The after sales service is very good also. Was amazed how it transforms the ride. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  3. If I remember correctly, the prop shaft is removed after drawing it forwards. Never had a problem. Maybe, as someone else as suggested it is longer in length although that is a new one to me. Regards Harry
  4. Remove calliper,brake disc complete with hub. Stub axles are fairly easy to get out. I jack up the suspension to relieve the tension. Remove both top ball joint bolts which will allow you to swing the vertical link down. Undo the stub axle nut a few turns, holding the vertical link in your hand give the nut a clump with a club hammer. It should then come out. Regards Harry
  5. This worked for me. Took a lot of trial fitting before welding up. All good fun though (what else could we do) Regards Harry
  6. Engine fired up and ran like a dream. Video of it running is just too big to put on here. Onwards and upwards. Regards Harry
  7. John, it mounts in the same place as none overdrive gearbox (A Type) Regards Harry
  8. Latest update. Probably for sale when finished (or will it) I much prefer the TR5 with the lusty power plant but this could grow on me.
  9. harrytr5


    Hi Tom, It was one of Racetorations early cam 777 I think so no idea. Racetorations do not use this cam any more as things have moved on a bit since then. Shame I did not get to drive it after being tuned on Emeralds rolling road but the owner is over the moon with it.
  10. harrytr5


    Emerald M3D. web www.emeraldm3d.co.uk I have been running my EFI TR5 for over ten years now and still love the way it performs. Emerald are a great company and consistently helpful. The back up is first class. Yes there is cheaper options out there but, the way this firm helped me when I was in the dark and stumbling around was a joy. I converted my original throttle bodies and single butterfly in the original airbox. Now Jenvey have produced look alike webbers with the injectors built inside. (if they were available when I did mine I would have used them) Here is
  11. Pete I have a TR4 petrol tank on ebay. I bought a new one as that is my want. Regards Harry
  12. I can not rate Emerald high enough. They sorted out my install (2010) and after service brilliant. They now can look at your/theirs ECU with your lap top plugged into the ECU and using their remote control program over the wi fi, take control of your lap top and adjust it from their base. Just magic and I have used this free service (only on their ECU) a few times and others and it always fascinates me. Hope that helps. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  13. Blimey Mike, Mine just walked away when the laminated rear screen broke. I guess if he supplied it then perhaps a different matter. I bought a original rear glass and paid £300 for it so Stuarts glass is a real bargain. It fitted right away and the fitter knew what he was doing. Regards Harry
  14. Richard, You could try Southern Axles in Watford.He has just done my TR4 axle all though will not be tested till next year when hopefully back on the road. I left a TR5 there and he rebuilt the rear axle very quickly and drove out a couple of days later fixed. Not sure this is the norm though, maybe I was lucky. Phone no 01923 230085 Regards Harry
  15. On my complete rebuild of my TR5 and using poly bushes all round I got a creaking sound from the nearside front. Turned out to be unbranded trunnion and the bolt hole offset. Soon swapped out for branded ones (SCP) If I recall correctly from Moss and no problem since. Regards Harry
  16. Now sorted thank you Regards Harry
  17. Dave do yourself and the car a favour, go back to lever arms. A lot of us have been down that route in NLG and gone back to lever arms. Stevenson are still rebuilding them and I hope his successor carries on when he retires. Pot holes are killing trailing arm mounts(if the tubular shocks are the wrong ones) .Many people are happy with these but NLG prefer the lever arms (not all in NLG, personal preference of course) Regards Harry
  18. Thanks for replying Bob it is part no 610949 right hand bumper support bracket. Regards Harry
  19. And s/h crash pads. One with the grab handle (for right hand drive) I want to recover these to match the switch plinth. Can you help? Regards Harry
  20. So Roger is this the same as TR Shop grab handle? Regards Harry
  21. We have around Ten TR,S in NLG running around with these cv driveshafts and only one which gave trouble when in full droop on axle stands soon sorted by Alisdair CDD. Sorry yours was not sorted properly. We have one which has been running for at least three years and the long time owner (40 years +) just loves it. Regards Harry
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