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  1. No 1 Piston top dead centre both valves/ rockers closed No 4 valves/rockers equal lift on the rock. I did this and both the sprockets lined up just to check it. If it does not work I have cocked up. Standard parts nothing fancy on my TR4. Timed my TR5 with a timing disc and pointer as per book. Regards Harry
  2. Ok Mike. The hotel came back to me and the deal is the same as before.You must say it is for the Triumph Club as well as the TR Register although the Triumph they recognise more. Booked in now for Saturday Night. Regards Harry
  3. Mick, Have filled in the form for attending. The hotel is no where near from £99 on a Saturday night booking. including dinner for two and breakfast £261. or there about . Do you have a code for discount at the advertised price. Regards Harry
  4. Alan can I drop my one around. I have two one a two speed and one a single speed(TR4) i know roughly were you live but will need your address again. Please PM me. Regards Harry
  5. Graham, You welcome to have a play with mine to see if it is your mask at fault. I am in Hemel Hempstead as you know. If you still have my mobile no give me a ring. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  6. Revington solution with my added twist.It exits out of the vertical floor panel at least a couple of inches and NOT into the sill.This works for me and that is all that counts in my book.
  7. Ignore the doubters Nigel, I too had a health issue at the time and if I did not fit the power steering I would have got out of TR,S and would have so regretted it. Now enjoy. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  8. You are just going to love this piece of kit! I think I fitted mine in 2010 or there about. Best mod I have done to my TR5 and I have many on Jas. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  9. I rivnut mine (Tex) which leaves a thread insert to screw into and stops it moving on the base. Easy to do and works. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  10. Fit longer set screws 2" and nyloc the backs. 5/8" UNF if memory serves me well. Well done on finding it and welcome to our world. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  11. I built a TR4a with them and found the fit very good apart from the rear nearside inner wing which they were going to sort it on the next batch made (2018) so I hope sorted.
  12. If you want convincing, have a try in mine providing you have TR Register insurance. Regards Harry TR Nutter
  13. A member in North London Group has successfully converted his around three years ago and is delighted with the result.Modesty would probably exclude coming on here. I fitted CDD hydraulic power steering in 2009 ( I think, such a long time ago) and only remember it when driving others. With the many mods I have done on my TR5 this ranks as the best. Regards Harry
  14. Thanks all for your contributions. When I have finished the body work, I will then look at the engine again. Because we are not allowed out except for a daily walk etc I am forced to work in the garage (so you could say I am happy as a pig in sh*t) so things are progressing along. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  15. On this rebuilt TR4A engine from triggers broom that has had minimal run time on just start up I believe, it has the four ringed pistons which I read somewhere years ago that they could be a problem with the ring lands below the gudgeon pin fracturing, is that a fact and if it is I will change them. The liners seem to be level with the block. do they crush down when the head is torgued or must they protrude at all times by 5thou +/-. I have good knowledge of sixpots and the four pot is a huge learning curve for me. I have the Maxz rear seal conversion. Do I need the centralising tool as fitting it on loosely and turning the crank will centralise it or am I missing the point. The big end bolts have tabs on them to lock . As it is a late TR4A engine should it not have stretch bolts? How do you tell what bolt is what ? I guess change them out anyway. The head will need to be unleaded although has been rebuilt. All good fun and keeps the brain ticking. Be Kind and look forward to the replies. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  16. If you elongate the holes on the hinges you then have lots of movement either way. It worked on a mates TR6 that had just came from the paint shop and was a worry at the time but soon solved after thinking out of the box. Regards HarryTR5 Nutter
  17. Some pics. Yes there should be a thin gauge panel shaped and trimmed held in by the rubber and weather seal furflex.
  18. Does anyone have a front engine plate to sell me please.I know you can get an alloy one but not interested in that one at the moment. Mine has had both sides bent inwards and unless I can find a blacksmith to beat back out I will have to source another one. Regards Harry
  19. Always check the rotor arm first. If it has a rivet in it change for the red rotor arm of Dizzy Doc. Condenser and points from Dizzy Doc Even new spark plugs can have issues Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  20. harrytr5

    Long wheel studs

    Racetorations do them and put a chamfer on stock items. They assure me that they have done this for years and say they are safe. Engineering in me says never take anything off as it slightly weaken's things (but what do I know). They are open for mail order. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  21. I don't get it. Where is the rest of it? Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  22. Before I buy a Bastuck boot lid does any one have a decent one for sale. Pm me and I will get in contact. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  23. Before I buy a Bastuck boot lid does any one have a decent one for sale. Pm me and I will get in contact. Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
  24. Thanks for the replies and I have tried to source these with no luck. I am going to rivenut 5mm and use a 5mm screw. Thanks all, Regards Harry TR5 Nutter
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