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  1. Thanks again for the replies, Im currently waiting for a set of 51/2” 72 spoke wheels to arrive from the Tr shop . The Vredesteins are certainly well priced , even cheaper than the 185/70 Dimax classic so that seems the sensible choice . I do like the more classic look of the Dimax tho’ !!
  2. Thanks for the info , It makes sense to up grade to the 5 !/2" rims both for reasons above and this will allow a wider tyre to be fitted should i wish . My local tyre man came up with some pretty shocking prices for both the 165/80 and a 185/70 . Had a look on ebay and the best value by a mile are DIMAX Radar classic. These are available in either size at £50 or £65 respectively . Anyone using these ? The Michelins, Pirelli , Dunlops and Vredesteins etc are more than twice that .
  3. Hi , thanks for the reply . If I keep the 165 tyre is there any advantage in going for a 5 1/2” rim over the 4 1/2 ?
  4. The dilemma today is new spoked wheels , chrome or painted ? 4 1/2” or 5 1/2 “ ? This depends of course wether I stick with the 165 tyres or go wider to say, a 185 /70 i would be interested to hear the thoughts of owners with more experience , although I have now clocked up over 100 miles Thanks , Dave .
  5. Ahhh, That’s much better . Thanks I’ll try harder next time .
  6. Hi , thanks for the responses, Peter, yes I have the rubber gaskets , I’m trying to get the profile to run tight along this on the top edge at least . As Graham says , I’ll just keep adjusting until I’m happy. I did very nearly put the door trims on the wrong side . I found pics of cars with these both ways up but have it correct now . this seems to becoming something of an obsession.
  7. Hmm, the pics seem to have loaded upside down ? not sure what's going on here ! I have failed miserably on my first post
  8. Hi everyone, Just a quick post to say hi' . I have recently joined the ranks of TR5 owners with a 1968 model in new white. I'm currently fitting the stainless side trims and light units . Its quite daunting drilling 30 odd holes in the pristine paintwork but it has to be done ! ( Once the first hole is drilled it gets easier .) I've got the trims on and happy with the result but i'm having issues with the light units . They don't seem to fit the curves of the wing particularly well and i've had to resort to some 're-shaping to get a good fit. If i move the trim back 20m
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