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  1. If you go to Vehicle Wiring Products they sell the 17.5 amp 30mm glass fuse that fuses at 35 amps. they have a whole range of them Bruce.
  2. The R type plugs also cut down the strength of the spark which are usually rated at 5000 ohms. Bruce.
  3. astontr6

    A sad loss

    That unfortunate owner of that red TR6 ODU308M is he in the register? Bruce.
  4. Hi Gareth, I was always told that my OEM CR TR dash was teak. American Walnut is darker with a much more defined grain. Bruce.
  5. Gareth, I know that you have looked at Classic Dash! But you will have to select yourself the veneer that is acceptable to you. This can be very difficult to find the right one. The CR TRs often had a lighter colour than the CRs. In my view it is best to visit them and choose! Bruce.
  6. The Moss tool does not have enough pips on it to engage properly as to having only 2. Therefore it is very easy to slip off and badly mark the chrome bezel, as I have done. They need to modify it! Roger you need to have words with them? Bruce.
  7. astontr6

    Hub Studs

    In my view Classic Car Developments is the way to go, but make sure that you use their jig to center the holes correctly. You cannot do a proper job unless you use a jig. I have seen examples of where people have gone off center not using a jig and broken through the side wall of the hole? Bruce.
  8. The spokes on the TR6 if they are sliver are finished in stain chrome which cannot be replicated unless the leather material on the rim is totally removed. Lastly on car SOS they use a craftsman to recover these rims does anyone know who and where he works from? Bruce.
  9. By machining off the recesses you are now forced to use an inferior design gasket that was originally used on the CP engines. The reason that it was designed out was of its poor sealing qualities which also affected the saloon cars with warranty claims. The CR gasket was designed to work with the modified block and cylinder head using fire ring design from formula 1 cars of the day. Bruce.
  10. This is another TR myth there are a number of Bosch pumps that will work Lucas PI. See my earlier response to your thread, My info came direct from Bosch engineering at Denham in the UK. Glencoe who are in Staines supply Bosch and Sytec pumps, the Saloon boys use Sytec OTP019 from these people. This Sytec pump also replaces Bosch 0580254952 which was originally speced in as a Lucas replacement by Bosch.
  11. I have always used Bosch 0-580-254-952 which originally came from Martin's Injection who was one of the originators of using a Bosch Pump through KMI who are still in business. Bruce.
  12. That head may still be salvageable with an valve insert, I would take that head to a reputable engine machine shop. They will probably tell you it will be at your risk. A good M/C Shop will be able to pressure test there work for leaks. Bruce.
  13. astontr6


    It is best to remove the drivers seat first, unless you are very thin. I did that job last weekend! Bruce.
  14. I believe what you have is a Mocal spin on oil filter adaptor. They are still in business and I would get on to them directly to establish whether you have the early type or later type. If you have the early type you may have a problem getting spares. Bruce.
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