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  1. astontr6


    +1 They rebuilt mine as well! Bruce
  2. Hi Derek! Do your figures only cover OEM fitment ? As ORS do a large trade in O/D conversions for example and it is easy to stamp the 'O' on the commission plate? Bruce.
  3. If it is made from Viton A grade that is classified as not suitable? must be B grade! Bruce.
  4. But has your voltmeter been calibrated? I don't think they are made for that sort of accuracy that you are looking for? Bruce.
  5. Cork gasket material is not recommended for E5 petrol as per a test report that I have! Bruce
  6. As I have buckled a few alloy wheels and then had them straitened out. I would go to an alloy wheel refurbisher and ask him if he can re-true the wheels for you, as they have a special m/c to do this to alloy wheels/ Could save you quite a bit of money? Bruce.
  7. Hi Roger, Looking at your picture have you got electric windows in your car? If so where did you get the parts from? Bruce.
  8. Hi Les, What size alternator have you got if its a 15ACR with a Bosch Pump this in my view is a boarder line power supply. I had this type of problem years ago and went over to an 18ACR and never had a problem since, plus the indicators worked properly on tick over waiting to turn right or left. Bruce.
  9. Borg & Beck was a Brand name of quality but like many British component manufactures they went to the wall. Then came along Firstline who purchased the name and started using the name Borg and Beck. This fooled many customers into thinking they were buying the genuine article. But they were not! The replacement TR6 clutch was made in China and only had 8 rivets to secure the friction plate instead of 16 as the original and therefore had a habit of falling off. I believe that this problem has now been cured by going back to 16 rivets? Bruce.
  10. In other words: bin it!!! Bruce
  11. Thanks for your response. I was expecting to see swelling of the tube. Bruce.
  12. What spec. was printed on the outside of the Rimmer supplied hose? Also how long was it installed for before it burst? Bruce.
  13. Hi Ian! The reason I am querying the use of SAE100 R6 is that it is a Hydraulic Oil Hose Spec and not a gasoline/ petrol spec. Could it be that the wrong spec. hose was used? Bruce.
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