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  1. +1 and were the injectors bled properly? as there might still be air still in the injector pipes a very common problem after pulling the PI system a part and refitting! Check that pulses can be felt in all injector lines first? Bruce
  2. Hi JB! The cooling coil was marketed by Lucas, I still have one in its original box. Also there was a round aluminium cylinder with fins marketed but I do not know who by! This was clamped around the round part of the pump as a heat sink. I have only ever seen one of these. Bruce.
  3. Hi Panch, That sump looks to me to be to be a gravity casting if so this type of casting is prone to be porous when cast in aluminium? Are there any other oil patches on your sump i.e. between the ribs. You may have to have the casting vacuum sealed, a common Aerospace procedure to cure this sort of problem. Bruce.
  4. Hi John, To me it sounds like the dreaded clutch ratcheting which gives the appearance of clutch slip when creeping along in heavy traffic? This in my view is caused by the bearing carrier rocking on the gear box nose. This problem plagued me for over 40 years and I only got rid of it when my whole power unit was removed for a rebuild. I went over to a Revington bronze clutch bearing carrier instead of the BL's M/S one and a double fixed clutch bearing fork. I have crept along in a large number of traffic jams since and have not had the problem again, although I still have a mind set that it will start again. Bruce.
  5. Hi Marc, I am surprised that you say that the current springs from the UK give too higher ride height? My experience from owning a TR6 from new is that they were far too soft to start with and went saggy in a very short time, are you sure this has not happen to your car? and when you floored the accelerator the front of the car pointed skywards and you were getting ready for take off! Triumph modified the spring rates at least 4 times due to complaints that I know of! the original springs were only rated at 320 on the rear but I found that 390 on the rear gave the best ride and cut down the banging and crashing when the suspension bottomed. That rated spring lasted 40 years before being replaced with the same. Bruce.
  6. astontr6

    Best fuel

    Hi Peter, Last year I did the EC500 around Scotland ( 1925 miles door to door ) where I travelled to the never regions of Britain. The further north you go the less petrol stations there are, I used petrol brands that I had never heard of, but always their super grade. My timing is set up as the brown book and I did not have any pinking. The key issue for me is to make sure that the rubber seal parts in the PI system, are made from Viton B and not the A grade which does not with stand ethanol as per a MOD test report that I have read. Bruce.
  7. Get a small length of 3/16"-- !/4" dia. s/s bar and cut to length. Do not use m/s as you will get a rust stain on the nylon webbing and paint work. Thread through slots retainer bar and lock in position with cut length bar. Bruce
  8. The smaller exhaust valves was an attempt to cut down cracking of the cast iron between valves? But the later heads were also more meaty in construction to try to stop warping and blown head gaskets by using modified fire rings and counter boring the block. I would speak to Chris Whitor, he is an expert on this sort of thing, he has a web site. You will probably have to change your manifolds? Bruce.
  9. Hi Mark ! In the summer of 1972 the wire size from the ignition S/W to pump was increased in size by BL, so when you sort out the pump size wiring go for 3mm sq. because when I tested 2 other sizes this size gave the lowest volt drop during cranking to start the engine. Bruce.
  10. I agree with what Andy says above, I used an old M/S SAH extractor manifold, plus a Newman cam, with 280 duration, this cam is not a regrind but a new blank and followers. Torque is greatly increased, power comes in at 1500 RPM, easy to drive in London traffic but I also have a bronze clutch bearing carrier that got rid of the sticky clutch which had always plagued me. Bruce.
  11. As they are just up the road from me and they did supply me with a new fan set 18 months ago when I went over to their premises, give them a phone call and see if you can twist their arm? In my view it is still the best idea to have an adjustable switch and not one with a fixed setting . Bruce.
  12. If all the old finish is bead/sand blasted off, then pickled and the chassis is then galvanized by someone like Medway Galvanizing then powder coated you are in a different league to rust resistance. I would not recommend powder coating without galvanizing or zinc and pas. Bruce.
  13. Straight engine oil in a Hypoid teeth cut gearbox as per TR gearboxes is a no no with the exception of Mini engine oil which has the special additives for hypoid cut teeth, that is why BL could bring out there front wheel dive system in 1959 in the form of the Austin Mini with a combined engine gear box. Bruce.
  14. In my experience the DD can convert your distributor to the correct type for your car. Just tell him what you want? Bruce.
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