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  1. Hi Michael, It was the later part of 2017 in the November! Bruce.
  2. Hi Rich, The problem of soft lay shafts existed for over 25 years and It was not until they sold me one that it got sorted out. After I was warned by one of the leading TR restores and I went and had it Rockwell hardness tested. I got the usual story from Moss that nobody else had ever complained then they did a test on it and agreed it was soft. Then I believed Roger H got involved and the problem has now been resolved. But I also remember reading an article in TR Action that people living in Essex had suffered badly from this problem? Bruce.
  3. A friend of mine had a GB done by him and he put in a soft Moss lay shaft which lasted 400 miles before it had to be rebuilt again????? Bruce.
  4. Hi Jon! I would go to the leading OD/Gearbox repairer here in the UK 'Overdrive Repair Services' as approved by Volvo. He does over 500 OD units for them per annum and have the lay shaft modified to same spec as Stag, to 3 needle rollers to cure the TR GB known fault. Was your GB whining in the first three gears and then go silent in 4th as this is a sign of failing lay shaft? My gearbox was done by them to cure this fault, no problems since. Bruce.
  5. Your statement above is very true in para 2! That is why I use the adaptor with a high pressure cycle pump as they usually have a pressure gauge attached. This can be used to monitor the pressure drop. Any injectors that loose pressure quickly or do not hold pressure at all can be isolated to have their 'O' rings replaced. Saves a lot of money on re-con ones? I have had problems in the past with brand new re-con ones! They go straight back to the supplier and over the last 30 years I have sent back at least 10 off?? I have never had any back saying that there was nothing wrong?? Bruce.
  6. Yes I remember him! He supplied me with my Bosch pump conversion kit in the very early 1980's which KMI manufactured. Pump lasted over 40 years and was only replaced because of its age and I was going on a 3000 miles trip. Bruce.
  7. I had a similar problem but I could get the key in just. One squirt of 3 in ONE dry PTFE lub. Problem gone! Been OK for over 2 years! Bruce.
  8. Hi John, In my experience some your problems are classic if you allow the seals to dry out as there is no petrol to keep them soft. I am surprised that you did not have trouble with the injector seals as they are the usual ones to give trouble after a long lay up? They also go hard! Bruce.
  9. +1 or PTFE: 3 in one Dry Lubricant from Halfords. Marketed by WD40 here in the UK! Bruce.
  10. Sorry you are right, I had a brain storm. You right also about the charging. I found that my 18 ACR could not fully charge it and it was only when I bought a pulse charger could I fully charge it. As my daily driver had the stop facility and used an AGM battery which needs the same type of charger! Bruce.
  11. The main thing that you have to be careful of is the orientation of the + & - terminals. As batteries today for your average car have them opposite to the original TR ones. As suggested it is probably best to go to someone like TR GB or even Moss. Keep away from cadmium types! Bruce.
  12. or bits of rubber from the breaking up of the 'O' ring. Do as above then bleed them to purge the air out to see if that cures the problem. I made up an adaptor years ago to screw on to the injector and then connect to a high pressure cycle pump (150psi). It can blow out any Sh...!. no problem but also gives an indication as to how good the sealing is for that injector. When you look at the pressure gauge and monitor the pressure drop. Bruce.
  13. An engine m/c shop near me said that King sizing is suspect and you do not grind the crank until you have checked them first. Bruce.
  14. I have just come back from my local motor factor! I asked the question about shell bearings and he said go to a company called: Engine Parts (UK) Ltd on the east side of London tel:01708 890494. they have a vast stock of bearings from the good quality makes including Glyco, Mahle & Vandervell. Did not know if they will deal direct? Bruce.
  15. Mahle bought Hepolite and Vandervell or what was left of them, as I have been told along with the tooling. Mahle products for a TR6 are not cheap. A TR6 +20 piston is £120 ea. + VAT and I was told that was a discounted price to me??? Bruce.
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