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  1. If you tried last night we were out at our local group meeting but I am in today except when dog walking? Bruce.
  2. It might be better if you give me a phone call on 01628-667259 to discuss further? Bruce.
  3. Take the easy known route and take your gearbox to ORS who would convert your original box to an overdrive one and overhaul your gearbox and ask them to do their layshaft mod to 3 needle rollers? In my view this is your best choice! Bruce.
  4. The earth lead from battery to bulkhead/gearbox looks like it s/b replaced otherwise looks to be a nice car! Bruce.
  5. Using a Vernier as a depth gauge, you should be able to get a more precise measurement? As your head is stamped up 313288 which looks to come from a Saloon. I would speak to Chris Whitor directly as he is a guru on those engines as he used to race. He no doubt can give you the CR but I also note that your car has SU carbs which means to me that some form of tuning has already been done on your engine. Has the camshaft been changed? Bruce.
  6. I would look at Ice Blue which was never a TR color, used on Toledo, to 2.5 PI Saloons but my chart shows no trim color. Bruce.
  7. My BL USA tuning book says that the Stock compression of 8.5 to 1? with a 3.460" thick head. You have to remove 0.085" to give a compression of 10.25, it should measure 3.375" provided you have done the zero deck clearance. If you have not done the zero deck clearance the compression will be 10.0 to1. It also recommends the used of BL's S2 cam with this mod. which is basically the same as a Newman PH2 cam. Bruce.
  8. What you have shown me is a major U turn by Moss as they sold bad cam shafts for years? You only had to read some of the posts on this forum that were posted over the last 15 years. Moss has never been in the for front for Quality, they have always used the excuse that the customer will not pay for quality pricing. There original problem was down to poor engineering practice and is one of many items where they have done a U turn, bearings being another. I don't buy them from Moss as well. Bruce.
  9. In all my dealings with Newman over the last 40 years they have never supplied me with a re-grind? The reason they have a short life is they grind off the hardness layer when they reprofile and do not re-heat treat the re-ground cam shaft. So you end up with soft lobs? Not a quality product! Bruce.
  10. Years ago I had trouble with a Ford OHC engine where I had replaced the cam with a Piper one as this engine was prone to cam shaft wear, that one lasted only 5K? I took it into work and did a Rockwell hardness test on the lobs. It was harden but not to the right value? I spoke to Piper and all they would say ' Its out of warranty mate ' My reaction since is not to buy any thing from them? I would advise you to do the same! I have heard of other people having the same experience as me in our group! Bruce.
  11. As I understand they were until the consequential damages claim hit them and all the bad forum press on regrind cams also hit them!!!! then their was the court case against them and suddenly they were out of stock??? .My advice is to steer well clear of regrinds !! I have used Newman for years, use their PH2 and uprated cam followers for your application, its good for PI and carbs. Bruce.
  12. Go Newman they use only new blanks unlike the others which are regrinds and not reheat treated. Moss caught a big claim for consequential damages on their regrind camshafts in the region of £7K. I believe that they now only use Newman? I have a Newman cam and I dealt directly with them and also use their up-rated EN 40 cam followers. They also have a very good name in the Classic motor cycle world for cams! Bruce.
  13. It is important that you use boots made from PU. Bruce.
  14. +1 I fitted Lamora CV drive shafts and it was a tool making experience which I had having severed a 4 year apprenticeship. But I am not certain that still applies as I have been told that the fitting of the hubs to the splines does not require a file fitting job anymore but I did complain. Bruce.
  15. Do you know how old the M/U is? What color are the spark plugs? As above check for leaks and balance of butterfly's, check Fuel line pressure and compression check? Bruce.
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