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  1. Hi Steve, You should already have sent back a change notice on the V5 back to the DVLA. I hope that they do not cut up rusty? They can get excited on the slightest thing, all this is based on experience? Bruce.
  2. 3cables to the main pole? This has got me thinking? The normal original red power cable has a molded on black power take off termination half way along its length where I have 5 brown wires coming off with the large 30 amp Lucar connectors. If you do not have this I suspect that the main red power cable is not original? Bruce.
  3. Hi Steve, I do know what part of the UK you are in? If you are I would take that battery out and take it to your nearest Halfords and ask them to test it you will know strait away what the situation is? TR's never had a ballast resistor fitted but used a resistive wire in the harness, when cold it passes 12v then it reduces the voltage to 9v. My 1973 TR has 2 wires fitted to my Wasp starter motor one to activate the solenoid white /yellow with small Lucar and the other to power the S/M the big red one with nut termination. Has your car been modified to use a 12 coil? Bruce.
  4. Hi Andy! They can be repaired by using motor cycle throttle cable kits from Vehicle Wiring Products and use teflon lined outer jacket which gives a much soother operation and you have the choice of length to suit! But you may need access to lathe? Bruce.
  5. Looking at your photo! 1) Your out put hose to PRV looks to be under tension? Needs to have slack in it. 2) There also appears to be no markings on the Jacket of the hose? What is the psi of your hose? 3) Fuel supply from tank to filter what is the bore size of your hose s/b 12m/m? 4) Noise when low on fuel means not enough fuel flow to pump! Bruce.
  6. About 3years ago I did my from wheel bearings and tried to use the Moss parts? The bearings were **** and the felts were not sized correctly? I went through the TR QA system. I then found a local bearing supplier near me called Ball Roller and Transmission Bearings Ltd, they have other branches through out the UK : part number BRT298, Not only were the felt seals correct the bearings were made by NTN a quality Jap bearing company, sold at a fair price! I don't use Moss for bearings anymore because of their quality. Also BRTB sell the genuine TR RHP Clutch Thrust Bearing another problem area!
  7. The original M/Us had a grey sealant on those screws applied by the factory as I have a genuine Lucas re-con M/U as a spare? Bruce.
  8. Hi Matt, As you have a rubber hose the point is how flexible is it and what is the psi rating of your hose? Anything above 200 psi can give the dreaded Harmonic banging? Sometimes just rerouting the hose can get rid of the noise. Putting a pig tail in the hose if you have enough slack will often do the job. The key issue for me after over 40 years experience of using a Bosch pump is flexibility of the rubber hose and its psi rating and no S/S braid. I have not had the harmonic banging for over 30 years! Can you post a photo of your pipe run? Bruce
  9. Hi Steve! There is a company near me that makes crank shaft main bearing end caps for the Bentley boys new and re-con engines, If interested I can supply details? I live near Slough Berks? Bruce,
  10. Hi Rich, I have used the TR Shop Silicone Kit four 4 years and had no trouble. I would always use the 0.75 bore master cylinder as the TR Clutch needs maximum movement to dis- engage. Any wear in the pins or bores for example can give you trouble with clutch operation. Bruce.
  11. The book that you describe is the same book as I have stated but it was sold under 2 different names I have one copy that is 50 years old and the other is 5 years old and is still in print by Brooklands Books here in the UK. SAH when they were in business here in the UK were a ST garage for BL and produced tuning kits and parts for all BL cars. They based there TR6 kits on this booklet and my car was fitted with one! Bruce.
  12. The above booklet recommends and S2 cam for road use which is the same as an SAH 357 cam + head mods + exhaust header+ exhaust system. Bruce.
  13. Hi Nige! Get a copy of BL's Special Tuning manual ISBN978-1-78318-001-1 written by Kastner in the USA. Brooklands Books Ltd sell this book here in the UK. Bruce.
  14. Hi Marco, Please note I have never done a Powerlite S M. I have only ever done a Wosp type. Bruce.
  15. Hi David, I prefer the screw in types as I think they give better sealing and you can pull out the nylon bush still attached. It is always good to have a few injectors as spare. Before you submit or buy any injectors check them for rust? as I have had some horrible ones back from re-conners which have gone straight back. Bruce.
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