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  1. But the real issue for me is was the original BL shaft hardened as I believe that it was but have not tested it yet but I will check its Rockwell hardness . If it was not I would suspect that it would have been made from a high grade tensile steel. I my experience Moss have a very bad record on harness, you only have to look at the saga on lay shafts which went on for 25 years before they got the message. It was me that sorted that out? Bruce.
  2. Hi Jochem, I am surprised that the standard Moss shaft is not hardened but their Triumph Tune catalogue shows one as an alternative!. Also surprised that the rockers bores are not reamed to size? But then again this is Moss quality again ? Something that I have complained about for 25 years! The TR shop sell a complete assembly, has this a hardened shaft? Does anyone know? Roger I think that is another job for you on the quality Team. Bruce.
  3. PS. I assume that your car has an A type overdrive which is known for its harshness of engagement and Laycock modified this action at least 3 or 4 times. Are you certain that your OD is as original spec. and has not been changed backwards??? That is why BL went over to the J type.as Volvo did not like the A type, Laycock's biggest customer. Bruce.
  4. Hi Gavin, My OD unit was rebuilt by ORS in the UK and I believe that the engagement pressure can be adjusted and I know that ORS have a test rig to do this. I think that you would be well advised to phone them as they are very helpful and are ex Laycock and ask for Peter. I see that you are in NZ but that call could save you a lot of aggro!!! Another point if you use engine oil SAE30, I assume that it is not a gear oil? You run the risk of the engine oil starting to break down and form a sludge type mess which blocks up the oil ways in the OD. I have seen this a number of times where TR owners suffer this fate, which turns out into a very expensive exercise. If you want to use engine oil only use mini oil which was also designed for gearbox use as it has hypoid additives in it, as a TR has hypoid cut gear teeth. Tel. 01142 482632, email: info@overdrive-repair.co.uk Good Luck, Bruce.
  5. Hi Nigel. I worked for a Gasket company called Coopers Mechanical Joints Ltd for the OEM market, you will known them as J Payen Ltd for the after market, same product off the same tooling. The blocks and cylinders heads were not very rigid on CP engines, hence this is why they were strengthen and fire rings added as per formula 1 car engines which they also made. There were too many warranty claims. I would always prefer a CR engine especially a very late one as it had the last of the BL mods. But I am not certain that they cured all the problems!!! Bruce.
  6. astontr6

    Gearbox Noise

    Hi Ross, The favourite problem in the TR gear box is whining in the first 3 gears then disappears in fourth as the gear box goes into direct drive. This is usually caused by the lay shaft needle rollers going through the hardness layer on the lay shaft, My car suffered from this after 96K and 44 years of use. I had the gearbox/od rebuilt by ORS who also did the Stag mod to my lay gear by adding another needle roller to cure this known problem on a more permanent basis. But be warned there has been years of soft replacement layshafts being sold by the usual suspects which ended up in me having a big row with Moss who in my opinion were the main supplier of soft layshafts as they had sold me one which I had tested for hardness v my old original one in a non used area. There also have people on this Forum who suffered from soft lay shafts which have failed within 500 miles and examples of where the gear box guru has been caught out!!!! Bruce.
  7. My Kenlow sensor has been in the top hose for over 40 years as per Kenlow's instructions and I have never had any problems with cooling even in in traffic jams! Bruce.
  8. I used the BL Marina type for quite a few years until a rust blister appeared on the bottom of my door skin. The trouble with that type is that the field of view is not very good especially on the passenger door. Having lived in the USA for three years I noticed some TRs with MX5 door mirrors, the base has exactly the same contour as the top of the door skin, so I did the same. You do not have any problems with field of view with them as you have the whole of the road covered behind you, they are fault less when driving in Europe. As a very well known TR restorer said to me who drove my car you can certainly see what is behind you and beside you but the purists will not like them! They also have anti dazzle glass in them and you could fit the eclectic version if wanted. Bruce.
  9. CR cars have a resistive wire which does the same thing as ballast resistor. I got rid of that system years ago by by-passing that wire. If you do this you have to change the coil as well as it is a 6 volt coil which is meant to give a bigger spark when starting???. I would change the coil to a 12 volt type and do a temp lash up power supply to the coil and see what happens! This can easierly be done taking the SW power from the fuse box! I did this for another TR owner this year when he have trouble with that resistive wire! Bruce.
  10. As I am now retired! I used to have access to all these specs. You have to be a registered contractor to obtain them and a supplier to them or know someone in the know. Bruce.
  11. Also Roger crimps are subject to the pull off test and the crimper should have been calibrated. Mr average, I doubt will have that level of equipment. Bruce.
  12. They are if you terminate to the MOD spec for vechicle wire termination! Crimp first then solder! Bruce.
  13. Go to the Spitfire Grave Yard! You can do it for a lot cheaper than the postage! Bruce.
  14. I am sorry to say that I would be very wary of any cam shaft that is a regrind and that type is one of those that Moss had back in droves and have now gone to using new blanks only as supplied by Newman. In the past this Forum is full of tales of woe where people have used that type of cam shaft/make . So after adjusting those clearances keep an eye open to seen if they are opening up again which will show that the harden metal surface was ground off when it was reground which of course is not what you want! How old is that cam shaft? My advice is to only use Newman cams and deal direct with them and use their cam followers which was another area of contention with Moss. Good Luck. Bruce.
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