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  1. I have renewed my injection fuel lines with the original black nylon 66 tubing which is resistant to the current fuel formulae? It is not as good as nylon 12 which is fully resistant to ethanol fuels of any percentage. But nylon 12 is difficult to obtain in the UK but not in the USA. but I would not use s/s braided fuel lines as I like to be able to feel the pulsing action to check the operation of the injectors which you cannot do with s/s braided fuel lines? Bruce.
  2. I fitted s/s braided PTFE hoses to my TR brake lines, 15 years ago, but they were Aerospace grade. Never had any trouble from them and they have been subject to temps of over 35C+! Bruce
  3. I had a look at my original 1973 wheel cylinders which I have kept, they had no springs in them? Bruce.
  4. Hi TR relived! Go Don, a very good product! There Mohair is better than German Mohair that other sources use as they obtain there's from the USA and has a much higher level of UV light resistance for the States like Arizona, where they see temps. of over 100F, cuts down on the white patches? Bruce.
  5. Hi Derek! 3 or 4 years ago I had the 2 rust blisters repaired on the bottom of each door. The repairer saw the condition of my top door pulls. He said to me why do not have fitted Spitfire door pulls which are basically the same as Post 74 TR's. I was surprise to see that my car had already got the cut outs for them in the metal work which is a Jan 73 car CR1001 but I cannot remember if it had the door reinforcements? Bruce.
  6. We have not had any other comments other than mine about Limora CV's am I the only one? Regarding the CCD drive shafts, I was not convinced that the hub bearing was big enough after seeing the Limora ones? Bruce.
  7. Hi Dave! I have the Limora type and have done over 10K on them. They seem to be based on VW parts? The only downside to me is the fitting of the splines to the hub! The hub does not just slide on, it has to be fitted and by that you have to use engineers blue and swiss files. It took me about an hour per side. But as I had served a tool makers apprenticeship it was a straight forward exercise for me. Lamora use a big beefy bearing in the hub and are rated at over 200 BHP, so time will tell as to how long they last, they are well engineered! Bruce.
  8. Can we see ( Forum) a revised design in the form of a drawing before we sign off the revised design and go into production? Bruce (ex Tool Making Apprentice)
  9. My Jan made 1973 TR CR 1001 type has the sump plug at the front. Bruce.
  10. Hi Derek, When I queried this? The answered that I got was 'They have not been listed on the build record'. ' We can only put down what has been originally recorded!' This of course makes me a bit sceptical of how accurate these HC's are? Bruce.
  11. It was a nightmare when I had a company car as a Golf GTI as I had at least 5 sets of coils and Bosch had 50K on back order for the UK market from their plant in Brazil? Who said German cars are reliable? It was the worst car that I ever had? Bruce.
  12. Hi Derek, My car is a one owner car, bought on BL's Friends and Family Scheme! I have a Heritage Certificate and my HC is over 20 years old! It does not give all the correct details??? My car was ordered as what was called, in its day as a full spec car. The following items were missing: Tourneau cover, Hood cover, Hard Top, Head restraints, Tinted laminated wind screen, Hazard Waring lights as BAOR and correct tyres. I opted for XAS type. By the way my spare was an XAS. ( Just read TR Action). This was because the Dunlop SP Sports were breaking up on the German Motorways at 100 MPH. and
  13. Welcome to the forum! Can we have a name please? When you removed the last crank seal did you examine the sealing edge to see if you had nicked the sealing edge during assembly and check to see if the garter spring was ok? As I have known these to come apart? Bruce. Bruce.
  14. I used oversize thrust washers but thinned them down by rubbing the bearing face on a piece of wet and dry which was laid on to an old mirror face. I was able to be within .0001" of top limit clearance. Bruce.
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