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  1. Hi Ceasar66, My car is an early CR type and I have had it from new made in early Jan 73 and it came with top door pulls from new but these seem to crack very quickly. But sometime in 73/74? BL changed this and went over to the Spitfire type grab handles? Graham would be able to tell us when? My car also came with press studs fitted for the tonneau cover as well! Bruce.
  2. Hi David, I did this mod using Triumph Spitfire ones which I got from the Spitfire Graveyard. It was not difficult to do, the reason that I did it was that I cut the tips of two of my fingers on the jag get edges of plastic. It was extremely painful for over two weeks. But you also need post 73 door cards which I used as templates and replacement of the original ones. Bruce.
  3. astontr6

    EWP in a TR6

    I can understand the need for an EWP on a Stag as the cooling system was way under spec. and the design of the rad was not cross flow as US V8 cars and it did not have the water capacity in the rad i.e. 30% less than it should have? I have never had cooling problems with my TR6 even in the summer of 1976 and including trips into the south of France & Spain but I have always used distilled water for cooling to combat lime scale with a bit of Furnox as used in domestic heating systems. I am only on my second rad after 46 years of ownership! I do have an electric fan but this only comes on in traffic congestion. I did away with the engine fan years ago! Bruce.
  4. My advice is do not buy bearings from Moss, I expect that it is made in China? It will save you a lot of heart ache. Go to a proper industrial bearing distributor! Like BRT, in the SKF cat it quotes part number RLS9 for that application? Bruce.
  5. Hi John, I was in a similar position 2 years ago! After a bad experience with Moss quality of gearbox parts I found that the Jag boys and MG boys go to ORS as the thread above. So I went there and had the recommended mods to my original gearbox, clutch bearing area and over drive including O/D in second gear as I have a J type gear box and the 3 needle roller bearings as per the Stag lay gear. I have had no problems in 5K miles and the gearbox is very silent in operation. Lastly he does not use junk bearings from China. Bruce.
  6. I have done this job 3 or 4 times in the past and use a Sykes Pickavant hub puller which can exert 10 tons! + an alum drift and a big hammer. They have never come off easierly and have always shown to have partially to have cold welded on the tapers. I have never tried the back to back method? Bruce.
  7. Hi Waldi, The pump that I use was the one that Bosch eng. told me to use in 1985. Also I have measured the running current with a Fluke multi- meter and 6amps was what I got. I suspect that in this application it is under a very light load? I was told at the time that it was for diesel Mercs. Bruce.
  8. Hi Waldi, The bosch pump that I use has a part number of :0 580 254 952. I was told that these pumps are still made but on a 26 week delivery if out of stock and the other thing you have to watch out for is that they can have 2 types of electrical connections----- screw or socket. I only replaced my original one as it was 35 years old and I was going to do the EC500 in Scotland which was just short of 2000 miles for me, in 2018. Bruce
  9. A key point that I missed out was that the Bosch 150 psi pumps also have an advantage that it can supply the fuel line pressure required at a much lower running current than some of the other Bosch pumps used in this application i.e. 6 amps and none of this 15 amp business. I have to agree with you regarding those glass filters, I have only ever used bosch or mahle filters which require rather large pipe fittings, some of which were turned up by a friend of mine. They are also low flow resistance filters. All my metal pipework/ fittings are over 35 years old. The rubber hoses are Gates Barricade which can resist up to 85% ethanol. The only trouble is Gates UK do not import this hose into the UK. My hose came directly from the USA. Bruce.
  10. Hi Andy, The key issue is the PSI rating of the hose. In my experience when you go above 300 PSI then you can get the harmonic hammering. My hose at present is rated at 220 PSI and therefore is very flexible, with out s/s braid and has never hammered. My gripe is with the supply of 1000 PSI smooth bore PTFE S/S hose where you will definitely will get the hammering and then to cure that problem you have to buy one of his diaphragm PRVs and he is meant to be the DB of PI systems. I have had this discussion with him at one of the internationals. You can use a PTFE hose but it must be, the convoluted type and not smooth bore. The convoluted type breaks up the pulsing action from the pump and this is what causes the valve to hammer on its PRV seat. Regarding the 150PSI that my pump can go to ! As the fuel line pressure is governed by the PRV that is in material. Regarding flowrate to a bosch pump. As quoted in 1985 by Bosch UK Eng. Dept. The minimum flow rate( flood feed) to the pump must be 2.6 litres per minute. You will not get that through a 1/4" bore pipe?? So I do not see that as a myth! Remember during my apprenticeship I worked at CAV for 1 month on an exchange scheme and Lucas were playing with the idea of increasing the bore pipework size to 5/16" to combat cavitation from the Lucas pump and a change of fittings into the filter head. They had worked out that the Lucas pump needed a better flow rate from the tank. Bruce.
  11. Hi Andy, There is a company in Birmingham called Kiley Clinton Engineering who recon rack & pinon steering racks that were made by the likes of Cam Gears. Price is £70 +vat. approx. I got this info from a Ford motor sport enthusiast, who has used them. I did phone them up to see if they can do TR's and the answer was yes. Tel: 01217728000. ANS to your second question. The boots that I used were made by First line part number FGS3012, these are made from PU which are much more durable. Bruce
  12. My suspicions are that you have some form of the dreaded harmonic hammering caused by using a solid smooth bore PTFE hose rated at 1000 psi or similar sold by some of the so called PI experts in the UK. They now sell diaphragm PRV's to combat this????? I am still using the old Lucas type and have had no problems, as I use the correct rubber hose! Bruce.
  13. Years ago where I worked there was a company next to ours that made all types of fuel tanks mainly for industrial applications. As I had had a lot of trouble with my Lucas pump and bosch pumps were starting to be used as an alternative. I phone bosch's technical dept. to find out what pump of there's would do the job. By chance the engineer that I spoke to had a TR6 with a bosch pump. So I was given the full spec of a Merc diesel pump that was required, could pump to 150 psi and 8mm bore size was the minimum but you could go as high as 12mm. Based upon info received I went to the tank company next door and they flooded my tank with argon gas and drilled out the take off hole. I also went into our toolroom and had a brass adaptor turned up to suit. That was over 40 years ago! Bruce.
  14. Hi Rob! I bought a new rack from Moss 3 years ago, it was made in Argentina. The only problem that I have had with it is that the rubber boots failed in 18 months by splitting. Having worked in the moulding industry! it was plain to me that the compound used was sh---t!. But this is a common problem with all moulded parts for TRs? I replaced them with PU compound type and have had no problems since. The originals were made by a company called Cam Gears but they are long gone, I think? Bruce.
  15. Have you checked fuel line pressure at the M/U? Bruce.
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