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  1. Hi all, My TR6 engine is missing the front engine lifting eye. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks Tim edited: just found one on eBay!
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I am going to have my piston crowns machined slightly to reduce the protrusion.
  3. Hi All, I recently had my later TR6 block bored and decked for an engine rebuild I am doing and during the rebuild process I now find that the pistons protrude slightly above the block deck by about .45mm i.e. they stick out. Based on the fact that a compressed head gasket is around .9mm, I wont have much tolerance between the pistons and the head. I am waiting for the machine shop to call me back but as I wanted to carry on with the build tonight, I wondered if any one knew whether this clearance would suffice when engine is warm or should I be looking for a little thicker head ga
  4. So much knowledge on this forum!. I have ordered a standard 125bhp cam as the block has been decked and recesses removed and the head is good, flat but of unknown thickness and I didnt want any valve and piston collisions. I wonder if the bottom end came from a 2.5 saloon. Any way to tell?
  5. Interesting. I have posted on this forum before that there is no engine number so its definitely got originality issues. I assume if I get a later TR6 camshaft that it will be interchangeable. The head is from a later engine as the number matches a later car.
  6. Hi all, I’m needing to order a new camshaft for my engine rebuild but I just want confirm this is the later one as I don’t have an engine number on engine. I believe it’s a later engine with 2journal but wanted expert advise.. picture attached to help thanks
  7. I did think that but thought it might get lost but at this time with my inability to get it out I am inclined to leave it in. Thanks
  8. Any ideas on how to remove the Engine dipstick tube? I’m sending block to machine shop and want to remove it before it goes. i thought it was a press/interference fit but I just can’t get it out. Engine is stripped so I tried tapping from underneath, using grips, heating and twisting but nothing shifts it. ideas please.. thanks tim
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't mixed any of the rods and end caps up after dismantling and have kept them as pairs. As the engine ran before dismantling, albeit with awful compression Im hopeful the rods and caps aren't going to be an issue.
  10. I haven’t removed crank yet as I am waiting on a crank bolt socket to arrive but I’ll post up the results when I do remove it.
  11. The bearings were 20thou so definitely had work but are scored badly. As can be seen by picture, rings fell off 4 of the pistons which were standard.
  12. Mine definitely look stock but definitely have no numbers
  13. It doesnt look like the bottom end has had any work on it but Ill take some photos of the rods to see if anyone sees any tell tale work such as lightening etc. Rings and crank bearings are all standard. The rings on pot 4 5 and 6 were all broken and fell away when removed. Glad Im doing the work as I dont think it would have lasted long and ran very badly.
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