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  1. Thanks for replies. I was hoping to be able to buy off the shelf like I can in the land rover world but If I need to make the sections I will.
  2. Hi everyone wondering if there are any company’s providing repair panel sections as most out there seem to provide full panels. I’m coming from the Land Rover world where all kind of repair panels are available including panel strips. im particularly thinking of the section that hold the rear wing on as mine is rotted out as my picture attached shows. thanks
  3. Uncovered some holes in the rear of the passenger floor. Things are probably actually better than expected as that is the only one on the complete car. Rest is very solid.
  4. Thankyou RobH. Makes sense to me.
  5. Hi, Looking for clarity around my alternator and wiring on a new to me car. All of the wiring digrams I have show 3 wires connected to the alternator where I have only 2 (shown in photo), and also the wing mounted wiring connector (also shown in photo) only has connections on one side where others I have seen have connection on both. Also, what is that connector called.? I have a number or wiring gremlins so am trying to work it through. Thanks Tim
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