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  1. I admire your fortitude to build a very nice car with individuality. The standard of workmanship looks exceptional from the posted pics. IMHO, and pardon my comments... Potential buyers would be limited. The car needs something to break the dark theme. I would replace the wheels and tyres.
  2. Malbaby

    MX5 seats

    The original seat fasteners to the floor pans are problematic. Puny bolts and small back plates are hardly a safety feature. Unfortunately with the body on the chassis, they are not all accessible to modify with larger plates and bolts. With safety in mind, I would custom make a solid base frame that provides greater strength when bolted to the floor linking both sides of the seat base rails rather than just each side.
  3. Hi Folks, You may [or may not] be interested in this conversion that I have fitted to my TR4A project car using an Aussie made kit from a Queensland supplier based on a Toyota bolt pattern Includes new replacement diff axles which precludes the use of adapters for the inner diff flanges for a neater look. I have no idea of the shipping cost, although the Aussie currency converted to UK pounds may be attractive.
  4. OK thanks Rob...I have got the picture now.
  5. Interesting....Using the original wiper motor?
  6. Thanks Rob.....I presume you suggesting removing the potentiometer of the controller and replacing it with the guitar one?
  7. Hi Peter, Yes I have researched the dimmers. My problem is that they are made to attach as a separate item, or through a thin sheet of metal... I want to have the rotating knob poking through the timber dash fascia.
  8. Is there a LED dimmer switch available that has a long enough shank to go through the wood dash fascia. All of the ones that I can see for sale are not suitable to poke through the dash fascia. I do not want to convert the original rheostat switch. As I have a new blank fascia, and not concerned with originality, I would prefer to buy an aftermarket dedicated switch.
  9. Please confirm or otherwise...the actual length of the TR6 rack itself is the same length as the 2.5??
  10. Any new readers care to comment.
  11. Anyone that had not previously seen this post care to comment.
  12. Quality tyres, a wheel alignment and fitting a servo will help. An EPAS system is doable, but expensive, with having to upgrade the electrical system and provide good support for the steering column.
  13. I should have prefaced my post that long blocking using wet coat had already been thoroughly completed prior to the final dry blocking method used to eliminate very small scratches and imperfections which are filled with the rubbed in dry powder.
  14. Anyone else using this method for blocking panels prior to top coat. Found it very effective on my project car. Much better than the wet spray blocking.
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