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  1. EPAS is a relatively easy fit to a restoration in progress car. But problematic as a retrofit due to lack of working space and fitment of the top outer column. The hydraulic R&P unit would require the front cross bar on the TR4 to be modified. Although an electric pump can be fitted.
  2. Steve...what car is your EPAS sourced from?
  3. I would mig weld, the holes, but slowly so as to not overheat the panel. You may need to heat shrink the panel afterwards with a tig torch to shape it correctly.
  4. Ricky...that is a very interesting approach to the RO bar fitment.
  5. Yes and no Marco....my new full restoration project will definitely be fitted with an EPAS column. With my existing TR4, retrofitting an EPAS column is problematic unless I can find a way to overcome the top outer column fitment without removing the dash. Hence awaiting your method of building the upper section.
  6. BUMP..........Does anyone know what power rack & pinion is used by Classic Driver Developments hydraulic version
  7. How are the upper and lower sections of the completed EPAS column installed without removing the dash.??
  8. Does anyone know what power rack & pinion is used by Classic Driver Developments hydraulic version.
  9. Hi Gareth...regarding your comment    "I moved from 205's to 165's, the difference was amazing, so light on the steering now."

    I currently have 195.65.15 tyres on my TR4, and find the steering heavy at low speed, parking etc.

    Would you care to comment further on change of tyres.


    1. Mk2 Chopper

      Mk2 Chopper

      Hi Malcolm,

      I would say that the original tyres were pretty old and quite hard. The camber angle was also fairly extreme.

      So I've put on new tyres that are considerably thinner and corrected the camber. That's corrected the slightly harsh and twitchy ride, but also given much lighter steering at slow speeds. 

      I also feel the car looks right now, something I didn't notice until I went back to the original size tyre.

      So for me it's been a good thing to change to 165's, and I would recommend doing so. 

      There is probably less choice for 165's than 195's, but if you don't care for a classic tread, there are some reasonably priced modern versions out there. 

      Ultimately its your choice and preference, but I'm happy to have changed to the 165's, it's suits the aesthetic look and comfort i want. 



  10. Thanks guys.....I am intending to fabricate an EPAS steering column for one of my TR4's, and have found a Spitfire column that I can use.
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