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  1. Common problem......I plug welded reinforcing metal strips along the insides of the long bonnet edges, and also at the back corners. There are other areas on the bonnet that will benefit from additional strengthening such as Stuart's suggestion.
  2. As always Marco, your technical acumen is appreciated.
  3. I am still trying to decide which quality fuel pump is best for triple webers. Carter P4070 or one of the Facet's, Holley, or other?
  4. I think the DPO is smarter than the manual.
  5. Keep in mind that the chassis may not be perfect, and hence you may need different spacer thicknesses for correct body alignment.
  6. Trevor, I would first try applying penetrating fluid, after that some force, either by tapping the joint spline, or trying to open the clamp slot slightly. Having the doughnut at the the top is where the factory installed it, but reversing it's position is a much better idea....If at the top, the doughnut has to flex when turning, but at the bottom it is straight and fufills it's intention of insulating vibration up the shaft....Uni joint at the top where the column is angled. If the doughnut is in good shape, then leave it there.
  7. Thanks Martin...your last pic is the one that I needed.
  8. I need to place the home made bracket [no mounting holes as yet] in the correct position, hence my question. One of the three measurements required.
  9. Question is for RHD owners... I need to find the correct location for my home made clutch master cylinder bracket. This is a modification on a TR4A, hence no reference points. Would like someone to measure the distance from either one of these three pedal box fixing bolts to the back[upright] part of the new bracket.
  10. Stuart's last comment is factual. Note....The quality of primers and fillers have come a long way in recent years.
  11. Jean-Marie...you do not say if the bonnet was taken back to bare metal on the original or subsequent resprays.
  12. Depends on where the cracks are...please detail....the factory hoods were never very well made, and lack some structural integrity.
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