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  1. Anyone care to comment.
  2. Apart from the Mazda MX5 seats....will the MGF seats fit?
  3. Thanks...do MGF seats fit?
  4. Yes, OEM from another auto maker.
  5. Apart from Mazda MX5/Miata, what other non Triumph factory seats will fit successfully.
  6. Malbaby

    GT6 gearbox

    Am I correct in assuming that the TC 2500 sedan gearbox will bolt up to the GT6?
  7. Not an answer to your question, but the TR4A exhaust manifold is a shorti header. I would use the 4A exhaust manifold, make a flanged 2 into one collector, running into a single SS pipe of suitable diameter. Much simpler, with no appreciable difference in performance to an after market header system.
  8. Interested to know the reason why they were made differently.
  9. Looks to me that the rear muffler is too close to the rear valance. I would fit a new larger flat muffler in place of the existing two so that only the exit pipe is close to the valance for better road clearance.
  10. Stuart...is that a "Honeybourne" rear?
  11. The "rust" repairs will probably be more extensive than you anticipate, especially the sills. I would remove the "braced body" from the chassis and go from there.
  12. Did the Harrington factory model these on another car maker's roof.
  13. Have the crank, camshaft and bearings checked/measured by professional mechanic. New pistons and rings, crank bearings, and maybe cam bearings. Consider uprated cam, narrow belt conversion with fan delete. Flywheel lightened, cyl head shaved, engine and clutch balanced.
  14. Another consideration is if you want factory originality or not, especially in the engine bay. Upgrading/changing certain components from original factory will make the car more reliable and add power.
  15. Pardon me for the following comment.....but that header wrapping is unnecessarily spoiling a fabulous looking engine. I would match port the headers [and the inlet manifold] and have them ceramic coated. The coating will in itself minimise the heat transfer. Do you intend running a complete twin exhaust system or fit a collector at the termination of the headers and then a suitable sized single SS system.
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