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  1. Thanks Peter....I will keep them in mind.
  2. Assistance required please. The pinions and pinion flanges are different between Triumph 2500 sedan and TR4A-6. Or to simplify...can the sedan diff be fitted to the TR4A. Is it just a matter of removing the 2500 splined sleeve from the pinion and fitting the 4A input flange.
  3. Thanks Andy...Yes, I am aware that "Changing to different coil/shock combinations isn't that simple" I am fairly sure my springs are stock..ie about 305-315lb/in. and 11" free length, and that the shocks are OK. If I could find 250lb springs at a suitable free length then I would be happy to road test them. Currently cannot find any spring supplier that stocks these. Current tyres are 195.65.15.
  4. Giving up trying to find a combination of spring height and compression rate that suits me....[softer ride] And because I can...
  5. Has anyone fitted Mustang 11 QA-1 adjustable coil over shock absorbers, Interested to know.... did you modify the spring tower and what length spring and spring rate did you use.
  6. Why not go for "a lot more oomph"
  7. Were you intending to remove the body in any case?
  8. IMHO...Some suggestions... You need to FULLY brace [preferably with steel] the A and B pillars in their correct positions before you do anything. I would do one side at a time so as to retain as much of the original structural integrity as possible. Ditch the aftermarket inner sill and fold up new one in thicker [stronger] steel sheet and a little larger in dimensions [easy to trim the bottom of the inner sill later]. The inner sill will be your base for the structure for fitting the floor and outer sill. Do not assume that the aftermarket outer sill will fit correctly. You will nee
  9. Reverse them, as I would be interested in the before and after camber. As you know, the coil spring height also has an effect on camber.
  10. Thanks Don...Lovely car...wish I could drive to Cornwall...lol. We did not get the early Mazda MX5 seats here, only the models with the integrated headrest.
  11. Have you checked that the master cylinder actuating rod has a small amount of freeplay at rest. Could be that the rod is tightly fitted and is applying some residual pressure on the brake system.
  12. Don, please advise....what is the item on the top of the RHS rear wing, and what seats are fitted.
  13. I would initially fit a modern relay and go from there.
  14. If the rest of the cover is ok, I would make judicious cuts along that area until the cover fits flat and then FG over the cuts to maintain the amended shape. Some build up of FG on the top will not effect the carpet fitment.
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