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  1. I found the contour of the "Honey" top over the windscreen capping was not perfect fit. Requires some additional shaping and filler work.
  2. Do you have a fuel filter between the pump and the carbs?
  3. Have you considered fitting the TR6 booster M/C combination.
  4. IMHO...you need a dedicated single vacuum source for the booster to operate efficiently.
  5. I purchased and fitted a "Honeybourne" surrey top on my car a couple of years ago. The backlight is a good fit as you have the rubber seal along the base to take up any slight irregularities. The finish and fit of the top is problematic. Although Honeybourne may have since overcome defects. Do not expect to just paint and fit. I modified the top to suit my requirements, including some additional fibreglass and filler work.
  6. Z320 suggestion of modified lower brackets is a good idea.
  7. As a matter of interest, why are you intending to fit tall skinny tyres.
  8. 310lb is standard fitment, although you could fit softer springs. I concur with "Z320" comments on testing shock absorber travel. I fitted non TR shocks [more range of compression/extension] on my car. Keep in mind that preferred ride height has to be considered in relation to choice of shock absorber travel.
  9. Your front coil springs are probably the culprit, being too hard. [Do you know their rating]. I would remove the front springs and check their rating, with the possibility of fitting softer springs along with new shocks.
  10. From your pics...no wonder the steering is terrible and road clearance is poor. Short or grossly under rated front springs, and/or lack of spacers are the fault.. Fit new standard rated [not uprated] springs first, somewhere in the range of 270-320lb. If the ride height is good, then have wheel alignment done.
  11. I would initially have a wheel alignment done at a dedicated garage. How much negative camber do you have? Taller tyres will not help.
  12. I wonder where the clutch plate was made?
  13. Have you contemplated a "skinny" belt conversion with a harmonic balancer, deleting the hub extension and fitting a thermo fan.
  14. As others have said...check for any rust in the outer & inner sills first before deciding. Depending on how good a finished job you want, .... If no rust, then the outer sill dent should pull out as it is relatively thin metal, even if you have to run a thin cut in the centre of the dent to relieve the tension, but you will then have to dress with filler. Alternatively, cut the damaged section out and tig weld in replacement section. Or the ultimate repair.. remove the outer sill completely as there will be some surface rust inside both the outer and inner sills, and replace with a new outer sill
  15. Your research results will be very interesting, I applaud your intention. Have you thought of a way to test various weights of harmonic balancers. Flywheel weight variations may also require consideration.
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