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  1. Hi All Does any one else struggle to fit the H frame in a 4a it seems I have to use brute force to get it into position and I mean brute force pulling the dash up and forcing the frame forward possibly putting a bit too much strain in this area as I do get a bit of resonance/vibration in the middle of the dash (I do have a plastic moss gearbox tunnel fitted) the only fix I can think of is removing about 3/16 from the top lip Chris
  2. Hi Alister No you will need to remove radiator, in the kit you will get a new aluminium alternator pulley so if you damage the pulley you have already have its not a disaster you may be able to get a local garage to buzz it off with a air gun if you ask nicely the fan blades are easily re-bent. The water pump pulley may need to be pulled and the replacement may need the hole slightly enlarged I used a rotary tool but don't go too mad still needs to be a tight fit ( be careful and check as I believe there's 2 different shafts ones tapered and ones parallel ) I didn't use the damped version
  3. Hi Alister You can hold the pulley in a vice and undo the nut if your going to run with a wide belt for a while. As for the narrow belt conversion I used the un damped version and removed the metal fan and extension which does nothing in relation to crank damping by the way, and fitted a pusher electric fan. You will need the short crank bolt kit from moss as well as the belt conversion kit Chris I do have an almost new dynamo ( less than 2000miles run) if it helps and a spare 14inch electric fan
  4. Hi Charlie RobH has beat me to it also check your switch wire to the solenoid (white/red I think) is live when you have the switch in the start position Chris
  5. Hi Pete I would leave plug alone looks fine as for xl wheel studs you're right there for fitment of alloy wheels not sure if TR6 centres would look correct though nice set of chrome hub caps would Chris
  6. Hi Eddie As you have a Lucas unit I would recommend you have it overhauled you should be able to find a auto electric repair specialist nearby Chris
  7. Hi Pete Glad your out and about car looks good you'll soon be putting loads more miles on her. Rattles will drive you round the bend I found start at one point ie drivers door strip and road test before putting door card back then go clockwise around, you will be amazed what rattles!! When you have those down days look at these photos and think bugger Katie looks good Chris
  8. Hi Jase yep just remove its only an extension for the fan you will need a bolt kit from Moss I think about £25 Chris
  9. Hi Jase noticed no fan are you running an electric? if so why not get rid of the fan extension? Chris
  10. Hi Pete the steering rack is earthed for the horn you should have small jump wires over the rubber couplings as well Chris
  11. Hi Pete That's not very good practice what somebodies done with the steering rack mount if its any use there's a couple on ebay at the moment for sale, as for the voltage stabilizer when they play up it will give you some incorrect readings on both fuel and temp gauges dont think it matters which way up they are I change mine for the electronic type . I went for normal rubber heater hoses( and engine hoses )so I cannot comment if silicon ones are or not any better Chris
  12. He always seems to put rubbish wheels on all the cars he's been involved with and I must say hasn't really improved this either Im with Mick should have left alone, along with some of the others he's been involved with Chris
  13. Hi Pete my 4a has a 4lb cap radiator is full to the top and over flow half full runs at just slight over half on the gauge . Your running on is probably something else other than running hot issues I too would recommend using a infra red thermometer to check against the gauge readings hopefully its nothing too serious Chris
  14. trchris

    Chrome paint

    Hi Jase I too would be interested in the result as mine have hardly any chrome left but Im not replacing them as they work perfectly and are original to the car Chris
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