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  1. trchris

    More wiper woes

    Hi roger how easy is it to replace the 4a wiper motor with a 6 ? as mine isn't great either and have been pondering if this would be a good swap Chris
  2. trchris

    outer sill

    Hi Rich thanks for the reply yes your right it is 1/4 inch smaller on this as well checked against the original one that I removed it seems the portion under the front wing is too far in. The option I thought of was to weld another skin over this to pack out the lower part of the wing . The only small issue is the door is slightly over the fold line along the sill, which I can do nothing about every thing else is almost spot on Chris
  3. trchris

    outer sill

    Hi all Just replaced o/s floor pan inner and outer sills . floor tack welded inner sill and outer temporally fitted with self tapers fitted both wings and door good gaps and door shuts fine.However the bottom of the front wing is in too far so the door corner protrudes out about 1/4 inch it seems either the A post and hinge needs to go in or the front of the sill needs to come out this would mean a fair bit of cutting and welding and fettling has anyone been here before and any thoughts Chris
  4. trchris

    surrey top

    I think I may well do that Tim I was led to believe that you had to use the 6 shield when fitting a front anti roll bar Chris
  5. trchris

    surrey top

    Hi all Thanks for the replies it seems original surrey top are rare thanks for the info on fibre glass ones Roger was surprised how cheap the are however now waiting for rimmer bros to get them back in stock has anyone fitted these types? David where abouts are you as would be interested in one of you shields if your local to me Chris
  6. trchris

    surrey top

    Hi all Having just got a very good 4a Im in need of a surrey top for it .I have put a wanted add on the register classified list but thought I would also add it onto the forum. If anyone has a complete surrey top at a reasonable price please will you let me know. Also I will be fitting a front anti roll bar and will be looking for a second hand TR6 radiator lower shield that it bolts to. I look forward to taking to you all through the forum in the coming years Chris
  7. trchris

    TRGB TR5

    Hi all my first post on the forums so please be gentle with me I've a 6 at present and was looking for a 4a however have been interested in the 5 that TRGB have for sale however I see it has been there for a bit ?? has anyone any thoughts about it regarding the price and why maybe its still there as these are hard to come by? thanks for any replies Chris
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