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  1. trchris

    Brake Problem

    Hi Keith on a 6 the master cylinder has two lines one for the front and another for the rear I would bleed the master cylinder again and then work along the line to the rear Chris
  2. trchris


    Hi Richard thanks for the information I can widen my search regarding finding a good pair to use Chris
  3. trchris


    Hi Andy Your seats look great that is what I am, after looking at the frames I can see how the headrest attaches now so it seems a relatively straight forward task I will keep my eye out for some tr6 seat frames that are beyond repair so as I can obtain the headrest fixings and some headrest of course Chris
  4. trchris


    Hi all Has anyone fitted headrests to there original 4a seats ? I've been thinking of doing this as mine are in very good condition and have leather covers so would like to keep the originality and not go down the mx5 seat replacement route . Any comments as always appreciated Chris
  5. trchris


    Hi Have you tried removing the heater hose from the valve connect a filler hose to the valve and fill the top of the head that way ? Chris
  6. Hi Ian Just heard your noise sounds like camshaft/followers unfortunately, a quick way to check for loose timing chain is using a strobe check ignition timing if the chain is loose you will see it jumping around Chris
  7. Hi Rich I fitted a genuine lockheed servo to my 4a last year manage to pick one up at a very reasonable price as genuine ones are pricey. Don't bother with cheap kits you get what you pay for, in my opinion worth having one fitted. Chris
  8. Hi Dan Welcome to the forum , the level on my 4a is always to the very top of the radiator and the expansion bottle about 1/3 to 1/2 full since engine rebuild and new radiator Chris
  9. Hi Rob I use NGK BP6HS plugs set at 30thou in my 4a I get them from euro car parts there number is 408991390 if its any help ( some times they are on offer using a code ) Chris
  10. Jase I fitted the conversion to my 4a that uses the bump stop as a extra mounting and have found there is an improvement I would recommend them over the originals but that's just my preference Chris
  11. Hi Michael I used (via TRGB) Ivor Searle for a crank regrind and little end replacement on my 4a as Nigel says they have a separate unit for classic engines TRGB do an exchange rocker shaft with rockers, which I would think is done by Ivor Seale, off the shelf. Chris
  12. Hi John The way to find a fault in the circuit you suspect is shorting to earth is by removing the fuse which feeds and replacing with a bulb the bulb will glow if a short is present allowing you to disconnect each wire in turn until the bulb goes out then you know where the fault lies Chris
  13. Hi Phil For complete loss I would also suspect pump especially as you have already checked pump drive shaft. Chris
  14. Hi Pete Its disappointing when things don't go to plan ,as Rich says keep your chin up something will crop up I'm sure, if I hear of anything worth while Ill let you know Chris
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