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  1. Hi Rich don't know if your interested or if its any good but there is one on ebay at the moment Chris
  2. Hi Marco you might have miss understand the previous post I fitted GAZ adjustable front shocks and not the KYB ones and are uprating the rear lever arms Chris
  3. OK so bit the bullet and replaced front shocks with adjustable gaz made a noticeable difference to the harsh ride now waiting for the 25% uprated lever arm replacement valves for the rear which I will change along with 30w heavy duty fork oil will post outcome Chris ps noticed old units were 3cm longer than new ones
  4. Hi Iain These are gaps where the wings fit around the sill and bolt underneath just use clear waxoyl and wipe away excess from wing faces don't use sealer and welcome to the forum Chris
  5. I will do the suggestions mention and let you know what I find Im not after a smooth ride as that would be impossible just one that is better than I have The problem is Im compering the ride to the TR6 that I owned and Im sure it wasn't as stiff Chris
  6. Yes I do have access to a pit and have checked most things all the joints have been replaced along with poly bushes to the top wishbones and standard rubber to the lower ones this is why I suspect the shocks and wanted some between standard black from usual suppliers and the adjustable ones hence seeing KYBs on offer from the TR shop I thought would be a good option unless told otherwise from you guys Chris
  7. Hi Marco I don't think so as the moss part number on the old original receipt is for standard 310lb front springs that's why Im suspecting the shock absorbers hence the query regarding KYB front shock absorbers as I don't feel getting adjustable ones warrant the cost for normal ride driving Chris
  8. Hi Roger The front springs were replaced in 2005 with Moss 310lb rated ones by the previous owner he also replaced the front shocks with standard ones from TRGB also at the same time .Have removed and checked the shocks not bent or seized maybe slightly weak ?? The KYB ones are non adjustable just gas filled and slightly uprated but reasonably priced but have noticed in previous post theres a mention of size (being slightly too long) will have to confirm with the TR shop Chris
  9. Hi all Has anyone fitted the KYB uprated gas filled front shock absorbers supplied from the TR shop? I am trying to cut down the scuttle shake of my 4a over the poor roads I have around here and make the ride a tad smoother I also intend to fit the uprated lever arm valves from Moss in the rears any thought would be appreciated Chris
  10. Hi Rich I was unable to get to the show this year so wouldn't have seen your stand as I prefer to buy good quality original parts where possible also, however I'm improving my good TR4a as I go along, have you a wooden dash in burr elm by any chance? Chris
  11. Hi Tony That would be great if you could please let me know when you have if you could PM me so can arrange things with you many thanks Chris
  12. Hi all Ive placed a wanted add but thought I would also ask in the forum would anyone have a passenger side grab handle crash pad for a right hand drive 4a in reasonable condition that I can get recovered? mine has a left hand TR6 crash pad with the cut out for the steering lock?? fitted by a previous owner Chris
  13. trchris

    More wiper woes

    Hi roger how easy is it to replace the 4a wiper motor with a 6 ? as mine isn't great either and have been pondering if this would be a good swap Chris
  14. trchris

    outer sill

    Hi Rich thanks for the reply yes your right it is 1/4 inch smaller on this as well checked against the original one that I removed it seems the portion under the front wing is too far in. The option I thought of was to weld another skin over this to pack out the lower part of the wing . The only small issue is the door is slightly over the fold line along the sill, which I can do nothing about every thing else is almost spot on Chris
  15. trchris

    outer sill

    Hi all Just replaced o/s floor pan inner and outer sills . floor tack welded inner sill and outer temporally fitted with self tapers fitted both wings and door good gaps and door shuts fine.However the bottom of the front wing is in too far so the door corner protrudes out about 1/4 inch it seems either the A post and hinge needs to go in or the front of the sill needs to come out this would mean a fair bit of cutting and welding and fettling has anyone been here before and any thoughts Chris
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