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  1. Hi Ali I'm with Stuart on this doesn't look as if there's been much reinforcing done just plenty of underseal hope your both well Chris
  2. Hi I agree with Kevin. If it were the clutch it would affect all gears not just second its looks like gearbox rebuild time Chris
  3. Hi John The easiest way to track a short is to replace the fuse with a test light the light will glow to show a short allowing you to look for the problem without blowing any fuses hope this makes sense Chris
  4. You should use 50/50 antifreeze mix once you refill Chris
  5. Hi Gary Rogers beat me to it use and enjoy until you need to remove for a engine rebuild then address the issues as you find them I didnt acid dip mine a good scraper and wire brush in a drill worked perfectly well Chris
  6. Hi Alan Dont go for cheap H4 units the pattern will be all over the place the ones Pete have suggested are fine as they are lucas products I got some used landrover units for mine although not with LEDs just normal H4 bulbs make sure they have the E mark on the lens as well Chris
  7. Also glad your back Roger, as for the question like above the boxes of mild steel rot from inside out due to the water from the combustion process laying inside back in the day we use to drill a small hole near to the end seam on the underside of a silencer to help stop this happening did it make a difference to rotting emmm not convinced. Stainless will obviously last longer once fitted forget but as said above is rather tinny in sound for a bit and if your low mileage that could be a long time. Chris
  8. When I replace the fuel pump and associated high pressure fuel pipes on the 6 I owned I used the local hydraulic pipe repairers who supplied the correct high pressure fuel pipe and fittings half the price better quality fittings and peace of mind it will do the job. Chris
  9. Hi As RobH says you need to cure the fault before you do anything else adding relays is also the best option for the headlight circuits as Steve suggests one for dip another for main Chris
  10. Hi Steve This is a can of worms I agree with what's already been said and you have to take these comments as a rough guide you really need to visit and discuss with a paint shop or two to get a real idea and then you will only get a estimate which will change by the end unless you can tie some one down to a finished price Chris
  11. Hi Ernest Have you tried TRGB? Chris
  12. Hi Peter Why? There's not a gaiter fitted to a sliding joint on a prop shaft so should make no difference on a drive shaft sliding joint so cannot think the MOT man would need to mention anything I certainly would not have unless there's excessive play in the splines which could be deemed a dangerous defect Chris
  13. Hi Ali Hope you are well, I would do away with them I've none on mine Chris
  14. Hi Pete Could you now the gearbox cover is metal fabricate a top section of the H frame so it fixes to the dash and top of the cover? so in effect the cover becomes the "legs" Chris
  15. I noticed this when I checked the mot history I'm with Stuart suspicious? I'm surprised the mot tester didn't use his corrosion tool!! for those who don't know its not a hammer its a aluminium T shaped plastic headed sort of toffee hammer with a flat screw driver end on the handle for scrapping and before anyone says you cannot remove underseal to check whats being hidden you can lightly tap and poke and possibly refuse to test if the underseal is excessive but the manual will have to be checked for that Chris
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