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  1. H Paul, Great to hear from a fellow Rutlander - I have my optional MOTs at Halls Garage, Morton, Bourne. They are an MG specialist but know all British sports cars well. https://www.hallsgarage.co.uk/ Also - no personal experience but we have RH Classics on our patch at Melton: https://www.rhclassics.co.uk/ Post-COVID - make sure you get along to Camb Followers local group meets, Tracy is doing a great job there and also Leicester Group who are also very vibrant and active: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/group/camb-followers https://www.tr-register.co.uk/
  2. Hi Kevin, If you re-joined last week, then your next magazine will be 326 (Dec/Jan) as 325 had already been despatched at the beginning of November. However, drop a note to office@tr-register.co.uk asking if Jo can send you one of our over stock copies and she'll put in the normal post box for you.
  3. I thought he was good in 'My Family' ! Robert Lindsay that is....
  4. Damn! I missed a trick there, that would have been much funnier! Forget all the 70s TV references, their lost on me - born 1984 - I want to see a photo of your TR5 adorned with the new 'print at home' rally plate fixed on with Sellotape or even better you wearing the branded blindfold in readiness??
  5. Hi David, Sure - I used the poly versions of the remote housing bushes: https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-UKC854POLY transformed the gear shift. ALthough, I used the Superpro ones from Robsport, seemed better quality to me. Also, worth checking this isn't mashed: https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-UKC9338
  6. Well, the plate was never intended to be a historical document of every TR model ever made, but rather to roughly represent each design era of the main production models in an aesthetically pleasing way to look nice on people's cars. Originally the 3A wasn't there either, but it didn't look right with 4 cars and we were going for the v-shape behind TS2 look. So, we added in a 3A which, with that wide mouth grille, is the most graphically distinguishable as 'different' when you look at a glance. Then TS2 is white and that looked wrong too, so we went with eggshell from MVC575 as the "firs
  7. Great tip ! I did the same with mine. Another one is don’t forget the metal spacers that pass through the bushes and also to renew the cup in the gear stick socket - the new poly remote bushes make that gear shift so much nicer!
  8. I'm guessing from a hunch based on an interview I once recorded, that your son's name is Anthony? ;-)
  9. Hi All, Thanks for your patience whilst I have been rolling out the latest updates. This has been the most significant one in a while and whilst the release notes warn you about some elements that will change , you never really know how it is going to roll - out fully until you put it live. The first major job is to back everything up in case something falls over, that in itself with the massive size of this forum, is a big job! But, the early issues have mainly been fixed now and Ill tidy up any left over niggles in the next few days as they come to light. Enjoy the refreshed
  10. Wayne Scott


    Hi , Looks fantastic! Unsure of the figures made with a sunroof, not sure it was recorded in the VUN number so it might be difficult to trace that number accurately. The registrars would know better than I, you can find their details in he back of TR Action Magazine. As for the cylinder heads, all V8Tuner's products used to be good and have used them for many parts over the years. I believe they closed down earlier this year and am not sure if they will re-open any time soon.
  11. Sad news that Silverstone Classic has been cancelled. Full statement on our news pages: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2020/05/0236/Silverstone-Classic-cancels-30th-anniversary-event We are receiving a high level of enquiries on this at present. Can I ask members to please not contact the TR Register office for refunds on tickets and to direct all correspondence to the organisers Silverstone Classic.
  12. Sunday 26 April 2020 would, under normal circumstances, have seen thousands of historic vehicles take to the roads across the UK to celebrate the season opening FBHVC National Drive It Day. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, activities that involve taking a historic vehicle out on the road specifically for the purposes of Drive it Day, have had to be abandoned. All enthusiasts are now urged to stay at home on 26 April 2020 and not partake in any non-essential travel for Drive it Day. Instead, the FBHVC invite you to get involved in a nationwide social media campaign to spread posi
  13. I would suggest : a) Reboot as described above b) Ensure you are logged in c) Ensure your iPad / Safari has installed the relevant updates. To find these, open the App store , select updates and just allow to update all. Then under General settings also update you IOS. The forum software is constantly updated to ensure it keeps up with the new releases and requirements from browsers, but sometimes that means that the older versions get left behind.
  14. There was a lot of speculation on car forums before the announcement, but the official government statement said 6 months : https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2020/03/0226/Government-grant-MoT-exemptions-in-battle-against-Coronavirus
  15. With the rapid development of the Covid-19 pandemic and after extensive discussions with all the show’s partners, Clarion Events Ltd has taken the difficult decision to postpone the forthcoming Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, with Discovery. Clarion Events Ltd is working with the NEC to find suitable options to reschedule the event. Tickets already purchased will be valid for the rescheduled date. Further updates will be issued once the organisers have more information to share. Ticket holders are advised to check the website and social media channels as well as
  16. Note from the Clerk of the Course, Bill Rosten issued yesterday: The Land’s End Trial has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Mulling through the latest advice from the Government, Motorsports UK and various media, I have been discussing this with quite a few people and listening to their advice. I am of the opinion that we ought to postpone the Land's End rather than cancel or indeed to carry on trying to run it. We have within the team discussed ways of: 1. Doing away with the need for officials to handle either the declaration or control cards. 2. Doing away with c
  17. Today, the British Motor Museum held a press launch to unveil its latest, most exciting exhibit. Ken Timms Chairman of Board of Trustees at the British Motor Museum and David Stocker, Trustee for The National Heritage Memorial Fund announced the addition of MVC 575 to the collection at Gaydon. The Museum now own the car, thanks to a £250,000 grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF). This historic Triumph TR2 broke the land speed record for two-litre production cars in Belgium, on the Jabbeke Highway. On that day in 1953 and with Ken Richardson at the wheel, it made the Triumph TR
  18. Hi John, The TR Register website and this Forum are currently completely different entities with completely different logins. One is not related to another. I'm looking at changing that in the very near future.
  19. Hi Iain, I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve here. You clearly know your password and can login with your email / username otherwise, you wouldn't be able to post. The screen grab you posted shows that you are now using a different email to the one you initially provided and which I switched your account to. Is this the email you now want to use? pop@ rather than iain@ ? Is it that you are just trying to change your password for something more memorable? Your SpitfireSIX account is live, you are successfully posting and sending PMs, that account has i
  20. Stan, you are correct - the Forum software has been majorly updated in recent times - now showing closer to actual IPs and accounts online rather than just any old search engine or Bot that happened to pass by. Still not perfect, as there are a lot of 'guests' listed but much more realistic. I could always separate out guests and "unsigned in" accounts from the usage stats, but they would always be lumped together on the display everyone sees at the bottom of the screen. A quirk of the forum software. Trust me, there were never 12,000 real physical people signed in on this forum at one t
  21. The limit on file size is 4mb per image , you can have as many as you like on a page but bear in mind the more images , the longer it takes to load on some slower connections. Very occasionally, people hit the server limit on account storage, that's no problem - contact the office and we'll add more for you. I don't see a blog for you on the site but happy to advise if you need any more assistance. The blogs are good for writing a diary on a rebuild, from your point of view, stage by stage and sharing your story with others - like Panch did: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/rebu
  22. Hi Iain, You can now login with your new email and old password. Your old account was traced and has been merged with this one to keep your content intact and correctly attributed.
  23. Hi Alan, The office have looked into this for you and the issue with the broken link is now resolved.
  24. Hi Tom, I have sent you a PM and am sure I can help with your issues. Also you have been tagged as a member in here as you have successfully renewed until Jan 2021. Please see my private message for further help and information. These messages are accessed via clicking the envelope at the top right of the forum. I will also email you the messages direct.
  25. Hi Iain, It's likely going into your Spam folder. I'll change it from our admin end for you and will PM when done.
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