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  1. Indeed! if you study the picture it has the colour codes for the wires so you can see what they do : green is 12v ignition Controlled to the switch red with light green is low speed power to the motor brown with light green is the park control from the motor blue with light green is fast feed to the motor the cleverness is in the park switching, and often the park switch in the motor fails causing consternation good luck getting to the bottom of your issues ! steve
  2. Rob is correct, as usual with anything electric! the tr6 wiper circuit is actually quite sophisticated, so do be sure not to connect the wiring incorrectly when testing else the lucas smoke may escape. here’s a diagram that explains how they (should) work steve
  3. I’m pretty sure i have a full optronic kit stored away somewhere ….. from when it was removed from my car to fit 123 so if you need spares or a comparison just let me know steve
  4. Thanks Peter, i’m not at home right now to check mine but will do !
  5. Thanks for the picture Peter do the frontmost fittings of you roll bar attach at the front corner of the ‘rear seat’ or on its top surface? i think your bar may be set back further than mine! steve
  6. You’re right Richard that the common fir is mk1 or mk2 ( separate headrest) seats, but i have seen 1 example with mk3/4 seats The dealbreaker in my car is the rollbar, otherwise they do fit but are quite big steve
  7. I’ve wanted a set of MX5 seats for my ‘6 for quite a while. enquired of the usual recommended seller but no black part leather in stock and lack of resoonse to emails led me to try a pair of ‘nearly new’ mk4 seats. these were removed from a 3 month old car that was then tracked, apparently the lovely old guy who sold me them held the mx5 track record at Castle Combe ! anyway the seats are beautiful, black leather with red stitching, and have heating and Bose speakers, and i thought their shape would actually fit with the tr6 shape and my Alleybars roll bar made some tempora
  8. Count me in ! wasn’t able to commit to the date until now, plus the car has only just dried out from last year ! steve
  9. I relocated the coil on my ‘6 whenni installed the 123 distributor and had a silicone ht lead made by Accuspark on ebay as the kvh85 original wasn’t long enough. its worked fine for several years now so recommended!
  10. Blimey! I nearly went with the Nodiz but glad now i settled On the easy option of the 123!
  11. Hi Mal if you need any tips on wiring the ‘surprisingly sophisticated’ tr6 wiper motor just ask steve
  12. Ah, i’d need to check but my figures are probably total inc static.
  13. Interesting Ian surely it should have some advance at 1000? is your pulley aligned with tdc?, they do slip! steve
  14. Hi Ian before fitting the 123tune+ to my moderately tuned pi motor i measured the advance of the old distributor then i set the 123tune+ curve to match : tickover 16deg 1000 17 1500 18 2000 22 2500 26 3000 28 3500 30 4000 36 i also checked that tdc actually lined up with the mark on the , new, pulley which it did car runs great on these settings, so much so that i’ve never quite got around to the rolling road tune that i planned! HTH steve
  15. Good result ! also saves me pulling mine out of the car to check :-) steve
  16. I have a jdo converted tacho in my 6 so can take a look for you but am away for a few days. i don’t remember a permanent positive connection and dont see why/like the idea! steve
  17. Good luck Dan! you’ll love the tr6, it’s so rewarding to work on and drive, and the forum is here for advice , mostly useful! , when you need it. steve
  18. I think there are two possibilities here : 1, your alternator/battery cant keep up with the demand as suggested already 2, the way the bosch pump is wired in it shares wiring with the rest of the ignition controlled items, eg indicators, and THE WIRING OR IGNITION SWITCH cank keep up with the demand. Bosch pumps work best when fed by a dedicated feed, controlled by a relay from the ignition circuit. An 18acr alternator is a cheap and easy fit, boosting charging capacity considerably so not a bad idea in any case, but i recommend fitting a relay for the bosch pump if you don
  19. Hi Mick, nice picture! i see you have the mx5 ‘phoenix’ seats, how do you find them for comfort? steve
  20. Hi Peter i have the 4-pot toyota caliper in my 6 and the pads are as attached spec sheet, which lists their size and lots of alternative part numbers. i go with the Mintex pads myself. Steve
  21. Cyls 2 and 5 are fed from banjo fittings on the mu which contain o rings that fail and release small rubber bits that block the injectors 1346 have different fittings on the mu and dont suffer the same issues. So you may want to renew the o-rings to prevent a recurrence, unless the injector has actually died which of course they do a refurbished set can be had for less than £100, so you might consider that a good investment? steve
  22. Keith types faster than i do :-)
  23. Sounds like a helicoil, which should be stronger than the original thread if fitted correctly you coild try a new helicoil, or maybe go for larger studs from someone like Classic Driving Developments i fitted these a few years ago and with the rented jigs its an easy job good luck! steve
  24. The three PI cars ive worked on all had a mix-n-match set of injectors! Neil Ferguson supplied matched sets of push in refurbished injectors and additional plastic holders to complete the sets. it’s 9 years since these were fitted to my ‘6 and it’s still running great, if a bit leaky now in the oil department ! steve
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