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  1. Leather rimmed every time for me. Wood rim may look good, but if you actually want to drive and enjoy your car, leather is much nicer...JMHO of course. simon
  2. Being over-braked at the rear can cause problems....talking from personal experience here..... simon
  3. Can anyone tell me the thread and length of the bolts that go through the bottom of the H frame “legs” into the floor please? also, what thread and size bolts hold the seats to the floor? thanks all, hope everyone is keeping safe. Simon
  4. Are the eBay ones US items? (Red side reflectors) simon
  5. I wonder what the OP did 14 years ago?
  6. How about dropping in a Rover V8?, lighter, more power, more torque, keep gearbox and drivetrain ( unless you go silly with the power), very little in the way of mods, easily reversible (for the purists). My TR6 has been a V8 since 1982 and I’ve owned it for 11 years, I love it. It’s not a fire breathing monster, but rather a lovely smooth car, with enough power and torque for me (only a bit more than a good CP car but not a huge amount 170-180 brake?) no need for suspension upgrades, hugely reliable engine and very straightforward to maintain. My car does 30 mpg on a run at a constant 65-70. What’s not to like. simon
  7. Some pics of my installation from about 4-5 yrs ago
  8. Sadly mine is literally falling apart. I'll probably keep it though until things start falling through the bottom.... Simon
  9. Mine’s falling apart. Has anyone fitted the Moss plastic Jobbie as opposed to the usual cardboard offering? simon
  10. As always with bodywork/paintwork....you get what you pay for. Simon
  11. I’ve started to get the “whirring” noise from the gearbox/clutch area that indicates either worn lay shaft bearings ( shouldn’t be as mr Cox upgraded them only 4-5,000 miles ago) or release bearing noise (replaced at the same time as gearbox) the noise goes away as soon as the clutch is depressed which usually silences both problems. how can I narrow it down to one or the other without taking the ‘box out? as always, any advice appreciated. thanks simon
  12. What a lovely thing..... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333442583494 saw this being built at NDM, beautiful job.
  13. simonjrwinter

    MX5 seats

    I was very fortunate to find a set of black leather mx5 seats on FB marketplace for just £100! Some time spent pulling them apart to fit seat heaters (£28) was well worth it. i would keep looking in different places, you never know what might surface. simon
  14. Thank you.....hhhmmmm, guess I need to do some more in depth delving......possibly at t'other end of the white/brown wire...... Simon
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