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  1. What a lovely thing..... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333442583494 saw this being built at NDM, beautiful job.
  2. simonjrwinter

    MX5 seats

    I was very fortunate to find a set of black leather mx5 seats on FB marketplace for just £100! Some time spent pulling them apart to fit seat heaters (£28) was well worth it. i would keep looking in different places, you never know what might surface. simon
  3. Thank you.....hhhmmmm, guess I need to do some more in depth delving......possibly at t'other end of the white/brown wire...... Simon
  4. Just took my Tacho out and hanging in amongst the wiring is a bulb and holder with a white and white/brown tracer wire coming out of it. It looks like it should be in the back of the tacho. It’s not the charge light (that goes out when the engine starts and revs as it should) but this one just stays on all the time the ignition is on and it’s earthed. Oil pressure fine so it’s not an oil pressure light (don’t seem to have one of those) lights not on so it’s not an instrument illumination bulb. its been shining up there on its own for the 10 years I’ve owned the car so I’m not hugely worried, just wondered what the wire above is.... Simon
  5. Does anybody have experience of someone who could do some work on an electronic tacho? I had the mechanical tacho in my TR6 converted to electronic but there’s a problem with it and the company that converted it won’t sort it. Thanks Simon
  6. Any use to anyone? shout if you can collect ( Upminster) before they go to the dump
  7. But the scammers aren’t costing eBay any money, only those that fall for it so they don’t give a damn......however, try and avoid paying any fees and you’re for it! simon
  8. If I were to do the work myself, what would be the likely cost? How about being done professionally...has anyone had this done recently? Please PM me if this is not something you wish to share on an open forum. Many thanks Simon
  9. Ive been reporting these things for years, but eBay don't care. Ive just stopped bothering now.
  10. I’ve seen this car, I find it difficult to believe there is a better 3a available anywhere. As regards price......try and recreate it for this sum, I think you would struggle. to be honest, I very much doubt they came out the factory this good! simon
  11. Quite a thing. Shame I missed it......
  12. yes, I made a couple of offers but wasn’t in a position to offer more at the time. I got in touch with Craig (the owner) and he confirmed it had sold. Simon
  13. This is the one sold last year.... Fully rebuilt, LS series aluminium V8, not for the purist but a thing of beauty.
  14. What an odd comment! What do you think?
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