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  1. Fireman049

    Paint Job

    Really excellent paint jobs. I really envy you! Just give thanks that you don't live in north Wales. There is nowhere you can get your Classic painted here! I had my 3A painted by a local painters but never again! My 'E'-type is ready for a respray but there is nowhere I can get it done! Tom.
  2. Hi John ~ I couldn't have put it better myself!! Tom.
  3. Hi Roger ~ Sorry to hear that! Did you ever think of a career in Bomb Disposal?? Tom.
  4. Hi John ~ Oh no thank you ~ give me a proper fire extinguisher any day ~ and in any case keep well away from all that toxic smoke!! NEVER, ever fully open the bonnet in the event of a fire! That also goes for fires in the home ~ never, ever open a door to a room that is on fire lest you get a 'flash back'! Again, I'll advise that all domestic internal doors be fully shut at night. The inhalation of toxic smoke is the biggest killer. Tom.
  5. Hi John ~ I'm afraid that I have no idea what a 'FireStick' is??? I would highly recommend every car be equipped with an inert gas fire extinguisher. Bearing in mind that when the gas evaporates re-ignition may occur but these extinguishers are very clean to use unlike foam or dry powder. Tom.
  6. Hi Paul ~ Here are photo's showing firemen wearing breathing apparatus (always required when tackling car fires) and using a high pressure hose reel. (water). Tom.
  7. Yes, thank you Bob ~ But that gearbox wouldn't come anywhere near my TR!! Tom.
  8. Regarding this replacement gearbox. Pardon my ignorance but where does the speedo. cable attach? Tom.
  9. My 3A came fitted with an all-synchro. gearbox. These gearboxes are far stronger. The original gearbox cover fits perfectly. No problems with the inhibitor switches. (See my modified cover). One thing you will find is that the gearbox is slightly longer and the speedo cable connection moves slightly further to the back. I had to modify my cover to overcome this. (see photo.). If you'd like photo's of my modified gearbox cover then please PM me. If you need any more help then please get in touch. Tom.
  10. Hi Peter W ~ In the 60's I had an 'Aquaplane' aluminium flywheel fitted to my Mini 850 and I never experienced any problems with driving. I've still got the flywheel somewhere in my shed! Tom.
  11. Hi Pete ~ That's really informative ~ Thank you. Tom.
  12. Thank you Pete ~ a very clear explanation ~ Tom.
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