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  1. Hi Harry ~ I fitted my 3A with a Morris 1000 low pressure SU electric petrol pump. Tom.
  2. Thank you for that Ian. But I couldn't be doing with crankshaft thrust bearings dropping out and camshafts running without bearings. Tom.
  3. Be warned ~ our beloved Insurance companies will grab at any chance of not paying out! I'd always have my Classics MoT'd. Tom.
  4. Hi sadman ~ Wouldn't we all!! At least our TR's have automatic oil changes without having to drain the sump!! Tom.
  5. Roger ~ Don't forget one of these if you have to bale out. It can be bloody chilly in the English channel this time of year!! Tom.
  6. Well done Roger ~ You are clear for take-off! With that combination perhaps you should remove your Green hat and tie on a Japanese flag ~ Banz Hi !! Tom.
  7. My ideal classic TR would be a TR6 but fitted with TR4A engine and gearbox/overdrive. I'm afraid that I couldn't be doing with the six cylinder engine and PI system. Just a thought ~ Tom.
  8. Hi again Stuart ~ I've also fitted a key operated battery master switch under the dash. This is also handy if I want to quickly disconnect the battery to carry out any work. Tom.
  9. Hi Stuart ~ I do have an inertia cut off switch which I haven't fitted yet. I plan to fit it under the dashpanel so that I can knock it off when parking. Tom.
  10. Very nice Tim ~ enjoy! Tom.
  11. I fitted my 3A with a Morris 1000 low pressure SU electric pump and re-routed the fuel supply line to the rear of the engine bay. Tom.
  12. How does one go about obtaining a Halfords Trade card please. Tom.
  13. It couldn't have been RogerH ~ he wears a Green hat!! Tom.
  14. Hi Rich ~ If you lived nearer to me I'd gladly do the repairs for you. Tom.
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