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  1. Fireman049

    SU H6 damper on the TR3A

  2. Fireman049

    Assistance please

    Hi Andy ~ Where about's are you located? Tom.
  3. Fireman049

    Assistance please

    Hi Andy ~ This is how I wired up the Clayton heater on my 3A. I also fitted the original control knob to the switch so it looks authentic. My heater is two speed. Tom.
  4. Fireman049

    So what happening in your garage this weekend?

    Nice job Mike ~ Tom.
  5. Fireman049


    Hi Richard ~ Try fitting a spare unit if you have one. Tom.
  6. Fireman049

    Engine rebuild requirements

    You can only do your best Mick ~ Tom.
  7. Fireman049

    Timing chain

  8. Fireman049


    Hi John ~ Maybe the XAs' don't last that long ~ but, so far, I do!! Tom.
  9. Fireman049

    engine out

    That's the way to do it! Yes I know it's a 3A but it's all the same. Engine and gearbox out together. Tom.
  10. Fireman049


    Good man Tom ~ Tom.
  11. Fireman049


    Good man Dave ~ I've been using Michelin XAs' since their introduction in about 1966!! Tom.
  12. Fireman049


    In my humble opinion the Michelin XAs tyre is the one and only. Tom.
  13. Fireman049

    Restore or use as-is?

    Hi andos123 ~ From your description I'd use and enjoy the TR as is. Tom.
  14. Fireman049

    Battery Earth Lead

    Hi Rich ~ My 3A has an earth lead from the battery to the body AND from the engine to the chassis. Tom.
  15. Fireman049

    Is this pot metal toast or fixable?

    JJC is on the ball. But make sure you clean up all the corrosion and dead metal before applying the JB Weld. Tom.

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