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  1. Definitely. alloy rocker covers are not reversible due to the off-set of the rocker cover studs. I've just tried it on my 3A. Tom.
  2. My former 1955 TR2 registration number OUY 951 is now on a poxy Bentley car!! Tom.
  3. Correct Iain ~ as per my posting ~ Tom.
  4. The rocker cover on sidescreen TR's can only be fitted one way to allow for the rocker gear geometry. All TR2 and 3 rocker covers had the filler at the front. I believe that when the TR4 was introduced that the filler was fitted to the back?? My 3A is fitted with an alloy rocker cover with the filler to the back. Tom.
  5. Reflective number plates? and still people are killed and injured on our roads!! How effective are reflective number plates in daylight??? Tom.
  6. Don't forget that a TR which is burning oil will give a Yellow/Orange flame in the Colortune. Tom.
  7. Hi Cameron ~ I wonder what this cowboy would make of a 'fly-off' handbrake? I don't think he's ever experienced one? He's only used to Euro Fartboxes!! Heaven help the Classic car movement in future. !! Tom.
  8. Hi Hamish ~ I would assume so. My 3A has the same type of water pump. Tom.
  9. Gun crime ??? I thought that Cardinal Blair had banned guns off our streets ??? Thanks to him my collection of antique Winchester commemorative rifles were ruined as I had to have them deactivated. Most of the rifles had never, ever been fired since they left the factory! Well, what about the Chilcott enquiry ~ when (if ever) do we see the named person brought to justice??? Tom.
  10. I much prefer the original larger Colortune as opposed to the latest smaller version. Tom.
  11. I use four on the TR and six on the 'E'-type to good effect. I've used Colortune since they first came out. Tom.
  12. Hi Stuart ~ I don't think so as the lever is cranked backwards? Tom.
  13. My 3A is fitted with a four synchro. gearbox and has the original gear lever fitted. The 'cranked' gearlever looks wrong. My friend with a 3A has the 'cranked' gearlever fitted and you always catch your hand on the dashboard! Tom.
  14. My brake light switch is the same set-up as Bob Lebro. This position is preferable as the original switch was far too close to the exhaust system. Tom.
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