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  1. I was never happy with the original brake light switch being so very close to the exhaust down pipe. I fitted this set-up. Note the 'R' clips securing the pivot pins. Tom.
  2. Hi Bob ~ The bumpers from TR Shop are from Harrington's. Although I think they only sell the complete set? Tom.
  3. Hi Tony_C ~ I got the vacuum pipe from Moss. Part No. 12H733. (see page 88 of the Moss catalogue). Tom.
  4. Hi Ralph ~ If you fail to get a bumper then consider a Harrington (Vietnam) stainless steel bumper. TR Shop stock them. I bought a complete set direct from Vietnam for my 1965 'E'-type Jaguar and they are really well made. Tom.
  5. Hi Tony ~ I've got a '123' distributor fitted to my 3A. Excellent product. Make sure your vacuum advance pipe is fitted with a petrol 'trap' to prevent petrol entering the '123' and destroying it. The 'trap' should be fitted pointing in an upward direction as per the photo. Tom.
  6. Hi Sean F ~ That's because it's obviously a Land Crab !! Tom.
  7. Hi Roger ~ Is that a Left or Right handed boomerang?? I think the rubbish EU will ban it because it's not 'straight'!! Tom.
  8. What I can't understand is why the hell they had introduced the inferior raised plinths????? Tom.
  9. Hi qim ~ I did it because my bonnet didn't have the raised plinths ~ simples !! Tom.
  10. Hi qim ~ I fabricated (created) two solid 'raised' plinths which I soldered to the bonnet from mild steel iron bar. I'm afraid that I didn't photograph the process but it was quite simple and you can't tell the difference. Tom.
  11. The bonnet on my post 60,000 3A was a pre- 60,000 one. I fabricated two raised bonnet hinges and saved some money! My TR is now standing idle and I've lost all interest in the bloody thing!! Tom.
  12. Hi qim ~ Yes, that's a pre 60,000 floor pan. Tom
  13. Hi qim ~ Post 60,000 flat rear floor and bonnet and boot lids have raised plinth pressings for the hinges. Tom. PS: Bob beat me to it!!
  14. Hi Charlie D ~ I know the feeling so well !!! Tom.
  15. Hi Andrew ~ How do you keep the compression pressure?? Tom.
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