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  1. Thanks Tim, ive placed an order today with Rimmer Bros. Greg
  2. Hi Colin, thank you. I will print your picture and take to the guys working on my car. though when the backlight was removed, there was no sign of any ingress of water whatsoever, so it must make a water tight seal. Greg
  3. Hi Geko, yes, that’s what it is. Now I know where it is fitted, things are coming along fine. Greg
  4. Thanks Kevin, I’ve been to the workshop and asked the guys not to refit it already. thank you Greg
  5. Hi Roger, that would explain why I have not seen it on any other TR4. I’ll have it removed. I assume the seal fits into the backlight before it is fitted to the deck? Greg
  6. Hi Roger, that looks like a good idea. I’ve ordered the furflex seal from Rimmer for the TR4 which it appears runs right around, from drivers door hinge side, over the backlight and finishes at the passenger door hinge side. Would the TR6 do this? were the chrome plated and brass finisher things you had made up? Greg
  7. Hi Tim, that picture helps immensely. Thanks Greg
  8. Hi Kevin, as you can see on the attached photo there is bright metal under the Backlight. Having see it on the car yesterday without the backlight, it does look like an original part. I will see if I can get better photos today. I’m sure someone would not have gone to the effort of fabricating this for themselves. Greg.
  9. Me again, sorry. I have another question. Where is the rubber sealing roof to backlight fitted on the roof. Does this fit so it sits on the the inner frame of the backlight and should there be a seal on the inner frame? Greg
  10. Hi all, can anyone tell me how the rear deck seal is attached to the Backlight? When my backlight was removed, there wasn’t a seal. My car has a bright aluminium metal capping that sits in the deck and the backlight sat on that. Greg
  11. Gentlemen. I have just realised how dense I have been. There is 10 female poppers that came with the hood but the four that fit on the inside to hold down the middle we’re already fitted. Hence I have 4 more than needed; hence my confusion. My thanks to everyone who has helped me, particularly Stuart whose patience I think I have tried. I will keep you updated when (COVID permitting) the work is done before I move onto other jobs. Greg
  12. Thanks Graham. On my current soft top, all the poppers, (press studs) are rather large and have been fitted with self tapping screws in the back middle (soft top Frame) and front. I shall ask the local group chairman if there is anyone in the group who might be able to help with this bit. Greg
  13. Hi Stuart, thank you again for the advice. It looks like someone has used oversized poppers in my car, I’ve attached photos. These are attached with self tappers. Thank you for the offer of the loan, I shall ask the guys doing the fitting if they have one. They told me they have a guy who does their soft tops. I’m hoping to keep the car as original as I can. Greg
  14. Hi Roger, I’m in Andover Hampshire. It’s looking like we will be going into lockdown sooner rather than later. ☹️ Greg
  15. Thanks Stuart, you’ve said the same as Roger. When o spoke to someone at Moss, they told me about the corner and middle ones. Are these the correct poppers to the Surrey top down? om still getting confused and there is nowhere near here (lockdown withstanding) I go to for a chat. thank you Greg
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