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  1. Hi all, thank you all, I am now sorted with this part. Forum has proven very helpful, yet again. Greg
  2. Hi Conrad, ive checked my post and read your response again. I’m sure that I had responded to you. If not, please accept my apology. the part you have is not the part I require. However, I am now sorted. Greg
  3. Hi all, does anyone have an early TR4 dash support bracket or a drawing of one that can be used to manufacture one. My car had a home made wood one to support a radio. I won’t be fitting a radio, but it is useful for additional switches. thank you Greg
  4. I’ve got it all fitted and it’s perfect. I was worried about the fit in the ‘well. sorry about late response. I don’t seem to get notices when replies come in. Greg
  5. Hi George, my apologies for getting back to you late. I have it all sorted now, shot blasted wheel and sprayed. New tyre fitted. Well chuffed. Greg
  6. Hi Rich, thank you for the advice and link. I am fortunate, when I had a new harness installed, I had an accessory power source and USB ports installed. I got the idea from a show where a TR5 had them installed where the ashtray fits. Mine are in the space where a radio would fit. First class modern equipment. haha Greg
  7. Hi D, its been decided that I will keep the spare wheel with a new tyre. The original tyre was dated 1992! The wheel is currently being shot blasted and it’s being resprayed. Roger has suggested I get an electric scissor jack, so that’s what I’m looking for now, so n my any to choose from. Greg
  8. Hi Roger, is the one you have in a case? That could well help a lot with storage. Greg
  9. Thanks Roger, I’ll look into them I’d like something that may possible fit inside the underside of the spare wheel ideally. Space being at a premium. Greg
  10. I bet that is a nice museum piece Phil. I didn’t think of a block, I cut one for the jack I have. I did toy with the idea of a bottle jack. Like you, I use a trolley jack in the garage or the hydraulic ramps I have. Greg
  11. Thanks Phil, I’m sure now that I can fit the 165/80/15 on the steel rim, so that’s the plan going forward. Next thing is what jacking point to use. The original was through the floor, but who has that equipment now. The car came with a scissor jack but no indication of a hacking point. Greg
  12. I Hi Harry, tgat is a very good and sobering thought. As I’ve said to Bob, I shall have the wheel cleaned and fit the 165/80/15 tyre. Greg
  13. Hi Bob, thank you. I will arrange for the wheel to be cleaned and painted then get the 165/80/15 tyre fitted. as usual, you have all been very helpful. Greg
  14. Thanks Chris, I will get the wheel cleaned up, then get a tyre fitted. be good to have this sorted. Greg
  15. Thanks for the help guys.
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