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  1. Gentlemen. I have just realised how dense I have been. There is 10 female poppers that came with the hood but the four that fit on the inside to hold down the middle we’re already fitted. Hence I have 4 more than needed; hence my confusion. My thanks to everyone who has helped me, particularly Stuart whose patience I think I have tried. I will keep you updated when (COVID permitting) the work is done before I move onto other jobs. Greg
  2. Thanks Graham. On my current soft top, all the poppers, (press studs) are rather large and have been fitted with self tapping screws in the back middle (soft top Frame) and front. I shall ask the local group chairman if there is anyone in the group who might be able to help with this bit. Greg
  3. Hi Stuart, thank you again for the advice. It looks like someone has used oversized poppers in my car, I’ve attached photos. These are attached with self tappers. Thank you for the offer of the loan, I shall ask the guys doing the fitting if they have one. They told me they have a guy who does their soft tops. I’m hoping to keep the car as original as I can. Greg
  4. Hi Roger, I’m in Andover Hampshire. It’s looking like we will be going into lockdown sooner rather than later. ☹️ Greg
  5. Thanks Stuart, you’ve said the same as Roger. When o spoke to someone at Moss, they told me about the corner and middle ones. Are these the correct poppers to the Surrey top down? om still getting confused and there is nowhere near here (lockdown withstanding) I go to for a chat. thank you Greg
  6. Hi Roger, these poppers are not the same ‘press studs, as per the top on the car at the moment. These are much smaller. Item 62 on the moss Surrey top page. I will order the other ones soon. thanks for the response Greg
  7. Good afternoon Stuart, Happy new year. I have taken your advice and arranged for the extra studs to be removed and the Backlight repaired and repainted. I have also bought a new Surrey top from Moss bros. However there are 6 little button studs in the box that I no idea where they would fit. It looks on the drawing to be in the 4 corners and middle. Are these necessary or for cosmetic purpose. Are you able to advise on this? thank you Greg
  8. Thanks Stuart. I value your advice. Apologies for not proof reading before pressing send on my message to you. Greg
  9. Hi Stuart, I would just like your advice re the hard roof on the TR4. Ad you’ve seen, mine has had additional pressure studs fitted in order to fit the Surrey top. I’m seeing a fabricator this week and was wondering if I should ask the to remove and repair the middle 3 studs, leaving the outer 2 and then obtain a “proper” survey top? I would like to keep the car as original as possible (where practical). I assumed the roof was steel, but in fact it’s aluminium. Kind regards Greg
  10. I think this might be the bush engineering version. The car was exported to Sweden in the early 90’s, where it underwent a restoration. It has been brought to the U.K. recently and I intend to bring back to a decent standard. The engine and gearbox seem solid. Greg
  11. Hi Mick, thank you for the info. At the moment I’m think the roof and the back light might need some professional help. If I do anything myself, I’ll keep your advice in mind. Greg
  12. Hi Roger, those studs are on the rear light and the hood I have has the poppers. Strange. Greg
  13. Hi Stuart, I now have some photos to share. You will I hope understand where I am coming from regarding seals etc for the roof. If you can help, I’d appreciate it. I hope to gain a lot of experience from being her back to former glory. Thanks, Greg
  14. Hi Stuart, I assumed it was a middle stud. I shall get some photos and post them so you will have a better understanding of my issues. thanks Greg
  15. Hi Tim, thanks for the updated info. I am going to turn mine over again. I’ll put some pictures on when I’ve done it. cheers Greg
  16. Hi Roger, thank you for offering to do that for me. I could drive down to Heathrow with mine in the boot of my everyday car. Though it wouldn’t be for a while; I have a lot on at the moment. thanks again, Greg
  17. Hi Roger, I’m in Thruxton, Andover; sadly. Thanks for the offer. I’m desperate to get the roof sorted, it will be my start to restoring the car, which to be fair is in good nick. It was restored in the early 90’s. Now it needs bringing back up. Greg
  18. Hi Stuart, I see the seal plainly, but what is that it is butting up to? Thanks for the photo. greg
  19. Hi Tim, is that the front of the roof or back? Greg
  20. Hi Tim, that looks very much like mine, but it is breaking up. There are no other seals anywhere on the lid. There is however, a spot where the central press stud has rubbed on the underside of the roof. thanks for the photo. Greg
  21. Hi Little Jim, thank you, photos are always helpful. I shall print the off for ease of comparing. My roof seems to have a solid piece towards the back that is breaking up. I’m guessing it’s a seal that someone has stuck on and it is now perishing due to age. It’s also covered in paint! greg
  22. Hi Mike, I have looked at the drawings and even printed them off in readiness to order the parts. My problem is identifying what goes where. It’s a major headache. thanks for responding. greg
  23. Hi, I’ve recently purchased a 1963 TR4 which came with an original steel hard top. I don’t think it is complete seal wise. Can anyone supply me with photos of the underside of theirs so I can get some reference points? Mine seems to have this hard lip on the underside at the rear that is breaking up. Also, is there a seal that covers the press studs for the soft Surrey top? any help would be gratefully appreciated. Greg
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