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  1. Hi Jon,

    Yes still here.

    I have 8.

    Send me your address and when I'm next near a post office I'll send them off.


    1. Jon C

      Jon C

      Hi Phil. I receive the bulbs today thank you. Only thing is my existing bulbs are screw in. Is there some form of adaptor I need to get or does your loom have push in bulbs?

      Kind regards


    2. Phil H 4

      Phil H 4


      Such a shame. My loom has push in. The bulbs arn't expensive about £2/each if you want to do it give Classic Car LEDs a call they are very helpful. They may be able to provide alternative bulbs or an adaptor.



    3. Jon C

      Jon C

      Hi Phil

      Yes not to worry, perhaps they changed the loom at some stage although I can only see screw in bulbs in the moss catalogue.  It made me have a look under the dash though and either the H frame or dash will need to come out to get to the rheostat wires, so I will have go next time one of those is out!

      Kind regards


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