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  1. Lightning fast work gentlemen, thank you both.
  2. Hi Tim, Might be a glitch but, (as of 1st May) "Out and About" seems only to be accessible to those signed in as a member of the forum. The current greeting to non-members is : Cheers, Deggers
  3. Looking very smart H! The hardtop's complimented nicely by the stone guards now too. Neat combo. Ties it all together very tidyly.
  4. +1 to that, Iain. After installing a T7, we chalked it up as a keeper during that journey into the Beast last year. A challenging test, given its diminutive size. Cheers, Deggers
  5. Keep your eye on the road, top left.
  6. That's encouraging. Currently running the 3A completely stock, with a recent Dyno tweaking achieving about 100hp. But would be V interested to do a track day. Looks, and sounds great fun.
  7. Very nice H. Some impressive runs there. I'm guessing you're not running 'stock' at present? (My '59 3A certainly doesn't sound like that!). One assumes you've a few funky doodads lurking beneath the exterior!
  8. If you don't happen to have a local paint shop with a handy-dandy scanning spectrophotometer . . . how about channelling your inner Millennial instead, and investing in the latest wireless smartphone colour scanning technology from Nix? Retail price : ninety nine bucks (fashionable holes in denims not included). Cheers, Deggers
  9. A drive through the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains, California. No music soundtrack - just the authentic sound of a TR4 four cylinder. (Clip courtesy of Classic Motor Films on Youtube) Cheers, Deggers
  10. Steve Bonner tells the story of acquiring and owning his 1958 TR3A, with some nice driving shots through the green hills near Los Gatos, California. Cheers, Deggers
  11. Deggers

    Which glue?

    Should be fine if, as Roger suggested, you store them upside down.
  12. Apparently, the Austrians have recently revived ice racing events near Salzburg, after an absence of forty five years . On January 20th, Porsche hosted the 2019 GP Ice Race on the lake at Zell am See, showcasing classic and modern sports cars ... and a return of the popular Austrian pastime of roping hitchhikers to the rear ends of Volkswagens . Cheers, Deggers
  13. Definitely up for that, Hamish!
  14. They're great aren't they! Impressed me no end. Bags of traction, and seriously grippy in fresh snow. Great fun. (That's a cracking shot of your 3A by the way!) Just waiting for climate change to kick in, and we'll be down to the reservoir. Cheers, Deggers
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