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  1. Passed that one once or twice myself, Jerry. Poor thing's fast returning to nature. Cheers, Deggers
  2. And therein lies the generic design motif of General Motors circa 1955 . . . Deggers
  3. Is it maybe more likely for a Spit? Sidescreens having this? Deggers
  4. Okay, not strictly TR. But as many of us here in the Register have an interest in preserving & enjoying classic & vintage motors, maybe this will be of interest. Herewith : how they currently do it Stateside on the the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey: "The Race of Gentlemen". Cheers, Deggers
  5. Cornwall . Sundown . Summer '18 Deggers
  6. Dartmoor . December . '18 Deggers
  7. * Vredestein Snow+ Tyres * T7 Designs Heater * Regular supply of strong black coffee
  8. Eight hundredths of a second? Can't get more down-to-the-wire than that. Tripping the beam by the width of a squished bug on an overrider. Nicely done H. Good result. Cheers, Deggers
  9. Powder coated perfection right there! Nice one Tim, hope you’ve had a great time in the cabin. (Currently drawing up plans to build one myself. Have you watched Shawn James' videos on Youtube? A Canadian outdoorsman from Ontario, he has a cabin in the stunning highlands near Algonquin Park.) Cheers, Deggers
  10. Someone's having fun! Cheers, Deggers
  11. Cheers Bob, many thanks. Deggers
  12. Hi Bob, I see there are several different headlight options in their catalogue. Did you install the P45T 410's LEDs : 'Classic Warm White' (3000K), or 'Modern White' (6000K)? Cheers, Deggers
  13. Tattoos and Triumphs. Must-have accessories for every fashionable girl-about-town Cheers, Deggers
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