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  1. Also, for used items : From the drop down menu under "Condition" at the top of the listings, click "Used" to narrow your search. Or likewise, by scrolling down the left side of the page.
  2. Out there, living his best life!
  3. You must be itching for another attempt with the new engine, H. Any plans for a revisit during the '22 season?
  4. The latest in a series of Paramedic Response Exercises from the clever bods at Gravity Industries. Deggers
  5. Hi Richard, which camp are you in, Mac or PC? And what's the model?
  6. A bit of background history, how Shelsley came to be . . . along with some great footage from 1995, in this 90th Anniversary video. Deggers
  7. Pre-war hillclimb racing at Shelsley. 12th July, 1930. One of ten rounds of the European Hill Climb Championship that year. Crowds at capacity, marshals in plus fours and white coats, and the uniformly bewoggled Boy Scouts in attendance. Hans Stuck in his 3½-Litre Austro-Daimler (number 66) makes Best Time of Day, and went on to become the 1930 Europa Bergmeister (European Hillclimb Champion). Deggers
  8. Deggers


    On a side note Peter, that's a cracking picture.
  9. Hi David, A heads up, probably a good idea to click "edit" on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of your post, and remove your private email address from a public forum. (Unless you're a fan of spam mail). Also, the Smiths Instruments booklet 'The Care of Instruments' is available online as a free downloadable PDF document, here: VeryBritishCables:Smiths Instruments booklet.pdf Deggers
  10. Some great racing this weekend including this, the race for Formula 1 pre-1961 category from yesterday. Exceptional driving from Claudia Hurtgen, sliding the Ferrari Dino to pole position. She replaced Alex Birkenstock at short notice (in fact a little too short apparently for the guys in the commentary box to get the memo ). Deggers
  11. Looks like they used this one. A photoshop generated image of 20TS, originally from "Wikimedia Commons". As you say, probably to avoid copyright.
  12. Bluetooth trackers are a worthwhile addition to any keyring. Devices such as Apple AirTags, Samsung Smart Tags or Tiles, allow you to track lost keys (or any other item they're attached to for that matter . . . wallets, dogs, errant relatives), and they'll send a realtime map location of its whereabouts to your phone. Unlike a GPS device, they don't actually transmit their location. Instead they rely on being "seen" by other nearby Apple or Android phones, and it is those devices that collectively send the location details to Google. Not foolproof, especially in remote u
  13. Great character, great car . . . great surfboard! Cheers, Deggers
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