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  1. Excellent post Eli, great to see you're stretching its legs, and in all weathers too! The sidescreen's a fantastic little TR : nimble, surefooted and ruggedly adventurous with an illustrious rally career in its back pocket. Enjoy it all year round, on road and off. Venture, explore, and drive it like you stole it! Cheers, Deggers
  2. Great topic H. Here's the 3A in an English summer setting of coast and castles . . . Kingswear Castle . Devon . England Deggers
  3. Demon tweeks currently have these offerings on the bay. A bit more expensive, at £41.99 each. Height 140mm, width 205mm, length 610mm, load capacity 7000kg. eBay link : Demon tweeks Racing Tyre Changing Ramp Cheers, Deggers
  4. Hi Richard, they're based in Bierwart, Belgium. Here's a link to their website : SLG Classic Cars Cheers, Deggers
  5. Have a chat with Russell ("YOW500" on the forum). He wrote a thread here last October about making a small production run of laser cut and die cast parts for this mechanism. Here's the forum thread link : TR3 Door Lock Mechanism Cheers, Deggers
  6. Firetruck 'Tiller' drivers taking rear-end steering to the next level. Cheers, Deggers
  7. The fine art of Planishing. Deggers
  8. Poor thing. She won't much care for that.
  9. Curious how they do such things, I've just had a quick squint on Youtube . . . and found this, from Classic Metal Shaping.co.uk. V interesting. Deggers
  10. Ergo, more prime numbers! Here ya go H . . . just for kicks, some variations on a theme. 7 - 5 - 7 11 - 7 - 11 13 - 11 - 13 Cheers, Deggers
  11. Saw one or two on Holden Vintage & Classic recently. (Worth noting that their batteries are supplied to your door in dry condition, with a separate container of acid for you to fill). Haven't used them myself. But I'm sure others will be along shortly with further suggestions. (Plus, of course, the obligatory period Lucas sticker, also from Holden). Cheers, Deggers
  12. How right you are Suzanne. "The mentality of the new generation". I blame the TR Youth of today! I mean, just look at this bunch of hooligans! "Oh, the Mentality!!" Young whippersnappers. Next thing you know, they'll be changing the name of their club! Oops, too late!!
  13. Excellent, Phil. Great to see a hardworking sidescreen out in the wild! Well done to you and Mrs B. Cheers, Deggers
  14. Cheers H. Spares or no spares, it certainly hunkers down nicely and plants itself to the road through the bendy bits.
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