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  1. Apparently, the Austrians have recently revived ice racing events near Salzburg, after an absence of forty five years . On January 20th, Porsche hosted the 2019 GP Ice Race on the lake at Zell am See, showcasing classic and modern sports cars ... and a return of the popular Austrian pastime of roping hitchhikers to the rear ends of Volkswagens . Cheers, Deggers
  2. Definitely up for that, Hamish!
  3. They're great aren't they! Impressed me no end. Bags of traction, and seriously grippy in fresh snow. Great fun. (That's a cracking shot of your 3A by the way!) Just waiting for climate change to kick in, and we'll be down to the reservoir. Cheers, Deggers
  4. Daily TR weather gauge, Hamish. Aeroscreen day? Sidescreen day? Full Mackintosh & waders? This time last year, we grabbed the whole kit & kaboodle (plus Vredestein Snow tyres), and cannonballed across Cornwall in the "Beast" (the storm, not the car!). Cheers, Deggers
  5. Hi Tim, Top and tail your chosen words with speech marks . . . in this case "seat runners". This will limit your results to a specific phrase. Hope that helps. Cheers, Deggers
  6. The TR2, like everything in the film, is entirely computer generated. However, the sound effects for the animation were recorded in New Zealand. Sound recordist Ken Saville (himself a TR Register NZ member) recorded his own TR3A for the engine sounds used in the movie. Further details from a previous 2012 forum thread on the topic can be found by clicking HERE. Cheers, Deggers
  7. That is very tidy. (I see there's another TR tucked away in the parking lot at the back). Great vintage shot, thanks Iain. Be sure to revisit this thread with some pictures when you're done, Tony. Good luck! Cheers, Deggers
  8. Splashed out on the factory 'Country Kit'. Guess he left the plough at the farmstead! Great looking combo, Iain. A bit partial to that one myself. Cheers, Deggers
  9. Hardtops were matched and mismatched right from the off. I'd say go with whatever colour butters your biscuit. Cheers, Deggers
  10. As Shane suggests above, there seem to be quite a few pictures available if you were looking to tailor a pair specifically to your own rear wings. Didn't RevingtonTR used to stock these? Cheers, Deggers
  11. Cracking pictures Tim. We had the 3A out for an enthusiastic spin through the woods - great fun. Happy to report the much needed 'T7 Design' heater is working like a champ! Cheers, Deggers
  12. The man himself, demonstrating the finer points of car control on a skid pan in Wolvey . . . Cheers, Deggers
  13. Just had a look, Marco. Good channel. Particularly liked the Bendix-drive on the 4A starter. Hadn't seen one of those in operation before. Cheers, Deggers
  14. A lot of useful info there, thanks Peter. The Roadster Factory rubber mats would be ideal: we have a few lengthy road trips coming up during the next few months, and I'm thinking the less carpet all round, the better. Might simply stick with the tunnel piece and propshaft. I wasn't aware the 3A's were originally fitted with rubber mats in lieu of the carpets used in 2's and 3's. A return to practicality and originality will do nicely! Cheers, Deggers
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