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  1. Yep. Hidden away top left, maybe a '51 Cadillac? And a tin 'woody' station wagon on the right. So, most likely an SCCA meeting . . . "In 1951, the SCCA National Sports Car Championship was formed from existing marquee events around the nation, including Watkins Glen, Pebble Beach, and Elkhart Lake. Many early SCCA events were held on disused air force bases, organised with the help of Air Force General Curtis LeMay, a renowned enthusiast of sports car racing. LeMay loaned out facilities of Strategic Air Command bases for the SCCA's use; the SCCA relied heavily on these venues during the early and mid-1950s during the transition from street racing to permanent circuits." Cheers, Deggers
  2. Just found this on p54 of the Moss Europe catalogue.pdf Cheers, Deggers
  3. Hi Andy, If you're kicking your heals waiting on parts, and you have an iPhone or smartphone with you, it might be worth downloading the Google Translate App. Conversations (with your mechanic for example) can then be translated aloud, instantly. It's also pretty useful for translating road signs, menus, or any other written words, by simply pointing your camera at the text. Eh voila! A foreign language interpreter in your glovebox. (As mentioned above, it's a good idea to download a specific language package for use offline, to save on data roaming fees whilst abroad). Good luck! Deggers
  4. Can't pretend I know what sort of digital wizardry is going on behind the scenes there, Bob - but as a photoshop tool, it's the dog's danglies Cheers, Deggers
  5. Hi Stef, There are also currently a few free options online. A good one I use from time to time is 'Pixlr Editor', which offers a very handy 'colour replacement' tool : Also works well with no added water : Cheers, Deggers
  6. As is the TR workshop manual : No mention of torque.
  7. Another superb picture Tim. Thanks for sharing. Great to see it out in the wild as always! . . . . Cheers, Deggers
  8. "Jonathan Ward's Los Angeles firm "Icon" has a unique approach to retro-modernism. Its custom-built Derelict and Reformer cars are rebuilt with modern drivetrains, fitted with the latest technology and engineered to the highest standard. Yet the finished products have exposed period patina, preserved faded paint and distressed interiors: a fusion of industrial design, architecture, craft and fashion." Cheers, Deggers
  9. Deggers

    Wiper blades

    Hi Marki, There was also a thread in the TR4/4A forum recently, which (towards the end) discusses upgrading to PIAA silicone blades. Link here : "More wiper woes" Cheers, Deggers
  10. Deggers

    More wiper woes

    +1 Did much the same for my 3A in 2014. On the road all year round, in sun, rain and snow. They work well, and haven't had to change them since. Here's the forum thread link : "Tex wiper blade replacements" Cheers, Deggers
  11. Or smack it with a lump hammer and be on your way - a.k.a the Paddy Hopkirk school of Alpine Motoring. (10'12" below)
  12. That's it . . . I'm moving to Hawaii !! Fantastic shots Dan. Cheers, Deggers
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