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  1. A scene from the forthcoming "Mission Impossible 7" movie. Filmed on location at Darlton quarry, Stoney Middleton. The film is due for general release in May '22. Deggers
  2. You lot are hanging out with the wrong crowd! Go to the Goodwood Revival and ask the nearest 25 year old what she thinks about "silly looking old cars”! As a young(ish) TR owner myself, it's not all doom and gloom boys, there’s plenty of interest from the younger generation. And the internet has only helped fuel a rise in popularity. 20th century nostalgia is big business, particularly amongst the under 50s. Retro and vintage festivals have never been more popular, and glancing through the crowds queuing to get in, you’ll see no lack of young admirers of mid century fashion, c
  3. Thanks Hamish, another wonderful gem from the archives. Enjoyed that! And all the very best to you both for this coming weekend. 1500 miles, 12 months training and incredible dedication. Good luck Suzie! We'll be cheering you on. All the best, Deggers
  4. +1 James. The needle on my 3A used to leap over the numbers like an auctioneer at a cattle market. Thoroughly clean, then coat with graphite powder. Deggers
  5. A good opportunity to remove the internal cable and coat with graphite powder along its entire length before refitting. While you're at it, remove and coat the speedo cable too. It will help prevent binding, "jumping" needles and breakages in the future. Cheers, Deggers
  6. When you can have this much fun behind the wheel with 32! (Girlfriend had a 2CV at uni. Often pushed it to the edge - but never managed to roll it. To this day, still one of the most entertaining cars I've ever driven) Deggers
  7. I did away with the lithium battery charger some years ago, in favour of a battery-less super capacitor jump starter pack. It doesn't need pre-charging, it's small enough to fit in your glove box . . . and it's got me out of a tight spot on several occasions without fail. I have the Sealey Electrostart 800, but there are a number of similar products on the market. Here's a similar jump starter, in real time. Cheers, Deggers
  8. Looks as though they like it! Thanks for the update Hamish. Cheers, Deggers
  9. Deggers

    New Morgan

    Nice spot Hamish. Another one for the bucket list! Deggers
  10. Some years ago, I read this on another classic car forum, and made a note of it : "A lack of lubrication can prevent the spinner from fully tightening without some serious hammer bashing. I've experienced this twice on cars that had a very odd creaking coming from the wheels. One was a front that creaked / clonked while turning, one a rear that lightly clunked on acceleration. A bit of grease on the spinner taper and on the outer edge of the wheel hub cured the problem on both cars, and allowed the spinners to tighten farther with less effort than before. This will hold the wheel more sec
  11. Mightn't be such a bad idea if they still had them today, Don. Deggers
  12. + 1 This side by side comparison (which some of you may have seen before) also backs that up. Deggers
  13. What a wonderful photograph Hamish. Timeless. Reminds me of Dad and me, heading off to the River Tamar on a Sunday afternoon. Bamboo rods, Hardy fly reel, a flask of sweet tea and a bag of sandwiches. Hmm, I'm sure afternoons used to last longer back then. Deggers
  14. "When the junk of your youth, becomes the collector's pieces of the present". Jack Hargreaves reminisces on times past. I remember sitting down with Dad back in the '80s, tuning in to "Old Country" on Channel 4, watching Jack in his shed, puffing on a pipe and imparting wisdom. It seemed a peaceful corner of the TV broadcasting universe, even then. Whoever said it, was right . . . "the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there". Deggers
  15. Good to hear, Richard! Hi Pete, if you've not seen the video from earlier in this thread (page 2), it may well answer a few questions. 1961 Bentley S3 Continental EV conversion by Silverstone based British resto-mod company "Lunaz": a team well respected within the business for their high end classic conversion projects. (I'll post it again here for convenience) If that whets your appetite, their website is definitely worth a browse for more info : https://lunaz.design/ They've an eclectic stable of converted electric classics, including this XK120 Coupe.
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