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  1. There's a fair chance the location doesn't actually exist at all. Quite likely shot entirely with actors against a 'green screen'. The backgrounds, streets and buildings created with CGI and added later in post production. Deggers
  2. Always admired Rivas, great looking boats. My parents are both keen sailors (although they're taking things a little calmer now they’re in their ‘70s). I remember some of their American friends having classic mahogany speedboats when I was younger. The Gar Wood runabouts of the ‘40s were I think particularly attractive, as well as Hacker-Craft and the Chris-Craft barrel backs. Beautiful boats, and a whole lot of fun on the right water! Cheers, Deggers
  3. Hi Alan, good isn't it, but sadly it's licensed library music commissioned for the show. It's not actually commercially available. However, there is a longer version of the theme at the end of another 'Barn Hunters' episode. Youtube link HERE (starting at 19'28") Cheers, Deggers
  4. Sun baked and slow roasted at 120°F for 60 years. Cheers, Deggers
  5. It’s been a few years since this was last posted. Still makes me laugh though. Riccardo Patrese takes his wife for a leisurely tour of the Jerez circuit in a Honda Civic Type-R. (Funny, my partner sometimes has a similar response in the TR !). Cheers, Deggers
  6. Welcome to the forum David, and congratulations. If you don't already own a copy, the "TR2/3 Service Instruction Manual" is an invaluable addition to your glovebox. (Part no.502602) Often readily available on eBay, from about $30. As is the "Triumph Sports Car Instruction Book". Alternatively, both books can also be found incorporated in one online PDF copy, available HERE. Cheers, Deggers
  7. Very popular Stateside . . . Cheers, Deggers
  8. Happy belated Birthday Conrad, have a great weekend. Cheers, Deggers
  9. All the very best Don, and Happy Birthday. Cheers, Deggers
  10. Hi Bill, (Also mentioned here) : Cheers, Deggers
  11. Deggers


    Just in case you were planning a visit . . . Deggers
  12. All the very best Brian, Happy Birthday. Cheers, Deggers
  13. All the best, Edwin. Happy Birthday. Hope you get a chance to get out in the 2 today. Have a good one, Cheers, Deggers
  14. Pure archaeology right there. After all this time, and still it surprises. Great find, Iain. Deggers
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