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  1. Hi Spotted this today on BBC news online in an article about traffic levels returning to early 1970's levels - The caption was that there were concerns about air quality even then... The article also featured a period shot of a queue of traffic - all the cars were British... How times change..! Nick
  2. My 3a 'Basil' waiting outside my local garage at Astbury for it's MOT last year.
  3. No, not me... My previous TR was the OEWhite 4a I bought off Andrew W (Drewmotty) back in '83 at the tender age of 20... I was in the RN at the time and had just returned from the Falklands! ...6 months away and nothing to spend it on meant I had a healthy bank balance - for a short time anyway. Yes, great times ...I'd forgotten the endless supply of Butcombe..! Nick
  4. In these strange times of social distancing, isolation and spending too much time in the house, I've resorted to clearing out various drawers and cupboards (mostly prompted by Mrs T!) Anyway, I found these from the mid-80's amongst a load of old photos - developed from 35mm - not digital..! I'm not sure of the venue but it may be the Bristol Classic Car Show. I was a member of Apple County (Somerset) at the time. I hope that 880AYA is still about - If the current owner would like to get in touch I'll gladly put the originals in the post. A young looking Neil Revington in the background, and Ernie Cole(?) foreground in the 2nd photo - holding an ancient and strange contraption which I think is a video cassette! Regards Nick
  5. With the side filler plug, I found I could remove the plug from underneath using the appropriate sized spanner - what is it, 1/2" or 9/16"? Lie on back, arm at full stretch, you can feel enough to get the plug out... and back in on completion! For getting the oil in, though, I made a hole in the side of the transmission tunnel (¾" perhaps) in line with the filler hole through which I could pass the plastic tube that came with the container of gear oil and in to the filler hole. A lot less faff than taking the transmission tunnel out, or trying to get the oil up from underneath and in to the filler hole... As said previously, though, do take your time. IIRC, if you want to get all the oil out, you'll need to drain the g/box and OD separately as the OD won't completely drain/empty back into the b/box if you only remove the g/box drain plug. Nick
  6. I went for this option which i purchased from a classic motorbike parts website - It's a bike mirror of the type that would usually fit on the end of the handlebar. A bit of modification to the fitting was required.
  7. Thanks Guys Sorted... I started off with option 2, filling from the hole in the column, but was concerned about the rate the semi-fluid grease was (not) flowing down the column tube so ended up on a two pronged approach. Option 1 directly into the 'box with the aid of a small syringe and option 2 - I had the front end on stands so I was able to work the steering from lock to lock, re-filling the 'box and column when room became available. I'll re-check next weekend. I've finished the last of the little jobs and checks, and ready for the (slightly delayed) MOT tomorrow afternoon. Now looking forward to some decent weather. Nick
  8. Evening, all After having the stator tube out of the car for this winter's project I've lost the oil/lube out of the steering box. I've got some Dynolite Semi-Fluid Grease from Moss but, on reading the Service Manual, I'm a bit confused as to how much to put in and where..! The steering box itself has oil filler nut but, under maintenance, it talks about 'an oil filler is provided in the form of a rubber plug, which is located on the steering column approx. 12" from the steering box'... So I've found the hole in the column which, interestingly, doesn't have a rubber plug in it at the moment... Do I... Use the oil filler nut on the box itself until full Use the hole in the steering column until it reaches there ...or is there an option 3.!? Cheers Nick
  9. Hi Bob, A PO has blanked the hole off with a piece of metal - securely fixed/tack welded. I did try and get it out to re-instate the panel light dimmer/control but I was worried about making a mess of it. tbh, you only ever need the panel lights on full/bright anyway...
  10. Evening All, The Winter (and Spring..!) re-trimming project is nearing completion and, considering it's my first go, I'm fairly pleased with the results. As with most things, if you had a chance to do it a second time, you'd approach a couple of things a bit differently and get a better result but on the whole... I'm now in the process of getting it all back together - I have the dash back in with some of the dials and wiring. I've been trying to sort out the 'worms wedding' behind the dash but I'm mindful of the '...if it ain't broke, don't fix it' adage. Funny the obvious things you spot, though, as I now realise my temp gauge is not standard and a later version - I'll pick up a correct one sometime and swap over. A couple of days of sunny weather has spurred me on. Nick
  11. Hi Alan It's my 3A... Just checked on the Moss parts website - for 'Centre Console' read 'Instrument Panel'. Apologies if that wasn't clear. This bit... I used to have a TR4 hence my name 'TR4ffic' if that is what was causing the confusion - I've used it for a number of years on various forums/websites - It was a 4A actually but there aren't any words starting 'Traa...'! I haven't thought too much about a 'TR3A...' option... Words starting 'Trea...' 'TR3Adle' might work - Some have likened my 3 to a larger version of a child's pedal car..! Nick
  12. Many thanks for the feedback/tips, guys... Edwin - Thanks for the photos. I note that you didn't/couldn't take any of the vinyl through the instrument holes (I've already come to the conclusion that there isn't enough room on the centre console for vinyl and gauge to fit in the hole, but haven't checked the speedo/rev counter yet) - Did you have any issues around the material shrinking away from the cut edge at the hole? ...did you use any special technique to glue the material at the edge? Generally, I think I'll need to practice a bit first before taking the plunge... The biggest tips I've gleaned is to work in stages - I had thought I'd have to glue and fix the whole lot in one go which was very daunting as I don't like to rush - and that applying some more glue to glue that has already dried will re-activate it.
  13. So, I've got the dashboard and centre console out of the car and all stripped down ready for trimming. The outside face of the centre console is now bare metal - My questions is - Is it OK to trim bare metal or should I paint it first? If I do, will just primer do or do I need something 'glossy'? Also, I've got a tin of contact adhesive - The "apply to both surfaces, leave to go tacky and then assemble" type stuff... Any top tips for using this glue and trimming? Do's and Don'ts..? Cheers Nick
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