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  1. Small propane blowtorch (applied very carefully so as not to melt too much solder) and rad was out of the car. Bob
  2. I have been using the free version of Family Tree Builder - My Heritage for many years now. I find it does everything I want. Bob
  3. When mine leaked there, I applied new solder (after considerable cleaning, fluxing etc), making quite a large fillet for strength. been ok since. Bob
  4. I used black smooth Hammerite in 2013, it's still there Bob
  5. Amazing skills, especialy the welding. He must got through a fair number of rods. I wondered if the rods were hardened (I have use some like that to put a hard surface on softer metal) clearly not very hard or the lathe tool would not have coped. Loved the straightening out jig ! he was pretty slick setting up the 4 jaw Bob
  6. Why the smaller tank ? The UK spec was for the larger one. Bob
  7. Sorry I miss read H6 for HS6 ! but I still say no sealant should be needed. Bob
  8. You should not need any sealer on that small flexible pipe. It uses an olive to seal to the float chamber. Bob
  9. Mange tout Mange tout
  10. Yes, mine is an "A" type. Bob
  11. I will clear some of it out ! Bob
  12. Hardy Engineering in Leatherhead are experts in transmission repairs, they do a lot of classics & specialise in Healy 3000's (they used to race them) They modified my overdrive from 2000 saloon spec to TR spec (& changed the rear casing to TR type, which is the same as AH 3000) I am happy they know what they are doing Bob
  13. Have a TRific day Wayne Bob
  14. A Mk2 2000 gearbox has a single inhibitor switch mounted on top as per TR box. Bob
  15. Yes, The standard Saloon overdrive is not as strong as the TR version, which is why it was not configured to be used in 2nd gear. They can be uprated by the addition of extra springs, & increased hydraulic pressure. (mine has been) Bob
  16. A Saloon gearbox remote (1972 T 2000 estate in my case) only has one overdrive enable switch on the 3/4 selector rod, & a reversing light switch on the LH side at the rear. No overdrive on 2nd gear.But the raised boss is present, & the selector rod has the correct indentation, so a switch can be fitted. Bob
  17. You could drill & tap the bosses you have, there is a good chance the selector rods underneath have the right indentations to work the switches. Bob
  18. Well mine works just fine ! Bob
  19. That would be Borg Warner 35 then Bob
  20. I thought it was a 3A with a white hard top, but not very clear ! Bob
  21. Just finished reading The latest Practical Classics magazine, I noticed that classiccarleds have an advert in there (page 17) for thier lastest range of LED headlight bulbs for older fittings (BAY15D etc). The photo in the advert was taken by moi using my neighbours Austin 12 as a test bed. Bob
  22. Watched it tonight, Did not think the vents added anything, they would have looked better if painted body colour IMO. Not sure why the roll bar had to be made, surely they are an off the shelf item ? Bob
  23. +1 I have a Distributor Doctor refurbished mechanical one fitted with the Pertronix Hall effect unit. Also have a spare in the glove box just in case ! Bob
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