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  1. Guess who was driving No. 46 ! at 12:30 mins in. Bob
  2. Happy Birthday Nigel, hope you can get at least one of your classics out ! Bob
  3. Bastuk make (or supply) a slip ring set which allows use of the original horn & indicator switch. Down side is that the switch assembly rotates with the steering wheel as there is nothing to hold it vertical anymore, & thus the indicators cannot self cancel. Bob
  4. Talking of things going BANG Can you still get "caps" used to be on a reel of paper you put the reel into a toy pistol or rifle, and when you pulled the trigger the gun's hammer would hit the dark spot on the rell & it would detonate. Then the reel would automatically advance to the next unused dot. You could also get singles which were used in "spud guns" these fires a small pellet of potato, what fun. Bob
  5. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/indicator-relays-electronic/products/12v-electronic-indicator-flasher-relay-classic-car-with-oe-click-x-l-p-2-3-pin Bob
  6. To test the sender off the car connect a resistance meter (DVM on resistance setting) across the body & the output connection. move the float up & down & you should see the reading change. If the meter reads very high resistance in all positions then the coil is likely to be broken somewhere. The second time I looked at your gauge & sender I found the resistance wire inside the sender burnt out at one place, I presumed due to incorrect connections placing 12 volts onto it. Maybe the same has happened again ? I am happy to look at the sender for you if you can get it to me
  7. To repeat, the green wire goes to B, the wire to the tank (T) is green/black. Earthing the green wire should blow a fuse. Bob
  8. You pay's yer money ---------- I have had both good quality, & bad quality from both Rimmer Bros & Moss. TR shop generally supplies good stuff. Just my experience. Bob
  9. Not so: https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol Bob
  10. Probably got fed up with breaking half shafts. I did ! Bob
  11. Green is the colour of all fused wires coming from the ignition switch, so that must be connected to "B" (battery) on the gauge. The other wire, therefore connects to "T" (tank) on the gauge one end, & the tank sender the other. Bob
  12. Open circuit means a break in the connection somewhere Bob
  13. I dont have a diagram to hand, but from memory green should go to B & green black to T. Bob
  14. Happy Birthday Vicky, hoping to catch up at Stafford ? Bob X
  15. Thanks, just wondered, if I do anything I will probably convert to R & P but not yet. Bob
  16. well possibly ! Bob
  17. You seem to have a lot of TRouble with fuel gauges / senders Richard. I have repaired / calibrated yours twice now I think ? Bob
  18. Not so with a sidescreen, reading full (or beyond) means open circuit to the tank sensor Bob Just now read the replies from Rob above, which say the same thing.
  19. What car was that on ? Bob
  20. That what come of using a mobile phone without having glasses on ! yes, TR is 2.5:1. so if a saloon box was fitted, then speedo would read slow, not fast. What is the TPM (turns per mile) number printed on the speedo dial under the odometer. Bob
  21. Indeed, a saloon box speedo drive ratio is 3.5:1, TR box is 2.5:1 Bob
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