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  1. Lets not forget that the original speed rating for the USA CC and CF series was SR cheers Derek
  2. In the Homologation papers and in the early brochures Triumph quoted a top speed of between 115mph and 125mph depending on specification and in the press release they said a top speed of around 120mph all of which ties in with the Autocar and Motor road tests which gave 119mph and 117mph respectively. These figures are all for the CP series cars. regards Derek
  3. Hi Russell, The hardtop is adjusted by the two adjuster screws (no 36) into which the set screws ( no 39) into the rear deck go through. These adjusters are to be set to give at least 1/10" clearance between the hardtop and rear deck after tightening of all of the hardtop fixings so a few trial fits are required. The 1/10" to my my mind is too tight and for my hardtop I set it more generous than that. The rubber buffers under the buttresses are only there to prevent damage in case of body flex and should be set clear of the deck once everything has been tightened. If you are concer
  4. Here's an image of the engine bay of a genuine low mileage 1974 USA TR6 owned by Dave Bingham from MA in the US. The clearance between the air cleaner and the wheelarch "depression" would appear to be the limiting factor on the position of the bottle / bottle bracket There is no change in part number for the bottle, bracket or bulkhead shelf panel from the 1973 model so the issue can only be a change in the position of the fixings on the bulkhead shelf from the 1970 to 1974 model. cheers Derek
  5. Wow, that's some price for one XAS, my first set of 4 cost me the princely sum of £93.96 back in 1979 including VAT at 8%! Not sure what that would translate to in 2021 prices so maybe not too dissimilar? Derek
  6. Jerry, the fibre board cover does indeed have an access cover on that side however it is for access to the overdrive solenoid and further back from the oil filler plug. cheers Derek
  7. Well done on fixing the washer bottle motor looks like I should do the same with a non working spare that I have lurking in the garage. Incidentally the squared off bottle is correct for all TR6, maybe a couple of the early press TR6 had an oval one carried over from the TR5/250 but it was only ever the squared off one that was listed in the parts books. See attached factory under bonnet image of CC27025L showing a squared off bottle, this TR6 was built in early December 1968. Derek
  8. Looks good John, I like the contrast of white hardtop with the red car. I would leave it as it is. cheers Derek
  9. Hi Gemma, Its not been recorded with us before in the TR Register however I did make a note of it for sale on eBay in Bradford, West Yorkshire back in October 2011. The seller did leave a mobile number on the auction so if you pm me or send me an email to saffrontr6@outlook.com I will confirm that no to you. Its a long shot that the seller will know who he sold it to but I would have thought worth a try. Derek Graham TR6 registrar
  10. Thanks Rob, Recorded it and watched it this morning, quite good episode for a change. Its Series 16 episode 11 for anyone interested in looking it up on catch up. cheers Derek
  11. Its a US market one Conrad and variants of this manufactured by either Bendix or Audiovox were indeed fitted to the TR6 by the Triumph Dealers in the USA. I have to say that I have been looking for one for a while. cheers Derek
  12. Hi Bruce, Interesting that yours being a BAOR TR6 should have the hazard mounted in the earlier plinth, I did just assume they mounted it under the dash somewhere. The later plinths were different and had the holes at different spacing to the earlier ones. If you get the chance sometime please either send me an image of it or post one here. cheers Derek
  13. Thanks Stuart, by co-incidence I have put out an appeal in my report for the next TRaction for info on what the 1969 model German market steering locks looked like and also whether anyone has a copy of the steering lock fitting guide which had a Triumph reference number of 147877/1 cheers Derek
  14. The steering lock was standard for Canley built TR6 from CC50001 and CP50001 except for the UK home market cars where it was introduced from CP52786. As Stuart notes for TR6 assembled in the Belgium factory the steering lock was standard for all CP series TR6 which had Germany as the destination, I'm not sure about other destinations. Steering locks were also available from Dealers as a kit and could also be ordered as an accessory fitted from the factory from the start of TR6 production. I'm not sure what they did with the plinth however and pretty sure they just blanked the key hole off off
  15. Thanks Bob, I should look more closely at the database, the current owner does indeed come from Essex. Your old TR6, JLF 434N, is not currently in the TRR and the last time I saw it was when TRGB had it for sale on their stand at the NEC Classic car Show in 2017. cheers Derek
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