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  1. Hi, Radiomobile did a fitting kit for the TR6 as per attached fitting instructions. In period these were fitted by the Triumph Dealer and the single speaker was fitted against the rear trim board. There is a cover plate in the fitting kit which makes the installation of the radio in the H frame very neat. cheers Derek
  2. Martin, Your TR6 hasn't been in the TR Register since way back in September 1981 when you provided the details and I'm afraid to say that is the only entry that we have on file. It could of course be that the current owner is in the TRR and just hasn't registered any details with us, that happens a lot nowadays. cheers Derek
  3. Here's another, Many thanks to whoever it was that sent this to me, it is titled York Easter 1975. Does anyone recognise the car or the event? cheers Derek
  4. Gary, You've also missed off "DU". Lots of TR250 and US TR6 have personal export delivery registrations with DU as well as the other registrations noted above. Coventry Museum have all of these registrations in their ledgers and a good few years back Roger Ferris and myself did start listing the TR250 and US TR6 however we gave up on the task as there were so many hundreds of them recorded. It was obviously a popular means of purchasing the cars for US holidaymakers and military personnel to put a few hundred miles on their new car around the UK and Europe and to then take them back home
  5. Hi Alan, Ignore the 1972 dates on the workshop manual supplement and 2nd edition of the Repair Operations manual. The only edition of the workshop manual supplement that I am aware of was issued in 1969 and as its name suggest is a supplement to the TR4 Workshop Manual. The supplement does cover issues not included in the later 2nd Edition of the TR6 Repair Operations Manual in particular on bodywork and sealing however does not include anything about the CR series. The 2nd Edition of the Repair Operations Manual incorporates amendments 1 , 2, & 3 which were issued during the product
  6. Hi Paul C, Send me an email to saffrontr6@outlook.com with details and I'll see if we have anything on file Derek
  7. Hi Sean, I would have thought that the chances of recovering your old registration are pretty good. I would suggest that you contact Graham Andrews who is the clubs V765 officer with the DVLA in the first instance. Graham's contact details are on the main website under contacts - https://www.tr-register.co.uk/contact Derek
  8. Sean, We have a number of records on file for your TR6, the first is from April 1979 when it was in Reading and registered as CRT 303H, the next is from 1992 when it was listed in TR Club Sweden's list of TR6 as being in Lidingo and registered BUA 235, it also appeared in their 2002 list. The last entry is from the Norwegian list of TR6 in December 2019 when it was listed as being in Oslo and registered XD 74739. I notice that you say that your TR6 returned to the UK in 2013 so looks like my 2019 Norwegian TR6 hadn't been updated to reflect that. Best of luck with your list of jobs
  9. Thanks Waldi, another gap in the database filled in cheers Derek
  10. Hi Blair, The information comes for the British Motor Museum who hold all of the original build and sales records for the TR6. As I noted the records for the TR6 assembled at the Belgium factory are limited to that from the Customs Ledgers. There are rumours that the records have survived but so far nothing has surfaced so details such as original colour and any options fitted just aren't available. The British Motor Museum will supply a Heritage certificate at a cost however it is limited to what I have noted earlier. Your TR6 could well have sent to France however the ledgers do say in
  11. Hi Blair, Your TR6 does have matching numbers and your commission number is indeed 1CP26553LP which is a TR6 that was assembled in the Belgium factory at Malines. There were 3600 TR6 assembled there, all PI, and they are quite well documented in the Belgium Customs Records held by the British Motor Museum. The customs ledgers document the commission number its matching engine number, the date the CKD was despatched from the factory in the UK, the date the car was completed and its destination. In the case of your TR6 it was initially despatched from Malines when completed to a Dealer in
  12. Kevin, The DVLA in their wisdom have interpreted your O for overdrive as a zero and lumped them together on your V5C. I have exactly the same issue and have given up trying to get them to change it having tried twice now. As for your engine number it is correct for the commission number. The TR6 either side of yours in our database have engine numbers of CP51837HE ( vin CP52172-O) and CP51845HE ( vin CP52175-O). As noted by Mike HE stands for High compression Engine and your TR6 engine shouldn't have the "tag", this came in with the 1972 model TR6 at vin CP75001 when the recessed
  13. You can also email him direct from the "contact" page on this website Derek https://www.tr-register.co.uk/contact
  14. Hi Roger, looks like I bought at the right time at £39.4 / tyre c/w current price of £53.25! Derek
  15. Hi Ian, I used Camskill as noted by Roger above. I placed the order on the 24th August so either they made a mistake with the price I bought them for or they have gone up in price in the last few days. Carriage was £19.75 as per order confirmation below and I got local tyre company, Protyre in Carlisle, to fit them including balancing and disposal of the old tyres for £10 / wheel. cheers Derek
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