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  1. The Lucas books say from October 1973 for the home market TR6 however more likely from when the RKC0220 units ran out in production sometime after CR5001. They were differentiated by a green top on the metering unit.
  2. There is a list of part numbers in the Lucas Triumph Cars document LSS/047/014 dated March 1974. There are no diagrams and why they are listed in the 1974 rather than 1973 is beyond me. cheers
  3. Bit late at coming into this discussion but I thought it worth mentioning that Triumph themselves stopped specifying the high altitude unit for the TR6 and 2.5PI following tests that they carried out which showed that the export metering unit RKC 0094 met the requirement for high altitude countries. Their newsletter 333 for week ending 19th January 1973 refers, an abstract of which I have attached here. cheers Derek
  4. Hi Mike, the commission plate is on the left hand side B post looking from the rear of the car as per attached image. The paint and trim codes are both shown on the plate. If you confirm the codes then I or others will let you know the paint name and trim. Note that Damask red was never a TR6 colour. Derek
  5. Hi, I just rubbed the spokes down with emery, primed an and repainted with Renault silver grey. I didn't remove the cover. My refurbed wheel is on the left and original unused wheel is on the right. cheers Derek
  6. Here's a photo of 929 HP at the 1981 Donnington TR Weekend. How time flies, this was my first TR Weekend! Derek
  7. Excellent news Andrew, you'll be out and about in that six of yours soon! cheers Derek
  8. Neil, just spotted your post. SRW 634M was re-registered a few years back to SVR 43H. It was in the TR Register however not currently and the last time I made a note of it was when it was for sale on eBay in Burton upon Trent in March 2016 cheers Derek
  9. When I went back to steel wheels nearly 5 years ago I used ordinary chrome plated nuts and I have to say that they are still as good as the day they were fitted with no marks whatsoever. I guess if you keep your TR on the street and use it over winter on salty roads then corrosion might become as issue and I think chrome wheelnuts would be the least of your worries then. cheers Derek
  10. From BBC news this morning - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52461913 Was it really That bad in the 70's? cheers Derek
  11. Mine is also a real Wingard however in the style of the Tex and been fitted to my six since before I bought it in 1978. The stalk is slightly shorter than the Tex but works well for me. The US high back seats are a concession to my other half who won't go in the car unless fitted! cheers Derek
  12. saffrontr

    TR6 book

    There is a combined version Triumph TR2 through to TR6 on eBay at present for £20 buy it now. It has exactly the same text as the TR4 to 6 one with the addition of the sidescreen cars. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Triumph-TR-book/184179012469?hash=item2ae1ecb375:g:O1gAAOSwy9ZeTrbe cheers Derek
  13. saffrontr

    TR6 book

    Giuseppe, Bill Piggott's "Original TR4/4A/5/6" book is your best bet. cheers Derek
  14. saffrontr

    Paint Clour

    Hi Richard, There have been three previous owners of your TR in the TR Register over the years the first from 1993. To find out the original build details of your TR6 you can get a Heritage certificate from the British Motor Museum at https://certificates.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/certificate/. This certificate will give you details of the original colour, trim, engine number, build date, where it was despatched to, original options etc. The original commission plate for your TR6 should be as per the following one which is the correct style for your TR. There have been many variances of the plates over the years and blank reproduction ones can be obtained from Roger Hinds who has had the majority of the different styles reproduced. You will still need to have it stamped. I can supply contact details for Roger if you send me a PM. regards Derek
  15. saffrontr

    Paint Clour

    Hi, according to our records your TR6 had a major rebuild carried out by Northern TR Centre in 1995/96 when it received a reconditioned chassis and a Heritage shell. It also had a colour change to British Racing Green from its then colour of Silver Grey. Prior to that it had been Red. The commission plate as noted by others is not an original and was presumably changed for a reproduction plate during its rebuild.
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