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  1. Dieter, I believe that EX did indeed designate experimental from the factory. have a word with Dave Pearson at Canley Classics as he has a lot of information on experimental parts and pretty sure that he also has one of the 5 speed gearboxes. Derek
  2. Keith, No idea where todays GAM numbers come from but back in the day the June 1975 BL Unipart brochure gives the numbers GAM131 to GAM134 depending on whether LH or RH and whether convex or flat. Possibly the numbers used nowadays are from much later in the 80's and 90's or maybe even later and no doubt todays manufacturer of the mirror has changed, certainly the length of the arm is now quite a bit longer than they were originally. Derek
  3. Hi Rich, It fits in a similar way to the GAM mirror with a screw securing the mirror to the plinth. The plinth in turn has two studs securing it to the door. Derek
  4. Andy, Door mirrors were not a standard factory fitment for the TR6, except for the later US models. The GAM type mirrors were fitted as an accessory by the Triumph / BL Dealer. For the early TR6 where a door mirror was to be fitted this was a single arm Wingard mirror and dimensions for the fixing position were provided in service information sheet 5/152 and newsletter 215 and these were 6" from the front edge of the door and 2.5" vertically from the top edge of the door. The single hole required was 5/8" diameter and the service sheet noted that the door casing was to be removed
  5. Bruce, found another image showing the fixings Derek
  6. Bruce, I have a Wingard mirror fitted to my TR6, in fact its been there since before I purchased the TR in 1978. The style of mirror is very similar to the later GAM mirrors and the front edge of the mirror is positioned 12mm from the front edge of the door. Both fixings are accessible when the door is opened and not necessary to remove any door trim panel or window glass in order to access the fixings. The mirror door glass is slightly convex and I don't have any issue with seeing what is coming up from behind on the adjacent lane albeit I do always have a quick glance over my shoulder anywa
  7. Adrian, the clubs V765 officer is Graham Andrews and his club email address is v765@tr-register.co.uk Derek
  8. All I can say is that official Triumph TR6 parts book lists twelve clips i.e.6 per side , maybe Moss think there a need for 7 or maybe actually 7 were fitted by the factory. Derek PS just checked my TR6 and it has 6 on each side so maybe mine was a Friday car
  9. Nige, According to the parts book there are six rivets on each side, two on the front wings, three along the sill under the door and one on the rear wing. I don't have any measurements as mine are pretty tight and I don't really want to pull them off. cheers Derek
  10. A fitting tribute indeed to your dad Matt and many thanks for sharing your video of the trip with us. Derek
  11. John, The June/July 1999 Triumph World has an article on the conversion of a US TR6 to automatic using a T2000 box. The issues encountered were that the T2000 has a 15 degree cant, the auto box was shorter and wider so needed a special mounting to be made up, some modifications were required to the gearbox tunnel, the propshaft needed to be lengthened and mods made so that it would mate to the auto box output. There were also some mods required to the shift linkage and gearbox flex plate. It all seemed perfectly do-able and as others have noted Chris Witor would no doubt have all of the p
  12. The three tan colours fitted to the TR6 from the factory were Light tan, New tan and Beige, the Beige only being fitted to the later US CF models . No ideas on where the Biscuit name originated and presumably invented by the supplier. Light tan was fitted until the early 1970 model. Derek
  13. Hi Martin, I've had the car since 1978 and as far as I know they are original other than one of them that I had to replace as I damaged it by overtightening of the injector clamp. I have just looked at that one which is also a 1DD and it has a date stamped on it of the 15 Jun, it also has the drilling for the slow running screw. As to what year that implies is anyone's guess kind regards Derek
  14. If it helps all of the manifolds on my 1971 TR6, CP54529-O are 1DD. These don't have the hole drilled for the idle screw fitting used on the TR5, which of course didn't have the air valve which was fitted to the TR6. I do have another spare set of 1DD which do have the drillings for the screws and I have attached an image of one of those. I also have images of most of the other manifolds with numbers DD1 through to DD6 some of which have the idle screw drilling and some of which don't so if I was a betting man my feeling is that the different DD numbers are just to do with the different cast
  15. Ken, Here's a copy of the Radiomobile fitting instructions for the TR6. cheers Derek
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