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  1. Keith, changeover point was CF1 and CR 1. The chrome strips were one of the selling points for the new models. Derek
  2. Attached is a page from the 1973 USA Brochure for the TR6. Note that they state that the "radiator inlet is newly chrome-trimmed, for a more tailored look" cheers Derek
  3. Black until the end of the CC and CP series. The " bright" was achieved by Triumph by the addition of chrome trim pieces held on with pop rivets and these are easily removed by drilling out the rivets. Derek
  4. Sorry I missed it, sounds like it was a well organised day by Craig and Johnny Derek
  5. I have to say that from my perspective Stratford is the best venue I have been to since my first International at Donington in the early 1980's. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones who didn't experience much of a delay crossing the track however that could surely be sorted anyway by doubling up of the crossing. My only complaint was not being able to find the registrars area until late on the Saturday afternoon , silly me of course I should have realised it would be next to the toilets as per normal! Hopefully Stratford will be considered for next year, the thought of Gaydon for three days turns me cold as does another trip to Malvern, great place but we have been there so many times! cheers Derek
  6. Tom, attached poor copy scan from Newsletter 180 of the 11th October 1968 notes that it is down to a gradual build up of congealed oil on the face of the butterflies which can only be down to oil from the crankcase ventilation as you note Derek
  7. Mike, the early air valve is part no 152689. Agreed that it isn't listed as a separate part in the parts catalogue where it comes as part of the inlet manifold. It is however noted in the service newsletters and drawings. Derek
  8. Tom, they call it oil lacquer in the Newsletter as per attached. The drawings go into a bit more detail. Derek Newsletter 183.pdf
  9. Colin, they were fitted by the Dealers to very late TR5 and also to earlier TR5's where there were complaints about loss of idling due to lacquer build up in the butterflies. The Triumph drawing showing how they were to be fitted is dated 22nd October 1968 and further details provided in Newsletter 183 to the Dealers dated 1st November 1968 so after production had finished. I have copies of both and can scan and send to anyone interested, just send me a pm with email address.
  10. It's from an early TR6, the TR5 didn't have an air bleed fitted when built.
  11. The photos aren't mine however these detail the changes between early and late TR6 arms. Possibly the TR5 arms are the same as the early TR6. Derek
  12. All PI TR6 both CP and CR series had chrome surround lenses originally. It is the current repro lenses that have plain surrounds , presumably the manufacturer of these can't do the chrome for some reason or other.
  13. Its alive and well in the TR Register and now registered DVG 403G. It is currently Jasmine Yellow cheers Derek
  14. saffrontr

    TR6 SLJ 922H

    Hello Dave, SLJ 922H has never appeared in the TR Register however I did notice it for sale on Car & Classic in May of this year and also on eBay in June of this year. It was for sale in both cases in Lincolnshire, and was in pretty poor condition with 90k miles on the clock, had been laid up for 30 years and was in need of a full restoration. cheers Derek
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