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  1. Bill, A tardy incomplete response follows on the markings on the rear indicator lens from Patrick Huckels over in the USA. " E11 is a reference to European Standards with the number 11 being specifically designated to Great Britain. It refers to electronic or electric components on motor vehicles. (SAE) STDA PIR 68 refers to a US Impact Resistance Standard using a PIR-68 tool. 6110 refers to ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials), actually called D6110, which in turn is referred to and called the Charpy Impact Resistance of Notched Specimens of Plastics" Note that there
  2. Here's a few images of a new old stock USA spec dash part no 917550. This hadn't seen daylight since being made other than being taken out of the packaging for the photos. Amazing how the grain isn't that obvious and how matt it is compared with the modern take on dashes . Derek
  3. Ian, Formula were the manufacturer of the 1969 TR6 steering wheel so that could indeed be the case. A very similar steering wheel to the TR6 appeared on some models of the Riley Kestrel and on the Austin Maxi HL and these had silver spokes and 5 holes. They have a slightly thicker rim and can be adapted to fit the TR6 hub. Derek
  4. Mark, Mine was repainted satin black and thats what it appears to be in the original press release photos. Note that the press photo show five holes per spoke however all production cars had four holes per spoke. Both PI and carb cars had the black spokes. Derek
  5. Mark, A couple of images follow.The first is of a 69 wheel after it was recovered by the late Gerry Walker from Morecambe and the second is prior to recovering. Hopefully you can see the stitch arrangement which Gerry did a pretty good job of matching cheers Derek
  6. John, Renualt Silver Grey is spot on for colour. Image follows showing an NOS wheel on the right and one repainted by me in Renault Silver Grey of the left. Derek
  7. Chris, its available in the members area in the "TR Action Magazine Online" section and has been for the last two weeks or so. Derek
  8. Hi Bruce, That seems to be the case with what is listed in the Heritage certificates in that you either got the black plastic tool roll which had the tools listed or the blue tool pouch which only held a few items. Sounds like you were one of the lucky ones who got the full tool kit. Derek
  9. Keith, I believe that as standard all TR6 left the factory with a small blue tool roll that at various times throughout production held a headlamp removal tool, a screw for the front hub centre oil cap and a plug / combination spanner. This small tool roll was fixed in place by the leather strap. The 1973 parts book lists all of the tools available on page 146. I believe that the tool kit as shown by CP26309 was supplied as an option by the factory or by the supplying dealer and fitted in the bowl of the spare wheel along with the jack and wheel brace. We have a few Heritage certificates on fi
  10. John, repros are available from the likes of Rimmer Brothers item 215246 Derek
  11. I have to say I have had the opposite experience, I use an ex Audi one on my TR6 and have inflated a number of tyres now from flat in only a couple of minutes. It gets power via a cigarette / power socket which I fitted into the radio blanking plate. Derek
  12. The car was written off flood damaged and was advertised by Copart in Colchester in February 2015 so its being sitting around for a long time and if that engine was full of water not sure what the internals will be like. For those interested it is CP75463 and it did look to be a nice car before the flood and subsequent write off. Derek
  13. Hi Waldi, Its not glued but more like its been plastic welded by the factory supplier. Glue should work and on one of mine the corner is starting to split so I will be trying a spot of glue or superglue on it. Derek
  14. Waldi, They are one piece items on my hardtop and I can assure you that they are original and came with the NOS hardtop kit that I got from one of the Triumph Dealers many many years ago when they were getting rid of their Triumph stock. I took this one off to photograph and its now back on the car cheers Derek now back on the
  15. Bruce, I'm still runiing one of Martin's pumps fitted in 1980, still with a CAV filter and mounted in the same place as the old Lucas pump. Never missed a beat in all those years and despite tales to the contrary I can run it until the tank is empty. Famous last words about never missing a beat of course! Derek
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