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  1. Kevo_6

    Missing part

    Hi Mark, I may be completely wrong but I seem to remember a similar thread in which someone said that the very early 6 came without, something to do with the steering lock on the later 6. I think Stuart is your man, hopefully he will be along soon.
  2. Hi Mark Neil Ferguson did all my PI stuff, very happy with it all. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/profile/3633-k_raven_smith/
  3. Kevo_6

    Adding a clock

    Also held in by the Rev Counter and the Speedo.
  4. Kevo_6

    paint scheme

    The original paint used was ICI Matt Black air drying paint reference 062/4523 used in conjunction with thinners ref 851/222. This information was published in Standard Triumph Newsletter no 203 for w/e 18/04/69. This was provided by Derek Graham the TR6 registrar.
  5. Hi Peter, have you contacted Derek Graham the TR6 Registrar as he might be able to give you more information or even put you in contact. Good luck in your quest.
  6. Hi, just done a MOT check and it ran out on the 8th September 2017, it’s white and I assume still about.
  7. Kevo_6

    New Member

    Hi Glen Welcome to the forum and soon to be TR6 ownership. Plenty of knowledge here, so don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions even if you think they a simple ones as we’ve all been there. All the best.
  8. Kevo_6

    Paint Job

    Nice one Mike, have fun.
  9. Hi Raymond, in the earlier post there’s a link to this thread. It’s a few years old but I think the part no’s are still relevant.
  10. Hi Neal, hope you are all well. You’ve now made me think that maybe the rubbers have a deeper slot and maybe if I put a suitable size cord in first and then fit the rubber this would raise the seal, which would compress the seal better and possibly glue the join. Ahh that might make the boot difficult to shut. Am I on the right track?
  11. Thanks John very interesting, I spoke with my son Tom this morning and he’s working on a 3D version already. He absolutely loves stuff like this.
  12. Exactly Waldi, this forum is priceless.
  13. Hi Keith, I was visiting my eldest son in London this weekend and he’s been interested in aerodynamics for a while, so we were chatting away about it and he mentioned there is a couple of pieces of software available to mimic a wind tunnel. After I got home from London last night he had a play with some software and came up with the following picture attached. He does stress to me though that he does not know what he’s really doing and said he manually traced out a 2d outline of a TR6, loaded it up in a cad software and generated a CFD of the flow air at 25m/s (56mph) he also said a 3D one would be possible if he had a CAD model of a TR6. He’s a coder for Apple so not what he usually does. Just for fun but does give a good idea of what’s going on.
  14. Hi Michael, I’ve have my seal fitted with join at the centre rear closest to the petrol cap. As I see it it’s further away from the exhaust. Not sure if this is what Neal (NTC) means.
  15. Hi Waldi, I doubt very much that there would by any significant difference in water draining out the other way around. If there is water penetration into the keyway profile plug it would wash down the wafers (sliders) as they are cut through both sides and then go into the cylinder barrel and then drip through the back. As a norm most locks but not all have the cylinder profile with the cuts of the key facing up for entry into the profile, the cubby lock you show from the WSM could of been shown with the profile in the locked position. Just sharing my 46years of knowledge as a Master Locksmith/Safe Engineer. Hope this makes some sort of sense but basically it’s what ever you prefer aesthetically.
  16. That’s how mine is Waldi.
  17. Kevo_6

    Finally painted

    Your car looks spot on Waldi, keep up the good work.
  18. Kevo_6


    Hi Richard, I’ve replied to your P.M.
  19. Excellent Dave, just brilliant.
  20. Hi Chris, welcome to the club and TR ownership. Bet you can’t wait, what colour, pi or carbs. Don’t forget when you get it to post a few photos, we all love photos.
  21. Kevo_6

    TR6 Radio

    This is what I used as the hole was already cut by the P O https://www.bowerspartsonline.co.uk/ancillary/car-audio/caliber-rmd030-12v-slimshallow-depth-usbsdaux-fm-stereoradio It’s been in for about 3-4 years and I’ve never used it! Handy for charging the phone though.
  22. Kevo_6


    Absolutely right Stuart, I’ve been after a pair of 5 3/4” H1 and H4 for a couple of years for my Lancia Beta Coupe.
  23. Snap Johnathan, just booked my ferry crossing and planned a very similar trip. We did a similar trip about 5 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just seen Andrews post and we did stay at the vineyard in Minzac, absolutely recommend it.
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