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  1. Engine is still in the car, hoping to remove it this weekend and will be investigating the following weekend.
  2. This is a 123+ dizzy, fairly new, no knock heard.
  3. No pinking. I was originally running a Huco pump, it wasn't delivering enough fuel so I swapped it to a Facet redtop unit, fuel pressure was constant then. Fuelling had been set up on a rolling road, the chokes had been opened up a little and the jets changed, the head on there now has been opened up a lot more than the first one however, it will flow a lot more.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I have had a call with Tony Lyndsey-Dean this morning and we believe we know what has happened. I had my car tuned up on a rolling road & jetted accordingly, when I swapped the head over last week I should have changed the jets to allow for more fuel, I didn't do this and have the damage to show for it. No5 piston is worst with No2 just showing the beginnings of damage, given that this has happened in sub 100 miles the fuelling was way too lean. Tony & I will hone the bores & fit a new set of pistons, I will also change the chokes & jets to match the
  5. The top pic shows where piston crown has been reduced on the exhaust side on No5 piston, the lower pic shows the beginning of the same on No2. I had a lot of smoke coming from the engine breather, I can't say if it was also coming from the exhaust. This is with a replacement head, not the one with the crack.
  6. This is in a GT6 Peter, sump removal is doable but not so easy, in the long run I think I am best off pulling the motor. This happened within 100 miles of fitting this head, I didn't notice any issues when I had the head off last week.
  7. My engine started losing oil in large quantities via the dipstick & the catch can breather, I had the car recovered home and, as the leak was so bad, decided to whip the head off (I have this down to a fine art after 3 times in 2 weeks!) It turns out that two pistons have decided to melt, possible causes would seem to be either too much ignition advance and/or the increased CR of the new head I fitted after the first one developed a crack. Now I have to pull the motor and get it checked over & new pistons fitted, more time, expense and off road time, this has not been a good project.
  8. I wonder if they reduced to four holes to differentiate these wheels from the Formula wheels supplied with earlier cars which had 5 holes. I have two early TR6 wheels, both came with the paint removed and polished spokes, I have painted the one on the car satin black and will have the other wheel painted when I find someone to restore it.
  9. Yet another oil change then I took it for a drive, I'm still getting a lot of smoke from the catch can breather. The drained oil didn't show any contamination, I had to cut the drive short as I was having fuel vaporisation issues, not entirely surprising given the ambient temp today and the fact that I was in traffic, fuel pressure was fine but I suspect flow was impacted and the DCOEs need that.
  10. That's what I intend doing Jon.
  11. it's not coming from the exhaust James, it is coming from the crankcase, with the fuel pump blanking plate removed I can see the smoke inside the block.
  12. No sign of any mayo Nigel, coolant & Oil levels are correct
  13. A head crack poured a lot of coolant into my engine, I drained the sump and removed the filter. I removed the oil cooler take-off adaptor and fitted a non cooler type, did a fresh oil fill then ran the engine for 5 mins and drained the oil again. I disconnected the cooler pipes to the oil cooler and blew it through with compressed air, I then poured some white spirit into the cooler and again blew it through with compressed air. I then reconnected the oil cooler adaptor and refilled the engine with fresh oil and a new filter. I took the car for a run this evening, it was running absolutel
  14. This is the one that TRGB used to supply with their conversion kits, I have around 10k miles on one of these. Note that the pressure on PI needs dropping to 95psi with this setup, as per Gary Bates' recommendation. https://www.glencoeltd.co.uk/hi-fuel-pumps/hi-out-of-tank-fuel-injection-pumps/hi-otp019-out-tank-fuel-injection-pump-o-e-0580254910/ Ian
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