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  1. iani

    EFI - What Plugs?

    My plugs are a custom set made by Magnecor Harry, supplied by Racestorations and are what they use on EFI conversions, the issue appears to have been some liquid (petrol residue) in a connector, I have a new one arriving tomorrow and I'll remake the joint. Ignore the numbering on the leads, this was as supplied and was cobblers!
  2. iani

    EFI First Drive

    Thanks to Harry I collected one of these custom housings today, very well made and the holes lined up with my Throttle Body holes perfectly. I had made one mistake however, this picture clearly shows a later inner wing, my car is an early one, the housing is simply too large at the leading edge. If anyone is looking for a filter solution for Jenvey Heritage throttle bodies, please give me a shout.
  3. iani

    EFI - What Plugs?

    My issue appears to not be plug related, I am getting a very strong spark out of the coil pack, I swapped the plug for a new one and was still having issues, on checking the six way connector I have between the Vauxhall V6 injector loom I have and the Emerald loom, I found moisture around the pins. In my efforts to dry this out, the wire corresponding to the problematic plug has pulled out, suggesting the connection was weak. The combination of the weak connection and the moisture is hopefully the cause of my issues. Unfortunately I can't get a new pin to click in the body, I have a new connector on order so hopefully test it soon.
  4. I thought as much Mick, another job for the list.
  5. For those of you who have used ARP head bolts, have you retorqued them or not? The manufacturer states: "Do I need to re-torque my head bolts or studs? If you follow the ARP installation instructions, there should be no need to do a re-torque. However, it may be necessary under certain circumstances if the gasket manufacturer’s instructions require it, particularly if a fire ring has been installed. ARP recommends not doing a re-torque on a hot engine." My engine builder says I should.
  6. iani

    EFI - What Plugs?

    Thanks chaps, I have ordered some BUR6ET and I’ll see how it goes with them.
  7. iani

    EFI - What Plugs?

    I'm using NGK Iridium BPR6EIX plugs but I've had some trouble with them fouling, what are others using?
  8. iani

    Rear axle "oddness"

    Hi Ian, Yes, the Emerald ECU is controlling the ignition, I am running distributor less via a Vauxhall coil pack. The IACV is the one Emerald sells and it is supplying air via a six branch manifold to tappings in the Jenvey Heritage Throttle Bodies. I have read your article and I'm glad you're pleased with the conversion, I'm sure I will be too, just a few last issues to iron out, mostly of my own making I'm afraid. Ian
  9. Thanks Stuart, sounds reasonable.
  10. iani

    Rear axle "oddness"

    I managed to drive the car for 25 miles today after changing the manifold gasket and improving the sealing of the exhaust & TB's. I had some issues with the idle towards the end of the run but on the positive side I had no issues with "oddness", no clunking, no odd noises, either in or out of OD. I had cleaned a lot of gunk out of the OD oil strainer and filled it with SAE40, perhaps that has helped, the gunk in the strainer might well have been causing issues as it was quite thick.
  11. I've adjusted the two bolts Tom, they are in their rightmost position so no further adjustment is available.
  12. Here's the thread Graham:
  13. I fitted a hardtop to my car and there was a large gap between the door glass and the hardtop, I found a post on here (thanks Stuart) that described which bolts to adjust, having done that the gap is smaller but there is still a gap. The seal on the hardtop appears to be in good condition so I don't think that's the issue, should the glass reach the seal? has anyone fitted an additional P seal to take up the gap?
  14. iani

    Brake pads

    I got my M1144 pads from TR Enterprises, they even drilled them out to suit my imperial pins, great service. Ian
  15. iani

    Rear wing seal

    Wasn't meant nastily Andrew, hence the smiley at the end.
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