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  1. The crimped units aren’t “sealed for life” they are designed to come apart if you push the parts together and twist, a lot easier said than done. If you make up a tool to do this, watch out for the spring pressure as the two halves let go.
  2. Uprated Hardy Spicer UJ’s apparently, they are unmarked however so who knows.
  3. I believe them to be CDD Roger
  4. I am no longer the owner of CV Driveshafts, Rimmers took them back and refunded me. They tell me that they had contacted CDD on receipt of my original email, I have no means of checking as I'd contacted CDD at the same time, anyway, the shafts are gone. That left me with c.50yo hubs & stub axles, I decided to go with uprated new ones, hopefully these will be suitably quiet.
  5. Should be glued in, I just used double sided tape. Note that there are two thicknesses of seal available, the larger one was restricting the door glass height on my car so I swapped to the thinner seal.
  6. I bought one like that off eBay, hoped that tightening the nut up would draw it onto the plinth, no such luck, I ended up buying another that was curved enough.
  7. The warnings about the age of the original stub axles and the possibility of failure, I assumed that fitting an all new assembly would remove the risk of failure. I have fitted the best pair of the four original shafts/hubs that I have and I have no clonks at all. I wish I'd spent a little more and gone for uprated original style shafts, as it is I'm left holding a pair of new, unfitted shafts and a pair of hubs that have done less than 30 miles. I haven't heard anything from Rimmers yet, I spoke with them at Stoneleigh today however so perhaps tomorrow will bring some contact.
  8. I received a replacement set of driveshafts from Alasdair on Thursday, my mechanic friend & I decided to refit a sound pair of standard shafts to prove the diff wasn't the cause of the noise, it wasn't as they are silent. One of the new pair of shafts seems to have even more play in it than the noisy one so I'm not sure I want to fit them, I will take it up with Alasdair directly, hopefully on Sunday.
  9. Yes, two eared spinners.
  10. Thanks Marco, a new pair of shafts are being delivered tomorrow, excellent customer service from the manufacturer. The same cannot be said of the supplier, yet again Rimmer’s terrible service, over the last 30 years I have told myself many times to stop using them, perhaps this time I will finally stick to it. Ian
  11. iani

    paint scheme

    '69 car should have body coloured windscreen surround and black lower sills, up to the trim line as per Hoges post. Ian
  12. The outer driveshaft that goes into the hub doesn’t move when I move the CV end, therefore there is no movement at the adaptor.
  13. No, different noises, my previous clonk was down to the O/S driveshaft bolts being loose, it's now the N/S that's the main noise as per the video.
  14. I contacted both the supplier and Alasdair, to no surprise whatsoever I've heard nothing from the supplier yet.
  15. Goodparts certainly seem to be a sound supplier, the import cost will be huge however until we get a trade deal...err...bigly
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