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  1. I'd expect Faversham Classics should have experience of shims from their work on Stags.
  2. These are LHD but might be of use. WiringDiagrams.pdf
  3. I just removed similar from my GT6 as they don't allow for the fitment of stub stacks.
  4. Low pressure use only though, no good for PI/EFI supply line.
  5. Just a thought Nigel, using a 3.27 with a 2.5l engine isn't a common configuration, as I'm sure you know it's the weakest ratio and I don't know how well it will take the extra torque. Andrew Turner is selling a 3.63 on eBay right now, it looks to be in good nick and is a good compromise ratio, I'm running one in this GT6 and I fitted one to my last Mk2 GT6 too.
  6. My GT6 gauges (pic) are from Speedhut.com Nigel, the speedo is a GPS unit & the tacho is an electronic unit taking a feed from my coil. For the TR I bought a spare standard speedo, this was send to the inaptly named speedy cables who then took 25 weeks to convert it to digital operation, this involves a new rear case and a new face, the internals are all new and the mileometer is a small LCD panel. Speedy don't offer a GPS conversion that I'm aware of, nor do they sell the sender unit that replaces the gearbox speedo drive, that comes from RevingtonTR, they also sell Speedy's converted spe
  7. I've just done the calibration, speedo is now reading correctly. There's a bit of a convoluted process you are supposed to follow, however, as I'd already dispensed with the original sender unit I wasn't able to follow that. I simply drove the car and compared to a GPS speedometer app on my phone, I then stopped and adjusted the speedo settings and tested again, it took me 4 attempts but I'm comfortable that I am reading correctly at 50, 60 & 70 mph.
  8. I have one in my GT6 funnily enough, I couldn’t find one the right diameter for the TR though so the conversion seemed the easiest route.
  9. The tacho was done as part of the EFI conversion, I had it converted by JDO.
  10. My speedo finally came back from Speedy Cables today, it has been converted to electronic operation. I had fitted the sender unit at the weekend and wired the speedo up this evening, all working fine apart from the voltage regulator. I knew that I wouldn't be able to use a case mounted one so I bought a solid state one, I have earthed its mounting ring but it's not giving me any reading on the car, it works fine tested on the bench, I'll get a standard unit and mount it somehow. Next job is to calibrate the speedo then that's it, hopefully accurate speed readings.
  11. iani


    RevingtonTR sell a diaphragm PRV that works fine, my pump came from TRGB and Gary Bates told me to run it at 95psi, it worked fine at that.
  12. Thanks Steve, I'm not selling the car, I've already sunk a considerable amount of money into improving it and I'm going to have a lot of fun changing bits & getting the car to where I want it to be. Other members of the forum in question have been supportive, indeed, there hasn't been a single post in support of the PO so I've taken some comfort in that.
  13. Thanks chaps, I feel strongly that I had done all that I could to avoid any personal criticism. There is no way back with the guy in question, I gave him very short shrift when he called to berate me and he has now blocked me on the forum, hopefully that will be an end to the matter, it just left a nasty aftertaste. Ian
  14. My looms weren't standard, I'd had all the options fitted and a few extra gauge illumination wires. I strongly suspect a standard loom would be fine, in the case of my second loom the builder had ignored the custom drawing that had been made by their designer, I am sure it's just a pressure of work issue.
  15. I have a Phoenix manifold & single pipe system, I have had it apart a few times and always use fire gum, it comes apart again easily enough.
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