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  1. Indeed, I'm sure the pins would probably wear too as they are unlikely to be the right size, bound to be a bit of wear going on.
  2. I was just trying to help the OP Rob, my own car has one with rose jointed ends
  3. Here's one for £16 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-GT6-Stainless-Steel-Alternator-belt-tensioner-adjuster-upgrade/133552593899?fits=Car+Make%3ATriumph|Model%3AGT6&hash=item1f185adbeb:g:tgQAAOSw0YFfAWnn
  4. Hi Roger, I put two bolts in using a vice, the third went in fine, I'm struggling with the 4th, I am using a ratchet too, I can almost line the hole up but not quite, I will try again when I can get some assistance. I have no means of measuring TPI I'm afraid, I searched on this last night and the consensus seems to be that it is 9/16 X 28 tpi which is an unusual size, do you have one that size?
  5. Just tore all my drawers apart and found a third nut, it has gone on a few turns so it's the right thread. I should be used to this car fighting me every inch by now. I'm now having fun with the flexi coupling linking the column, a poly one, 3 bolts in, I'll save the last til tomorrow.
  6. Thanks Roger, all the suppliers sell them, I've bought two, neither of which fit, I'm after a recommendation from someone who has found a source that definitely fits.
  7. Whilst my rewiring is underway I decided to refurb my steering column. I have had an outer column powder coated, fitted new upgraded bushes and cleaned up an inner shaft I got from Conrad a while back. The inner column that was in my car obviously had a steering wheel nut fitted but it wasn't an easy fit and the thread never felt right. I have three inner columns and two nuts, neither nut will thread happily onto the shafts. The nuts appear to take 9/16 UNF tap but that's not the right size for the inner column end, I believe it's 9/16 X 28 tpi. Does anyone know of a source of steering wheel n
  8. iani

    TR6 Diff Floor

    I remember being at Southern Triumph Services one day many years ago when they tried bolting a Heritage TR6 body down, you could bolt either end to the chassis but it would raise the other end by around 6", it was way off.
  9. The water drain plug is on the other side of the block Nige, just above the starter motor, you should be able to get a socket onto it easily enough, you might well need to prod around inside it to loosen the accumulated crud before it flows. You can then flow water through until it runs clear.
  10. The fuel pump relay kit supplied by Revington's takes its feed from the Ammeter on a CP car Stuart, connecting that wire to this brown paid gives the same effect. I have had a response from Autosparks this morning confirming that the reason they supply it is to provide for any feeds previously taken from the Ammeter.
  11. which is why using it to supply power to the fuel pump relay makes sense, that is a fused relay.
  12. That's an idea Andy, my car has a fuel pump relay fitted, it was previously powered via the Ammeter, with that gone it needs another source of power.
  13. I went for all their options Stuart, I already have that in the loom. A good point though, I can just use it as another live feed, I was just concerned as it looked similar to the previous Ammeter wiring albeit with fitted with a smaller terminal.
  14. I have received my new loom from Autosparks, I had requested wiring for a Voltmeter rather than the original Ammeter and it has been supplied with a Green & a black wire for the Voltmeter. I have matched all the dashboard wires to the facia diagram in the brown book and everything makes sense, apart from there being one pair of brown wires left over, these two wires terminate in a single 6.3mm female lucar connector as pictured. I have asked Autosparks what they are for and they suggest that I insulate them carefully if not needed, given there is only a single spare connector I don't see h
  15. In the spirit of playing Devil's Advocate and also to make people aware that all is not always rosy, here is my experience with CDD CV shafts: CDD's customer service was brilliant, Alasdair sent me a replacement set immediately, even though I had purchased from Rimmers. The first replacement shaft I checked had even worse play than the one shown so I rejected them. I am now running CDD's uprated sliding spline shafts & hubs and am happy with them. I would point out that the CV shaft shown was fitted by a professional mechanic and correctly torqued.
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