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  1. RTR sell the conversions made by Speedy Cables, I went direct to the very inaptly named Speedy for mine but bought the sender from RTR, wherever you order from you will have a long wait, over six months in my case. The calibration process is very easy, I think I adjusted the setting three times before it was an accurate reading. Ian
  2. Newman cams are popular George, I'm using one of their cams in my TR & have ordered another one. Ian
  3. Am I right in saying you have an Emerald ECU Lee? assuming you gave them the engine spec' the ECU should have been shipped with a map that will run your car. It will go into an adaptive mode under certain conditions and this will refine the map, you really want to get it onto a rolling road to set it up properly. Obviously you will need to have wired up whichever sensors you require, at a minimum you'll need a crank trigger sensor and TPS or MAP. Good luck with it, I found it a great improvement. Ian
  4. Thanks Rob, I don't have a parts manual and the ROM doesn't give the part number for the fusebox so I can't see which is correct. I already have the additional circuits you mention in my loom. Ian
  5. I picked this fusebox up from TRGB on Friday, two of the terminals are bridged, my current 'box doesn't have this. Depending on which way up the box goes you will either create two non-ignition controlled inputs or have two outputs that work when the lights are on, am I missing something here? Ian
  6. iani

    Wiper woes

    Well done Alan, right on the money. I naively had wired up in numerical order, the ROM shows the wires numbered 49, 50, 51 & 52, the key tells you which colour corresponds with which number, I assembled in numerical order to match terminal numbers 1-4 on the switch, oh no, turns out you need to look on the diagram where it shows them assembled in the order you give, thank you very much, a huge relief. The washer motor is also fixed, a dodgy earth terminal on the loom extension I'd made as the AS loom wiring doesn't reach the vertical terminals on aftermarket pumps, all good now.
  7. iani

    Wiper woes

    Thanks Mike, I didn't think the VR was the culprit here, I have had to relocate it from the back of the speedo due to using an electronic speedo conversion but it is earthed and working correctly.
  8. iani

    Wiper woes

    I have just swapped wires 1 & 3 on the wiper switch, I now get high speed on the normal position, this proves that the switch is working in both positions.
  9. iani

    Wiper woes

    I get continuity in both speed positions so I believe the switch is ok, I don't accept that both switches would fail at exactly the same time either.
  10. iani

    Wiper woes

    I received my 2nd repaired loom back from Autosparks and fitted it last week, unfortunately I am still having issues. The standard loom elements have worked ok, albeit there are discrepancies in length between the two looms and I've had to have them lengthen a couple of runs, the main areas of concern are the Hazard add-on and in the case of this 2nd loom, the washer & wiper circuit. I am not having much luck with AS support, hence my asking on here. Hazards: AS provide an after market socket which takes a cheap switch which they sell, unfortunately it doesn't suit our cars from a sty
  11. This one? https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/51910-tr6-additional-front-lights/
  12. Jenvey Heritage TB's, Emerald K6 ECU, IACV & MAP sensor
  13. I am in the middle of refurbing two Type 16 callipers, one is a 16P, the other is a 16PB. I know what the differences are supposed to be, different pistons & associated seals, however, both callipers had the type 16PB pistons & seals fitted. On inspection, both callipers have the same piston apertures, the outer lip is plain and has no groove to retain the seal, I thought the type 16P had a groove here, am I right? If that groove is missing I suppose I should just rebuild both as type 16PBs, just a pity as I've already bought two 16P pistons & a seal kit.
  14. The workshop manual has an illustration of all the dashboard wiring with a legend that shows what wires go where, I numbered all of my terminals before fitting the loom. There are also illustrations in the WSM showing the switch terminal positions, good luck.
  15. Peter managed to give me a 36% bhp increase on my GT6 this morning in a rolling road session, I have one of his heads on my TR6 too, he does good work.
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