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  1. OSF suspension rebuild completed, car now back on road, for what it's worth these days.
  2. Here are mine in blue, I removed the rheostat and just joined the wires together.
  3. As I can't drive the car I might as well take it off the road again, this time the O/S/F suspension, I've got it all apart today, apart from the two inner fulcrum pin bolts, clearance issues engine side, they're tomorrow's problem.
  4. Yes, if the stalk is still in the on position the OD will re-engage on entering the new gear. This situation can be avoided if you buy an OD Logic Controller.
  5. Fitted blue LED's to my instruments, they have blue filters so much better than green, I have removed the rheostat too so max brightness. I also fitted a new dash, complete with additional gauge hole, Tomorrow I'm going to put the interior back in and hopefully get to drive the car and check out my new gearbox & OD.
  6. It works, I'd wired it up correctly but I'd only just put the Earth clamp on the terminal, not tightened it up. Once the Earth clamp was tightened the car fired just fine, all seems well for now. My new dash should arrive tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing it all together again.
  7. Thanks John, this agrees with what I'd found elsewhere, I have wired the switch up accordingly and whilst moving to position one does power things up, turning to the starting position turns things off, release key power is back, the fun continues.
  8. Whilst my gearbox is out I decided to tidy up the wiring behind the dash. A PO had converted the car from its original plinth mounted ignition switch to a later column mounted one. The wiring conversion used the standard extension wiring kit, however there are a couple of oddities. The Brown/White wire that originally connected to the dash switch has been extended, however, the lunar connector has been cut off inside the spiral wrap around the extension loom. As the pic shows, a Red wire has been run and this connects into one of the small tags on the Ammeter, both original Brown/White wires are still connected to the Ammeter so I don't see why they would have done this? The Yellow wire is another oddity, it runs to a Brown/Blue wire that I believe comes from the headlight light stalk. I could use a straightforward conversion table between the later style ignition switch to the earlier style, does anyone have one? I have looked in the manual but it isn't clear enough for me :-) Ian
  9. Gary Bates (TRGB) had me set my Bosch style pump to 95psi when I was running the Lucas injection and it worked just fine.
  10. Gearbox out, now having a stab at neatening the wiring mess.
  11. iani

    Fuse one blowing

    New voltage regulator fitted, all wiring connections checked and all seems well, for now at least.
  12. Gearbox & OD coming out on Saturday morning, swapping for recon units from Pete Cox. Whilst out I'm looking to tidy up some dash wiring (having got it all working tonight), new dash inbound from Classical Dash too so have to take the dash out anyway.
  13. No, my car came with a later wheel, I fitted the earlier wheel & hub without any difficulty, you will need the longer horn push though. Ian
  14. Does this look like the correct gear knob for an early '69 car William? I bought it as being for an early CP but I've also seen mention of them having a round ball type one, I have both so no issue for me.
  15. Thanks chaps, an interesting array of opinions, my loom is a rats nest of PO added wiring, further complicated by my adding the EFI wires. I think I’m best off replacing the lot of it. Ian
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