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  1. iani

    Pi set up

    I will be changing my head soon, I have a new cam going in at the same time, I see that the cam manufacturer, Newman states "There is no need to run the engine at 3000 RPM for 20 minutes. Just treat the engine as if it was new for the 100 miles then off you go." I've seen the 20 mins advice in several places, it's hard to know what is right!
  2. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Thanks John, I am using Magnecor KV85 leads, I’m fairly sure they aren’t copper.
  3. When (if) we have a trade deal with the USA I'm hopeful we can import good quality parts into the UK without the exorbitant taxes we currently face.
  4. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    I don't seem to have a problem now Roger, the car is driving fine, I have set the PRV to the pressure given by the company selling the conversion kit. I show 12.8v at the pump with the lights & fan on, I don't have a radio to turn on, that power is supplied by a direct feed, not the original wiring.
  5. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    I'm shortly going to be changing the head & cam Waldi, I intend putting the car on a rolling road afterwards to have the fuelling set correctly, the place I am going to is familiar with injected Triumph's and is used by Jigsaw Racing routinely.
  6. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Gary told me that this style of pump cannot cope with the higher pressure, here are the spec's of the pump: HI OTP019 Out-Tank Fuel Injection Pump Fittings In:- 15 Fittings Out:- 12x1.5 Banjo Stub Pump:- P3019.1 Voltage:- 12v Flow Ltr/Hr (Max):- 270 Flow Ltr/Hr @ 3 Bar (44psi):-210 Flow Ltr/Hr @ 5 Bar (73psi):- 186 Location To Tank (Mtrs) 0.6 Length (mm):- 195 Diameter (mm):- 58 The low rate would seem to be reducing at higher pressure from these. Ian
  7. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Gary Bates (TRGB) told me to go for 95, the 104 figure is for a Lucas pump
  8. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Having got the car running ok, my fuel pump woes were still there, after a few mins of running the pump would start screaming and the car would cutout. I called TRGB who supplied it and spoke with Gary Bates, on his advice I checked the fuel pressure and discovered that the garage who had fitted the reconditioned/new PI kit to my car had set the PRV to 128psi, this is far more than the Bosch style pumps can supply and more than a Lucas pump would have needed anyway. I reduced the pressure to 95psi and the pump is working fine without any noise, I just have to hope that the pump hasn't been damaged.
  9. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Hi John, I swapped the Petronix out for a Powerspark unit this morning and the car started fine, therefore its the Petronix and I've wasted money on a new coil, cap & rotor, at least I have spares now. I've had the Petronix for 11 months and it has a 30 month warranty, I guess I'll have to ship it back to the US. Ian
  10. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Tried new DD rotor arm tonight, no change, fitted new dizzy cap, no change, no spark.
  11. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Nothing had been touched when the problem started, the old coil has been removed, cleaned & replaced with no difference.
  12. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    I didn’t get home until 7pm last night Waldi so no time to check, Having looked at the Pertronix website I see I can test by running a lead from battery + direct to the red wire from the dizzy, that will test the HT circuit. I have also ordered a cheap powerspark unit to see if that works, would be useful to have it as a spare if it proves unnecessary.
  13. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    I also tested No1 and it is fine too.
  14. iani

    Fuel Pump Woes

    New coil arrived tonight, fitted it and...nothing, car still doesn't start, no spark.
  15. My car is CP26093 and has the same plate as yours does, no mention of Leyland.
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