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  1. Hi Harry, Do you have any pics of the heat shield you made? Ian
  2. There's some useful info here: https://www.chriswitor.com/technical.php
  3. Thanks Tom, my engine is all assembled now so I’ll see how I get on with the PH2, I have a Phoenix manifold and their single pipe system, hopefully the results will be acceptable, if I need to change the cam I cam I will do. Ian
  4. The Emerald ECU is optionally supplied with a base map Jochem, I asked for this. I'd missed you asking where I got the manifold from, it came from Racestorations and is unbranded. Ian
  5. The cylinder head is from Peter Burgess and is his "Fast Road" spec', the Cam is a Newman PH2. The block is bored to +30 and the rotating assembly has been balanced/lightened, assembled with ARP head bolts & flywheel bolts. Ian
  6. Doesn’t seem to be there
  7. I've been using this manifold for the last year Roger, it was ok with the Triumph TB's, I'll have to see how it works with the Racestorations inlet. Ian
  8. Trial fitting today, had to do a fair bit of grinding to get the inlet manifold to sit nicely with the Phoenix exhaust manifold. I then had to drill holes in the inlets for the air bypass valves, easily done but I was very concerned about ruining the TB’s. Next area to look at s the fuel plumbing, that’s tomorrow’s job. Ian
  9. Looks good Lee, I hope you get the engine sorted soon.
  10. Thanks chaps, I’ll put some engineers blue on the exhaust manifold offer up the inlet and see how much of a problem I’m looking at.
  11. Before I start grinding, has anyone else experienced difficulty fitting a Phoenix exhaust manifold & a Weber inlet manifold? It looks like I'm going to have to remove some material off the lower edges to allow the inlet to fit. Ian
  12. My delivery from Jenvey arrived yesterday, my Weber manifold from Racestorations arrived today, the best news is that my engine is ready for collection tomorrow, another three months and I might be on the road again! Ian
  13. Thanks chaps, I did speak with Emerald and I have a set of 45’s arriving today, the manifold will hopefully also arrive today, I just need the engine to be ready now. Ian
  14. My engine rebuild has taken a long time, so long that my thought process around an EFI conversion has taken a few twists & turns! Despite having amassed almost all the parts to go down the single TB route, I now find myself with a new job and have decided that I want to use the Jenvey Heritage TB's. I have ordered a Weber manifold and this will arrive next week, I know the Heritage TB's are in stock, my only question is whether I should go for the 40's or the 45's. I have two questions however, which size TB have people gone for? I am leaning towards the 45 as this matches the current PI TB size, also, have other users utilised the idle air valve tappings? I have an Emerald K6 ECU and an IACV available, I would like to use the IACV if possible. Ian
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