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  1. You don't have to use relays, they will primarily protect the switch from high currents. Not all reflectors are created equal. Wipac are awful compared to Cibie. If the bulbs are old you could try some 'Nightbreakers' or equivalent as well as doing what Pete suggests. LED's are worth investigating as the current is much reduced. Jerry
  2. Different issue Jim. Pad knock-off which some seem to experience. Jerry.
  3. Adrian, you need to start a new thread for this question. as I presume you are referring to a live axle 4, not an IRS 4A. Jerry
  4. I would stick with GL4 in diff & box - why take the risk? Jerry
  5. Always an education, thanks Mick. Agreed, they do look good. Jerry
  6. Curious, it was one of the obvious differences when I replaced wires with alloys. Far less crashing & bashing. Jerry
  7. If they are not handed, wouldn't that make them illegal? Jerry
  8. I only met Diane a couple of times, but what a lovely lady. Keep strong. Jerry Vincent
  9. Thanks for the support Hamish and all the other TR members especially local North London group. Jerry
  10. I read 'bonding' as welding - must read things more carefully. Jerry
  11. Isn't that fairly normal ? Not something I'd worry about. Jerry
  12. The Historic status is for road tax. The MoT exemption is entirely different and I think you have to apply for. I haven't, as I prefer to be MoT'd. Jerry
  13. I think that's a fairly standard way to repair door skins when the bottom has rotted. Certainly at least one of mine was done that way. Jerry
  14. I am undertaking a 100 mile cycle for the charity Pancreatic Cancer and really need your sponsorship. Please follow the link to my donation page to find out why, and then make sure you forward to all your contacts: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JerryVincent This is happening in less than two weeks - do it now or you'll only forget. Jerry Vincent - TR owner since 1979
  15. It'll be a doddle after your MX5 twincam. It's all in the manual. Just need a timing disc (a dial gauge is useful but not essential). Note that the cam sprocket gives you small variations by using the alternate bolt holes. Jerry
  16. jerrytr5

    Engine out

    Engine & box out together. You'll lose far more time and skin from your knuckles separating them in-situ, and then trying to re-align and get all the bellhousing bolts done up. Why do Triumphs have so many bellhousing bolts? As for John, surely taking the bonnet off the Vitesse will only take 10 mins and make life so much easier. Jerry
  17. I think the screw cap was deleted for later cars, you've got a 4A and a 6 one there I'd guess. Jerry
  18. Many use Dot5 quite happily and enjoy the anti-corrosive properties. Others have mixed experiences and prefer to stick with Dot 4 or 5.1. I'm on the Dot5.1 side of the fence. Jerry
  19. I think mine was cream (it originally had a white surrey), before I painted it black. Jerry
  20. It is important to bed in the brakes, but what type of pads have you installed? If they are race pads they won't work until they're hot anyway. Jerry
  21. jerrytr5

    UJ bolts

    No, mild steel will not do. Must be HT and nyloc nuts. Jerry
  22. I think I must be missing something obvious too - how could you do it without dropping the diff? As Roger says, check the front diff mounting plate too. Jerry
  23. jerrytr5

    Bike rack

    I use a tow-bar mounted one. The boot hinges wouldn't be man enough for anything attached to the boot, in my opinion. You'll likely want additional lights as two bikes obscure them across the back, so you'll be needing the tow socket too. Jerry
  24. Can't help with the stray wire, although I wouldn't have thought it would be indicator related in that position. If you have a bad earth in a light unit all sorts of odd things happen, like illuminating another bulb. Check all your earths and add extra ones if necessary. Jerry
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