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  1. Thank you Mike, Stuart. I've decided to go with the Clarke 170 unit. I do rather like the Chronos products but by a very small margin went for Clarke, mainly because of the mounting system. Having said that, I might have to do a bit of fettling to use it on my desk anyway. Nothing will be lost if that doesn't work out as my son has already laid claim to it if I can't use it! If this happens, I'll bite the bullet and go Chronos. Thanks again gents. Pierre
  2. I am looking for a bright, compact non-industrial light that I can use on a desk or dining table to help with those little fiddly jobs that come along from time to time. Not too fussed about lamp style (eg LED, fluorescent, etc). I don't want it to be obviously industrial as it will be used in the house and not the garage. I am sure I'm not alone in such a need so would be grateful for any advice or suggestions as to what has worked for others. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Hi Suzanne, Roger We spotted you this morning on the A14 stretch and waved as we went past in an Alfa. Couldn't use the TR as we've just about used up our 'insurance mileage' this year - 7500 isn't enough. Coincidentally, we saw you on the return trip as well! You popped up behind us on the A1065 just north of Fakenham and had the pleasure of following us all the way down to Lakenheath where traffic lights caught you. Our car was the grey Giulietta with a reg number ending in FDC. We'd had a great day on the beach at Holkham and Wells. Last of the warm summer days, maybe??
  4. Out with friends for a cuppa. Guess where?
  5. Last Sunday was when the Lea Valley Group.the Chiltern Group plus a couple from the North London Group visited the Fawley Hill Steam Railway Museum near Henley. Good to see and hear the train fly up the 1 in 14 slope.
  6. Spoke too soon - it's come back!!! Grrrrr.
  7. Hi Rob Very many thanks for the pointer. It seems to be working OK for me now - what a relief! The area indicated by you is close to one that I was investigating but shied away from entering into a Settings area labelled 'Developer Tools'. I know a bit about computers but that seemed a little too deep into the weeds for comfort. Anyway, I dived in, followed the instructions and seem to have fixed it. You are right to think it associated with caches and the like. Looking through all the correspondence and other stuff, it seems as though the original problem came into existence pretty recently as a result of a software upgrade - now where have we heard that before? Anyway, it wasn't anything to do with a dodgy email, it seems. Finally, very many thanks again - another example of the depth of expertise and helpfulness that is available on this forum.
  8. Apologies for this but I seem to have opened a dodgy email and since then can't really get into my Hotmail emails. Having entered the account name and password, all I get is a short message that is at best unhelpful, viz [object ReadableByteStream], as per the attached photo. Can't get to the emails - or anything else in Hotmail. Can anybody out there help me out on this?
  9. There is a skirt fitted to the bottom edge of the Windbreaker in my car and it extends down to the floor. It does a reasonable job but be aware that the flow of air will still blow forward between the seats unless the bottom edge of the skirt is fixed low down or on the floor. I've found that fitting the hooked strips of Velcro did not grip on the carpet. I have found though, that putting stuff down behind the seats does a pretty good job of keeping the skirt in place. Although the air flow is much less, be aware also that air can flow forwards between the seat and the B-pillar are of the body - try making the skirt wide enough the reduce this tendency. The only downside to all this is that access to the back shelf is quite limited when the hood is up.
  10. I can recommend highly something called Captain Tolley's crack cure - it certainly worked for me when I experienced the same wet leg problem. Some years ago and when suffering the wet leg problem, I replaced the windscreen and rubber not for that reason but because the screen was a toughened glass screen and was probably original, as under certain conditions (driving in the rain and dark), was becoming increasingly annoying because of surface imperfections. While the screen was out, I could see the bodywork was in good condition. Sadly, I still got a wet leg in the rain. Basically, I lifted the rubber away from the outside of the screen and dripped the fluid down inside the rubber. After a little while, I could see some of it coming into the interior past the rubber seal - easy to see as it is light blue in colour. When dry, it is clear and can't be seen. I did this twice to be sure and have never had a problem since - and that was about 3 years ago. Might work for you as well. Pierre
  11. Yesterday at the Silverstone Classic with 4 other LVG TRs. A bit damp - although dry for the parade lap for the TR6 birthday.
  12. My CR has working rear side repeaters and the wiring/installation looks original (well, it looks pretty old anyway).
  13. Sunday at Kimbolton Country Fayre, along with 11 Camb Followers, plus many hundreds of other classics. Very popular event with something for everyone - even 'stunt' horses were on show! Flypasts by a BBMF Hurricane were short but sweet.
  14. Same here,Steve. The earth side connection from the side of the bulb to the car is via the spring prongs mounted on a ring that is held in contact with the holder side connector by the plastic body. I haven't been able to see a 'proper' electrical contact - it looks just like a pressure contact. When you consider the force required to fit or especially to remove the holder from car, it is no wonder that the contact becomes unreliable.
  15. Came back a week ago from 3 weeks in Italy when the afternoon day temperature every day was 35-40degC. Suffered two occasions of cavitation causing the engine to stop. On both occasions, it was after about an hours driving and with the fuel tank around 1/3 full. Not sure if it is relevant but on both occasions, we were fairly high in the Apennines - I'd guess at somewhere around 1500m or a bit more. Boot was packed with stuff so the Bosch pump down in the wheel well could get no air circulation at all. Emptied the boot and spent half an hour admiring the views before carrying on.
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