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  1. Darn good job our cars don't weigh 500T!
  2. Best thing I've read since reading about selling a caravan!!
  3. To make it free only to members, could the info not be made available in the 'members only' part of the website - including a facility to download onto an MS computer such that it can be printed, as a PDF file maybe? Presumably, the master version is in a proper database programme such as Access or Excel - there are many of them around - so could be translated into PDF or some other common format, at the press of a button. Although I never had to actually use it, I have carried a paper version of the 2005 guide (now outdated, but it was when I got it anyway) on several foreign trips
  4. Yep, spent many a cheap night out playing pinball in a small gang. It was all down to flipper timing. The owner used to get a bit cheesed off at how often we could get replays, but overall I think he was happy that passers-by would be more likely to enter if there were customers already in there. The place was (and still is) close to Deal beach and was definitely warmer and often drier than being outside! It's also not far from where there used to be a decent coffee bar where we practised the well known art of making a single coffee last for hours. It was a classy place - at the time -
  5. Yes Rob. As a result of this thread, I've already decided that a lamp across the fan contacts is what is needed to give a little more assurance, although checking the temp gauge is the always the fall back, even if potentially a little late. Pierre
  6. Just a little word of caution regarding lamps that are part of the switch, as is the case with mine. I know it is obvious and is covered indirectly by the discussion above but the lamp comes on to indicate that the switch has been operated, not that the supply has been connected to the device. This was made very apparent to me when stuck in a traffic jam in France on a very hot day (not a little embarrassing). No matter how many times i operated the switch, the fan didn't come on and the temp gauge refused to indicate lower. The reason was that the blade style fuse carrying the current to
  7. No picture to offer, but I'd really like to get my hands on a badge that i had back in 1965, In 62, I joined the RAF as a Locking apprentice and bought a 102nd Entry badge. However in 66 after a drive from Kent to near Stamford, I found that the enamel part of the badge had dropped off. Never seen another since and would really like another, but I doubt many still exist, given that probably no more than a dozen or so were ever produced. Still, I live in hope. The entry motto was 'Perseverance leads to success'!
  8. I'll be there as a spectator along with a few other Lea Valley members. Had a good time there back in 2018, glorious weather - hoping for the same again. I'll also be repeating the opportunity to drive this iconic circuit on the Saturday morning - a chance to blow away any cobwebs and safely check that the speedo can get over 100 mph. Doesn't do much for fuel consumption though! See you there maybe John.
  9. Good afternoon Nige It would be worth checking the 'speedo repair' thread in the General TR Technical section on this forum. For what it's worth my Dec 72 car also suffered that problem a while ago, degenerating to the point where at the end of a journey, the needle would come to rest in the fully clockwise position, stopped from going further only by the stop peg on the dial. Sorted out very rapidly by John Ostick, once I had overcome angle drive concerns and difficulty in ensuring good simultaneous engagement of the cable inner drive to both the speedo and the angle drive. My spe
  10. Stuart is absolutely correct (as usual). This has happened to me twice - on the same connection: Top of the metal pipe between the bottom of the radiator and the water pump - on a TR6. This is a quick but messy way of emptying the cooling system.
  11. I gave up on the door card clips and use chrome headed screws. Yes, more holes in the door but so much easier. The shiny screw heads go well with the rest of the 'cockpit', black with shiny handles, inc TR4 door pulls, etc. And as for those handle springs, mine have been cut to make it a little easier to fit the handle retaining pins.
  12. I'd say stick with Damson, but if you decide red is more sellable, then consider Pimento Red, one of the less common shades, often inviting comment(usually positive although some people do not like the hint of orange in certain lights. As has been said above however, it's all in the eyes of whoever has the money. It's your car!
  13. I know this is all bout cars, but did anyone else look at the 'Mountain of Hell' downhill on a bike video. I was breathless just watching it!!
  14. Spilling a drink onto a laptop is a problem experienced by many, including me, with a full glass of red wine. Fortunately, most of which was recovered after a quick switch off by emptying the computer up over a bowl - Well it was a good wine! Essentially, the laptop also survived OK after drying out in the airing cupboard for about 5 days. The sole after effect was an occasional lack of response when using the 'C' key - a problem that cleared itself after another 3-4 weeks.
  15. I don't do lights but offer these instead:
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