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  1. Hi, could the speedo readings be affected by a non standard gear box? Just a thought Ken
  2. Thank you Andy. This forum doesn’t have a “thank you” icon like some, ie the RSSC forum. I guess it’s what the particular platform used incorporates. Ken
  3. Thank you Rob, I will take your advice as you seem to have experience of TR2 heads. The image probably makes the corrosion look less deep than it is but, you have convinced me. Kind Regards Ken. Also as Bob suggests; a light skim. Many thanks.
  4. Hi, I was caught by this scam, I went against my rule of; not buying from sellers with low transaction history and poor feedback. Ebay seller gave me a tracking number (Royal Mail) and item was marked as delivered next day. I contacted seller who said sorry, a mix up with tracking numbers and gave me a new one, this time Hermes. They, Hermes new company had no package and didn't recognised my post code for delivery. I contacted seller and then noticed a new negative feedback saying; fake tracking number scam, eBay refunded. (same item I had purchased. The seller then change
  5. As I will be rebuilding the engine when the time comes, ( too many things on my list before that) is welding and resurfacing of the head something that is usually done? I wouldn't want to be driving around with the nagging thought that the gasket would fail after a rebuild if I'd left the head as is. I don't know any engine rebuilders to ask. Ken.
  6. Thank you all, interesting that the consensus is; if the gasket seals just use it. Maybe that crud I dug out was indeed “ Hermetal” or some other goo. I will of course look very closely for cracks. Thanks for the reply’s. ken.
  7. Hello, I post this on general as my question could relate to other cars than TR2. The head on this engine had crud in the corrosion holes shown in the image. Could this have been Hermetal or similar? I would not have thought that was a bodge used on water way corrosion on heads. Is this damage repairable with welding and resurfacing or should I search out a better low port head? Or even upgrade, but then my inlet manifold would not match I assume. I have another head which I think was the original but, that is also corroded in the same area. Regards Ken.
  8. Hi, out of interest.... what colour is your car? Primrose or some sort of cream? The battery does look good BTW. Cheers Ken.
  9. Thanks Stuart, saved me from going nuts! Dexion must have sold metric and unified bolts and nuts. I’ve got some TR nuts, bolts and cages I bought 25-30 years ago but when I moved house 22 years ago I misplaced them. I think I must have used some Dexion bolts to slave panels on 25 odd years ago, that’s how come they got mixed up with the few proper bolts I can find. Many thanks Ken.
  10. Hi, were tr2/3 bolts ever sold like the attached photo? I’m wondering if I’ve got my TR bolts I bought years ago mixed up with some Dexion bolts. I have some Dexion bolts in course metric thread but the ones I’m confused about are unified threads, the nuts are shiny plated. Thanks in advance Ken. IMG_8889.HEIC
  11. Your pic isn't the best but... it looks like the deck and wing flanges are touching at their lowest edges meaning; they need dressing in to increase the angles so they mate at the top. ken
  12. Has no one ever used a tr6 or 4 or 5 to tow a car? I just want to know where to attach the rope. I only need to pull my volvo onto the level area of the driveway, about 20 feet. cheers ken
  13. Hi, is it possible to use a tr6 for towing? All i want to do is pull my volvo 940 up my inclined driveway, about 5 metres. What I need to know is where to attach a tow rope. I need to avoid damaging the rear valance on the TR. Thanks ken.
  14. ken foster


    I would write to them explaining their error; if that's what it is. You never know....one day you may want to travel to London. I would be concerned that their mistake might cause other hit ups, like... my car is not on the police database as tax/mot exempt. ken
  15. ken foster


    Hi, vehicles in historic class, that's over 40 years old, are exempt from ulez. That's as I understand it, a quick google should verify this. As you received a letter; could it be that your car is an import or for some reason not registered as historic and therefore not over 4o years of age on the dvla database. Regards Ken
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