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  1. I have post this in an other tread.. this is from a TR4 1962 fitted with SU H6, it gives you just a idea... note; 22-5-2019 to 27-5-2019 5 day's Yorkshire dales and mores trip. Marcel.
  2. Eli, a TR3 is a sportscar, drive it like a sportscar... then you have a smile on your face! The table gives you a picture of mine TR4 in real live.... Marcel.
  3. Eli, I have a TR4, on short local trips 1 liter/ 7,5 to 8.9 km, mixed use 1;10 high-way (peagé) only speed 80 mijl (125km/u) in 4 overdrive top down 1;12 real life excel-sheet.... Marcel
  4. Yesterday evening our first meeting this year 'only here for the beer'.... Marcel.
  5. Thanks a lot, for your input. @ John - Jerry, i had not think about the jubilee clip (before strip down) @ Roger - Marco a had try it with the pliers, but i did it the wrong way.... Thanks Marco for the video, it looks so easy.... I wish that i had see it before ... Groeten Marcel.
  6. Hi Al, Yesterday some work to the steering column...dismantling no problem. But to put the flexible coupling in place was a nightmare..... one bolt came in very easy number two was a struggle...until I had an idea to taper the end of the bolt. Then it was done, easily. Just a question: On what site is the indicator release on the steering column positioned, switch side (pic) or against? Marcel.
  7. Maybe the fold down windscreen can flip over, and there is a bar? In the box for the grill are campinggas bottles mounted? Marcel.
  8. it is mounted with a small (fabric)seam between chrome capping and tank deck. The original part is slightly smaller and better in shape. Marcel.
  9. Hi Roger, none of the parts sellers have it in the catalog, as far as I know....only the lower rear is listed... Yesterday i noticed it for the first time .... (in 30 years time, that i have that flyer....) So maybe it was never went into production. Marcel.
  10. Looking to the well-known advertising finder from Triumph , the red TR 4 with the dog... I noticed that it has chrome beading at the front valance. Is it only fitted by the 'pre productie' or advertisement? Cheers Marcel.
  11. Tom if you compare your settings with the measurements of mine setup (see pic's). What are the numbers of your block, inlet manifold, valve cover? Marcel.
  12. Hi Alister My alternator has a pulley in two pieces, so i have wider the pulley. an other plus is that it is easy to fit the wide belt. No special mounting set needed.... just the right alternator.... Marcel.
  13. First rally and meeting in 2021 of our TRCH Regio 4 in Nederland. Just a 150 km trip and time for a beer....
  14. Marco Have a look at this; https://www.britishcarforum.com/community/threads/folding-a-tr4a-soft-top.72576/ Groeten, Marcel
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