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  1. Last drive of the year. First some fresh petrol (BP 98 oct E5) then a drive to the fields. Temp just above freezing, no wind and a lot of sunshine! upto next year! Marcel.
  2. Top down - 1 feb 2019- fresch snow during the night... take the TR4 out for a ride to work with a smile ... and some people that look surprised to me.... Marcel
  3. Hi Buck, I have fitted CSI electronic ignition in april 2018, have traveled more than 10k miles across Europe to now and i am very pleased. (fit and forget). The CSI has the same look as the original distribution (Not the shiny 123 looks) Also a Lucas Alternator and wide fan belt. i used the pulley that came with the Alternator because it was a detachable/split one,edit a few shims to it for the right size of the fan belt. It also makes fitting a new fan belt easy. (just take the frontend of the pulley off) Marcel.
  4. Jo, just store them in your garage. It is a original option to your early TR4 (1961?). Marcel
  5. Nigel, The T-Tracs are different from build structure (normal use) , Sprint Classic is a higher quality rate of sport/ tire/ compound that they use for it. (and different sidewalls construction). Marcel.
  6. A other reason for a electric pump maybe the change of E10 (more than 10% ethanol in petrol) and less problems with the rubber- membrane in the original fuel pump. Marcel.
  7. Happy to hear that you are on the road again, have a nice trip. First lesson when help is needed; Post it on this forum! Marcel.
  8. AJ, maybe the france tr club can help you, or some of them as Marc R is posting on this forum can help ( translating)... succes, Marcel. ps. did you have a good internetconnection?
  9. Aj some dealers near montpelier: maybe it helps Marcel. PRESTIGE AUTOMOBILE : Concessionnaire LAND ROVER ... https://pros.lacentrale.fr/C041362/ Voir les véhicules d'occasion à MONTPELLIER chez PRESTIGE AUTOMOBILE - Un large choix de véhicules disponibles. Jaguar Land Rover Montpellier - Béziers- Nîmes - Rodez - Valence https://www.groupe-grim.com/jaguar-land-rover/ Concessionnaire Jaguar Land Rover Montpellier - Jaguar Land Rover Béziers- Jaguar Land Rover Nîmes - Jaguar Land Rover Rodez - Jaguar Land Rover ... Land-Rover occasion à Montpellier (34000) : annonces achat, vente ... https://www.paruvendu.fr/a/voiture-occasion/land-rover/montpellier/ Trouvez votre Land-Rover d'occasion à Montpellier (34000) parmi nos 27 annonces gratuites de véhicules de particuliers et pros sur ParuVendu.fr. Land rover occasion Montpellier et du 34 - Auto-selection.com https://www.auto-selection.com/voiture-occasion/land-rover-montpellier.html Land rover Montpellier : acheter une voiture Land rover occasion à Montpellier et dans le 34, mise en vente sur Auto Sélection.
  10. To day and sunday Concours d Elegance Paleis Soestdijk Nederland https://www.facebook.com/concourselegancenl/?epa=SEARCH_BOX https://www.concourselegance.com/ yesterday clubstand buildup. Marcel
  11. Marco, that are interesting results, looking forward as Roger suggest, adding some water, and some rubber parts (sealings)....and shake. Marcel.
  12. Hi Murray, In the Netherlands there is also a guy who did the same. http://tr6.verweijfamily.nl/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=aanpassingen:triple_stromberg Sheers Marcel.
  13. Quicksilver


    Leda, it is not only the colour that matter. colour can change in use. G11 not ok G12 not ok G12+ is Ok (is mixable ) (mosty pink) G13 (G12++) not ok http://tr6.verweijfamily.nl/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=aanpassingen:koelvloeistof ps. sorry the link is in dutch ..... Marcel
  14. Touring in France. From the France Ardennes to the Grand Massif (Auvergne - Cantal - Puy Mary). Seen some TR's on the road last week and yesterday (15-7-2019) a green TR3a lincense plate CC-230-?? On Puy Mary meet some people withe old bikes to. Marcel
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