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  1. it is not all about the car.... it is the driver that make's the difference.. and you can make a lot of fun whit a lot less money to....
  2. Hamish; like this one? ; https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10753314?cId=10532784&cId=10753292&cId=10753314&cId=10832955&cId=10968250&cId=10768351&cId=10562155&cId=10722192&cId=10044210&cId=10966101&cId=10524277&cId=10509454&cId=10852961&cId=10531739 Marcel
  3. @ Jeffr, indeed, that was what I meant. Thanks. Marcel.
  4. I have just fitted a new one (because the old didn't match with the Rallytripmetre) so out of the box into the car.... no problem so far .... Marcel. ( p.s. delivered by bastuck)
  5. Saterday 26, we did the 22 ste Memorial Maus Gatsonides by the TR Club Holland. Marcel.
  6. Here is an other cockpit of a TR4 from the MMG last saterday. I wonder of the alu-dash is not blinking during a nightrally... Marcel.
  7. It was a great success, it is true what you say about ' leren fietsen' . We finished first in our klasse. Zero penalty's for RC's or TC's ! (click on the picture) here is a link for more picture's of the MMG ;
  8. Oké here it is, almost the same as showed earlier. Except the iphone tripmeter, the lumiloupe and some markers. The iphone tripmetre as backup for the GTI-Rallytwin because it was a tight fit Friday night to make it work.... and luckily didn't let me down. and the results are 1ste in Tourklasse with no missing RC's 0 and TC's 0 excellent work of the navigator.... (Gea, my better half)
  9. When we first start whit this kind of auto-sport, we had only the tacho-meter in mijls ( we have km in Nederland) so that was an challenge.. After a few rally's we install two cycle tachos, each with a switch for the navigator and one for the driver (is still in use). So the problem of the three second to zero/ re-zero is solved by change of the tachos by switching between trip 1 and trip 2. When trip1 is counted you have time to re-zero trip 2 is then ready for action... And when you like this kind of sport, then it is well worth to invest in a proper tripmeter because it is much more fun f
  10. @ Nigel This Saturday sept 26 is our first rally in 7 years... so hopefully we didn't forget our skills of driving and navigation.... I
  11. This is what we have in the TR4; GTI rally-twin ( mechanic like Halda)- 3 counter stopwatch- 1 clock- 1 stopwatch on clipboard. thats all... Marcel.
  12. The Triumph TR4 (Soft Top) model had a unique Hood Frame Storage Area integrated into the Bulkhead Area. Most of the time I just take care to fold the hood per the driver's manual, and store it behind the seats or if it is for a longer time behind the trimpannel by the fuel tank causing. Marcel.
  13. @ Ian It is a maybe... i think you are right it is corrosion protection. and when i park the TR somewhere, when we leave then there is a' little spot mark' on the tarmac that says " I was here"!..... Marcel.
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