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  1. a lot of car for 26500 (i think a bargain for that rally TR4 ) Marcel
  2. Auction closed , reserve met, car sold to.....? Marcel
  3. The toolkit and metrinch set in this place for about 20 years.... that scruffy plate might be an idea! When parking the TR, most of the time it is covered with the tonneau which is always in on the car..... Marcel ps. having the toolkit in the footwell compartment, is just a matter of convenience whilst travelling/camping with a fully packed car. Always easy access to this kit, you only have to convince your navigator to give way... And no unloading of the trunk, like some of our friends had to do last year (see photo). However, it was quite convenient to have a break down in front of a pub.
  4. Not in the boot, but in the passenger footwell compartment. An mertrinch set with sockets and spanners, the toiletbag with the other stuff.... When not in use it is an footrest/support for the navigator... Marcel.
  5. Hi Phil, I think it is no problem that the fan is cooling (thermo switch)when the ignition is off. It stops when the temperature is cooling down. Normally the temperature rise when you stop the car and stop the engine, so when the fan kicks in, the cooling starts also for the engine compartment and blow away the hot air. Marcel.
  6. Hi Andy, i following your process/ upgrade of the heater fan with great interest. maybe this is the route for my to, to improve the fan capacity. Marcel.
  7. Hi Marco, 5 speed modification toyota? It looks a bit longer/gearshift a bout 20 cm to the rear? looking forward to see the progres..... Marcel.
  8. No local evening 'We"er only here for the beer " (corona) just a small drive at sunset tonight. Marcel.
  9. Last drive of the year. First some fresh petrol (BP 98 oct E5) then a drive to the fields. Temp just above freezing, no wind and a lot of sunshine! upto next year! Marcel.
  10. Top down - 1 feb 2019- fresch snow during the night... take the TR4 out for a ride to work with a smile ... and some people that look surprised to me.... Marcel
  11. Hi Buck, I have fitted CSI electronic ignition in april 2018, have traveled more than 10k miles across Europe to now and i am very pleased. (fit and forget). The CSI has the same look as the original distribution (Not the shiny 123 looks) Also a Lucas Alternator and wide fan belt. i used the pulley that came with the Alternator because it was a detachable/split one,edit a few shims to it for the right size of the fan belt. It also makes fitting a new fan belt easy. (just take the frontend of the pulley off) Marcel.
  12. Jo, just store them in your garage. It is a original option to your early TR4 (1961?). Marcel
  13. Nigel, The T-Tracs are different from build structure (normal use) , Sprint Classic is a higher quality rate of sport/ tire/ compound that they use for it. (and different sidewalls construction). Marcel.
  14. A other reason for a electric pump maybe the change of E10 (more than 10% ethanol in petrol) and less problems with the rubber- membrane in the original fuel pump. Marcel.
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