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  1. Are we talking overflow or expansion tank? What does an OEM expansion tank look like?
  2. I run an expansion tank from an RX7? kit car. 17PSI yellow cap. Plastic AKA modern. Large enough to be highest coolant level when low and allow expansion of a larger quantity of water due to wider radiator. Thermostat housing has auto-air bleed so system gas free.
  3. An old analog type meter might be better than a DVM. DVM tests at very small currents. 1mA. I have never had a problem using a DVM.
  4. It will not help using a Multimeter that can only push a couple of mA at best. Try checking with 12v and a 21/5 Watt lamp as a load.
  5. Will you take the Red or the Blue Litmus?
  6. If you race your car and need racing oil why not Castrol R40?
  7. Hi, Not all API SN oils are "Cat safe", only xW30's and below viscosity must be.
  8. Where did my Ph come from? I knew it didn't look right. Should have googled. Shame. Continue litmus go on.
  9. Hi, my understanding is that it is the Ph & not Zn that poisons the catalyst and modern xW40, xW50 & xW60 oils do not have to reduce the Ph/Zn levels. I am also very interested in Zn/Ph levels for API SD-SG oils. I cannot back up my belief they were lower than 1000PPM at this time. Still searching... Somebody will find. I always used 0W40FS M1 but moving to TQX now. Here is a 2000 mile run on M1:acuoil.pdf I had planned on doing a later 5000 mile run to compare but the car has been off the road for over a year! Maybe it's at 4K now..
  10. Hi Peter, Do you have data showing the ZDDP/ZN of the oils available in the 60's and 70's? I have seen a few and way lower than today. Thanks, Iain.
  11. Hi Mick, Here is the analysis report: Triple QX 5W40.pdf Here is the data sheet:TQX-SynPlus-FS-5W40.pdf The engine oil that was available for Triumph engines in the 60's & early 70's had way less than 1000PPM Zn/ZDDP. Anybody got a spec sheet to disprove this statement? A lot of the "classic" oils are group 1 oils with group 2+ prices. Would not use in a lawn mower. LOL. Have fun, Iain.
  12. Hi Mick, I have never seen it advertised as "CATALYST COMPATIBLE !", why would it be? Do you think it is? I also run it in a Euro 3 engine with no problems to catalyst. The data on the oil was difficult to find, but I have found the data sheet & I sent the virgin oil for analysis. I can PM what I have or post her? Iain.
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