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  1. Haha, yep each to their own and that's the beauty of TR ownership and the Register isn't it? I think that the overriding message for anyone wondering for whatever reason about efi is that it can work well and can be configured to suit personal preference. There is an initial cost of course, but then what price to pursue any special interest or hobby ?
  2. Other than the Emerald 'bits' the engine is factory standard - the head was cleaned up and re-valved at the Emerald installation time, along with a slight skim/flattening. After installation of the Emerald kit the car was set up by Emerald on their own rolling road at Watton with view to economy mapping - hence the mpg I guess (which comes mostly from E5 usage). I think the acceleration is slightly down to be fair, but I'm not too fussed about leaving my tyres behind at traffic lights nowadays - even so the car is going back to Watton soon for addition of an additional switchable map which wil
  3. I went with the full Emerald conversion on the 5 last year using triple coil wasted spark as well as jenvey heritage 'hiding' the new injectors. This replacing Prestige set-up. Now an excellent drive, no regrets whatsoever and loving the mpg of 35 to 40. Mike.
  4. To be honest I don't know the detail of how it was done.....following the installation & initial set-up the 5 was simply trailored to Emerald for the final rolling set-up. Since then it has been driving a dream, so I'm more curious than concerned but I'll ask the questions as a "nice to know" though. Cheers, Mike.
  5. Thanks Jerry, that seems to make sense. Much appreciated.
  6. I went efi last autumn (emerald) with heritage throttle bodies plus wasted spark. Final set-up was on rolling road at emerald. At conversion time I was told a lambda was not needed and I've done about 1k happy miles since. I'm now wondering if I've missed something though, so can someone explain please what extra a lambda would achieve on my setup? No point me spending money I don't need to, but I am curious. Cheers, Mike.
  7. I think there are 2 very separate issues within this. One being "cost of living pay award", and the other being any potential to financially acknowledge those who have been and who still are directly involved in an "overly hazardous environment". If the 2 issues are rolled into 1 with expectation to be solved by a higher than normal pay award for all, then those who have been in the very front line might well feel their involvement has not been sufficiently acknowledged compared to others further away from that very front line. Similarly a new recruit in the future would benefit from a "Covid"
  8. Hey that looks really, really neat. Understand your motives as well Gordon..... however my 5ft zero swmbo is unaware of it - and is likely to remain so. Cheers, Mike.
  9. Just out of interest, any ideas on what is the likely conversion cost of going from original (CP) pi to efi, against original (CP) pi to 3xwebers? Assuming all parts to be supplied, fitted and rr setup by TR specialist (ie no DIY involved).....and ignoring running costs, residual value etc.
  10. I have a WW2 jacket Irvin jacket that I treat every 2 years with Pecards antique leather dressing. That stuff is really good.
  11. Does E10 affect PI or Webers or SU's any differently? Just wondering that if E5 does become more difficult (? or even impossible) to obtain, then which fuelling system would be most resilient or easily modified - or no difference between the 3 ? Mike.
  12. That's what I've done (not too bothered about fine detail originality). I did subsequently fit a separate 'choke' cable to the fast idle - mounted below the dash - for a tenner or so. I did that simply to enable more accurate setting & running at cold start. All seems good (famous last words ).
  13. Agreed. I too bought the lock some time ago. Was fitted initially to my 4a, then transferred to the 5. Excellent item on both models, simple & effective. Mike.
  14. Mikell


    Richard - crumbs that sounds chunky. I'll add it into my thoughts - and maybe to my Santa list as well. Mike.
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