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  1. Cheers Roger - yes I bought a very nice set of metric ratchet spanners from Lidl !
  2. Thank you Rob - yes that's very much a possibility - appreciate your input All the best Matt
  3. Rob that's very helpful and informative - thank you - I set the meter to 200 (the lowest setting it has) and tried to zero the display, however the lowest it would "reset" to was 01.6 - I did then try placing the leads on the primary (with wires and HT detached ?? ) and got a reading of 04.7 ? I did the same with the meter set to 2000 - it rest to 001 and on the primary got the result of 004 - can any conclusion be reached from these readings ? other than I should invest in a better meter ! Thanks again Matt
  4. Hi Bruce - yes pretty sure that this has a resistive wire fitted - what I'm doing at the moment is pre checks prior to trying to start the Mini ! I've just found something on SimonBBC electronic ignition website - will have a read
  5. Thanks for the reply Rob - its a fairly basic Draper digital meter - with it set below 20k, I'm struggling to get any meaningful readings - also testing the terminals is for the primary coil and the positive HT lead is for the secondary ? cheers
  6. Slightly off topic - working on my 1984 Mini 25 which has a ballast wire system - The PO was a bit of a "maverick" Brake callipers fitted upside down (bleed nipples pointing down!) 2 brake compensators fitted etc, etc - because of this and as I'm working through the ignition system, can someone confirm that using a multimeter set to 20k OHMS, testing the Positive terminal and the HT lead terminal of the coil, if I get a reading above 1.5 (1500) that the COIL is a NON ballast type coil ?? The reading I get is 6.35 so I suspect that this is a standard coil (I cannot see any markings or labels
  7. Same as Ed_h and Adrian said - I made up new hardboard inserts (originals in the picture) - resprayed the metal clips and used the original studs - insert the hardboard and clips into the seat cover and then lots of pulling of the seat cover side panel to get it over the clips - make sure you do it inside so that the material is warm and supple
  8. My half penny's worth - I have a Cebora Boxer 155 - (also badged as a "Snap on") Its an excellent mid range MIG with decent supply of consumables - still come up on Ebay etc - Had a Cebora pocket MIG 130 which always seemed to be well thought of, which I didn't think much of and always struggled with - MIG welding is practise, practise and more practise (plus the correct gas, clean metal , not welding outside in a force 8 gale, etc etc ) good luck and well done for wanting to get stuck in - cheers Matt
  9. Let us know how you get on Steve - and post a pic of the Honda ! All the best
  10. steve_TR6 - message sent cheers Matt
  11. Solder or crimp - just make sure its done properly ! Working on my Austin Mini project during lock down and have spent a large amount of time trying to chase down an electrical fault to the rear off side indicator - bought this as an abandoned project - PO was a bit of a "maverick" and eventually gave up on the car (brake calipers fitted upside down - multiple brake compensator valves fitted ) - loom looked to be in excellent condition - possible even new - eventually found the problem in the rear pillar badly wrapped in electrical tape) - personally I solder brass bullets and use the ori
  12. Chris B PM sent - regards Matt
  13. Revingtons no longer do their spraying "in house" (probably not for quite a few years ) https://www.revingtontr.com/workshop-facilities
  14. on ebay US motors https://www.ebay.com/itm/1976-Triumph-TR-6-Convertible/323940974627?hash=item4b6c630023:g:IwQAAOSwerZdm5rN ebay US no. 323940974627 looks pretty solid and "honest" and cheap- even allowing for the import charges - though the lack of a title would need checking
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