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    Tacho problem

    Many thanks, I will have a look at both of those suggestions. Phil
  2. Hi, My tacho stopped working some time ago and I was advised to change the cable as these can give problems. So I changed the cable but still no reading. I removed the tacho and tried it with a spare cable direct into the distributor and hey presto it worked, so then I put it loosely back into the dash and it was still working. Once it was all screwed back together it had stopped working. I have repeated this palaver 3 times now with the same result. It has occured to me that the inner cable might be too short as there is not a lot of the "squared" end of the inner cable protruding from the outer. Has anyone else had the same problem or can offer some advice? Thanks in advance, Phil
  3. Hi, probably a bit too late but you could try Full Range Finishing in Letchworth. www.fullrangefinishing.co.uk The owner is a Register member.
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