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  1. Hey that looks really, really neat. Understand your motives as well Gordon..... however my 5ft zero swmbo is unaware of it - and is likely to remain so. Cheers, Mike.
  2. Just out of interest, any ideas on what is the likely conversion cost of going from original (CP) pi to efi, against original (CP) pi to 3xwebers? Assuming all parts to be supplied, fitted and rr setup by TR specialist (ie no DIY involved).....and ignoring running costs, residual value etc.
  3. I have a WW2 jacket Irvin jacket that I treat every 2 years with Pecards antique leather dressing. That stuff is really good.
  4. Does E10 affect PI or Webers or SU's any differently? Just wondering that if E5 does become more difficult (? or even impossible) to obtain, then which fuelling system would be most resilient or easily modified - or no difference between the 3 ? Mike.
  5. That's what I've done (not too bothered about fine detail originality). I did subsequently fit a separate 'choke' cable to the fast idle - mounted below the dash - for a tenner or so. I did that simply to enable more accurate setting & running at cold start. All seems good (famous last words ).
  6. Agreed. I too bought the lock some time ago. Was fitted initially to my 4a, then transferred to the 5. Excellent item on both models, simple & effective. Mike.
  7. Mikell


    Richard - crumbs that sounds chunky. I'll add it into my thoughts - and maybe to my Santa list as well. Mike.
  8. Mikell


    Wow, thanks so much for such a full response Alan, plenty to take on board. My interest re the battery stemmed from a pi (5) that starts on the button when hot and then runs like a dream...…...but a cold start takes many attempts with splutters before eventually firing up and then running nicely. I was used to this, but recently wasn't likely to need the car for a few weeks and so put the battery on a long term trickle charger. In fact I did use the car, and got the shock (no pun intended) of my life when having disconnected the charger the cold engine started first touch of the key. I repeated the overnight charging, and the morning starting, over several days with the same good outcome, and then deliberately didn't charge the battery overnight - next morning the poor cold starting returned. Hence my mind was focusing toward the battery issue already when I read this thread. Incidentally the battery is about 9 months old, 72ah and 610cca so I thought & hoped it ought to be man enough. Time for me to re-read your information, and have a think. Mike.
  9. Mikell


    Interesting reading this thread. So does reduced battery power to the pump bring about or worsen cold start pi problems, and if so what sort of cranking power or battery spec would be best when sourcing a replacement battery for a 5 ? Cheers, Mike.
  10. Received mine this morning from Germany. Nice piece of kit - very impressed. Using PM the whole process from order to payment to delivery took just a few days. Excellent, thanks Marco.
  11. I've use a product called Hindsight for many years, bought online. Apply every couple of years and job done. Mike.
  12. All - Bob Scott has been looking after my 4a for many, many years. Suffice to say that over the last couple of years I've toured Scotland, Orkneys, Shetland as well as the South of France without the car missing a proverbial beat. Bob just seems to know TR's inside out, and I wholly endorse the good comments about him and his work. No connection other than as a very satisfied customer.
  13. Mikell

    Wheel sizes

    Christine, Cleaning of the wires ....... someone on the forum recently suggested using 'Muc Off' (readily available from Halfords etc), so I tried it and it's super stuff !! Easy to use as a pump spray bottle ....follow the instructions.... just spray on, and then hose off, a quick wipeover = clean and shiny. It's also cheap and will do loads of cleans. Mike.
  14. Agree with Monty. I've been using the Revington shield on my 4a for many years. Easy to order, easy to install and it works ......... "job done".
  15. Mikell

    TR4a JXD 876D

    Hi Stuart, Thanks for the reply .........as DVLA showed the date of liability as being in 2001, I thought it meant that the car had been due for RFL/SORN at that time - but hadn't been. Hence I decided it had probably "gone"........however I bow to your knowledge in these matters, and am now intrigued to re-discover it - or it's history ! Still surprised it changed from valencia blue to green though ............. but I guess a DVLA typo is easier to achieve than a total colour change respray etc !! Mike.
  16. Hi all, I was just reading through the August 2013 issue of TRaction, and on page 3 there's a picture taken at Malvern of the 'Beta' 917 HP ......... and parked up right behind it is my first 4a reg no JXD 876D. I've checked the DVLA site several times over the years to see if JXD is still around, but it looks like it's 'gone' in about 2000/01 time - when it was described as Green (instead of Valencia Blue + shadow blue interior when I owned it). Just wondered if anyone is aware if it is still lurking unknown to DVLA - or indeed any history post 1974 when I sold it ? Cheers, Mike.
  17. Mikell


    I agree with the layers approach as being probably the best deterrent - I'm not sure there is a total guarantee. My Dad, now in his 90's, used to park up and walk off with the rotor arm in his pocket (just like Steve) ...............just one of many nuisance factors you can use. In the end though if someone wants it badly enough then regardless of immobilisers, alarms and trackers etc - they'll have it ! Mike.
  18. Geoff, I live in West Norfolk and have sent you a pm. I agree with Neil - give Mark a call / mail. Regards, Mike.
  19. Fantastic Dave, and it sounds like the TR ran beautifully - a real credit to you. Well done, and keep the pics coming if you can. This is one to remember. Mike.
  20. Double wow, I've done the road trip both directions betweenn Malaysia and Singapore several times over the last few years - but never in my 4a which has remained firmly in UK. So envious of your trip, the roads etc in malaysia will make a superb run................seriously though, have you got 'added cooling' on the TR ? I think it could be a particular issue around Johor Bahru at the crossing - I've been in massive traffic congestion there with temps of 30+ for an hour or so of near enough static traffic - and that's without the F1 attraction for extra visitors !! Fantastic, enjoy - and pics by the zillion please..........my 4a is conifer green, and so am I !!
  21. If you're not into making up your own, (I'm not) then I bought both the bracket arrangement and the preformed shield from revington several years ago - and fitting was simplicity itself. Only cost a few quid at the time.
  22. Hi all, Whilst reading the numbers in the 4a engine compartment ( ?? too much spare time?) I've become confused at their meaning. Is there an easy e-guide anywhere that I can refer to ? What I've got is the 'normal' oblong-ish plate showing commission number of CTC 65492 O(verdrive), engine number that coincides with the number stamped into the block, plus paint (19) & trim (11) etc, BUT there's also a separate metal strip riveted onto the bulkhead with just a stamped number of 65154CT on it. Can someone tell me what that number refers to please ? The normal oblong plate is headed up in German ........ is that normal ? The car was nut and bolt rebuilt in 92/93 ............ which may be totally irrelevant I suppose !! Regards to all, Mike.
  23. Hiya, I had a similar decision point a couple of years ago on my 4a. I went for the Revington wide belt alternator together with their own fitting kit and heat shield. The only problem I was trying to fix was that of charging, so I retained the manual fan as I didn't want to invite any other (e.g. damper) issues. All previous (dynamo) charging issues disappeared with this approach. It wasn't the cheapest option, but it was an easy fit and it works well. Hope this helps.
  24. Hi David, I'm on a standard 4a set-up that has done about 15k miles since total professional rebuild including unleaded conversion ............ and it used to run on something awful pretty much every time. My local TR guys advised the SU's were worn to the extent they weren't closing off fully at switch-off and so were permitting fuel mix to still pass through, and were also making it difficult to get a nice steady slow-enough tickover. These 2 combining to encourage the engine to continue in the absence of myself and keys!! I invested in a pair of brand new SU's, not cheap I know, but this solved the problem by 95%. Cost was justified on the "never ending hassle factor". Re hotspots ..... I agree with the previous postings......before I switch off nowadays I always just check the temp gauge .......if it's showing below two thirds I switch off with no run-on. If it's showing two thirds or above I know from experience it may well run-on .......so I turn on the electric fan for a minute before switch-off - and she stops with no run-on. Not sure if that's coincidence - but it works for me !! Try it ?? Cheers, Mikell.
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