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  1. That's great guys thanks for all the advice regards Rob
  2. Hi Chris , sounds like a better alternative, I assume that you didn't need to put reinforcing pressings on your panel due to thicker steel?
  3. Hi Chris, Did you make a pattern panel for this yourself?
  4. Hi all , My chassis lower t shirt - breastplate panel is out of shape and has some rust evident and I want to replace with new. Do I have to brace surrounding chassis members before I cut out? Or can I just cut out and replace.? Regards Rob
  5. Hi all , having stripped front hubs of old bearings a while back went to fit new and realised I’d deleleted reference photos by mistake. can anyone provide correct fitting photos as manual is pretty vague as to what way tapered rollers face etc. cheers Rob
  6. Sorry Rich, my mistake, now it makes more sense . Thank you. cheers Rob
  7. The trailing arm front brackets seem to be part of the steering rack fixing bracket . this is where the confusion is ,the rear trailing arm brackets have a strengther at the rear of them and look like a factory installation. see pics. whats the thoughts
  8. Hi all, currently restoring late 4a and unsure as to where exact position of brackets to strenghthen lower wishbone . The car seems to have a plate already in position on the rear bracket on both sides , and all the photos I’ve seen don’t look the same as my car. can anyone post photos of before and after fitting of strengthening brackets. cheers Rob
  9. Is the diagram for the 4a correct , should it not show a positive earth?
  10. Hi all, Anyone have pics of front chassis strengthening kit fitted on car, the restoration manual I have is pretty vague . regards Rob
  11. I have the rubber seal that goes between the two halves , just thought undo two bolts , fit new pistons and seals , job done . Or am I missing something.
  12. Hi all , Whilst renewing seals and pistons on calliper i later read that it is not advised to split them which i did😬 why is this and now that I have done this how do I remedy ? Any advice welcome Regards Rob
  13. Hi all , any suggestions on treating the inside of chassis for flaking and surface rust , I've just bought one of those cameras that can feed down cavities and after using this I have discovered said rust issue. I've also bought a j type overdrive from a triumph 2500 tc and want to fit to my 67 4a any advice on this would be welcome , Regards Rob 👍
  14. Cheers Bob will give that a go 👍
  15. I'm removing and refurbishing as I go , so I've removed all of the dash , left the wooden one till later on in resto , but have derusted and painted metal dash , removed vents from these and repainted etc, clutch and brake assembly refurbed , but roger makes an interesting point I have s new dash top to be fitted and was looking and think window frame has to come out to do this? if so I may remove top of chamber panel as suggested , also was considering removing vent flap on outside of bulkhead but don't have any directions in any of my manuals as how to do this . Thanks for all advice Rob &#
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