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  1. pimento on the outside and magenta on the inside !
  2. id like a pair of these !
  3. Hi Colin, just read your reply on the forum about TR6 CP pi distributor clamp, I am also in need of a replacement, if you could spare one ?

  4. The trick with the masking tape that Roger suggested can also be used to line up the rubber cones in the back corners
  5. loosen all 6 bolts holding the 3 brackets to the inlet manifolds and move the brackets along the shaft to take out any play between the brackets and the flange on the shaft, this should result in the slow running cam lining up with the bolt head and the shaft turning easily, a quick spray of WD40 at the shaft bushes also helps.
  6. Richard I bought the Bosch system from Malcolm some time ago so filters may have changed but my pre filter is a red alloy can with one screwed end which you remove to either replace the paper filter or clean the metal one, i originally had the paper one and Malcolm supplied a metal one free of charge.
  7. So long as you have the vertical height adjusted correctly and the front to back ok. Then with the bonnet open you can push the bonnet from either side as there’s some flexibility in the brackets
  8. Yes I have one but without the Velcro draught flap
  9. I just bought and fitted a fibreglass cover from Revington TR
  10. Hi Bill I bought one of these with the Sparkrite elecronic ignition fitted a few weeks ago, they are not as robust as a Lucas, the plate on the back fell off when I fitted the tacho cable exposing the nylon drive cog but I pressed it back in with a hammer and its been running fine ever since, done about 400 miles so far, they are cheap and have the tacho drive!, good to carry as a spare.
  11. Hi Brian im afraid i am not familiar with the saloon power steering set up, I fitted hydraulic power steering to my TR6 and the kit came with a new steering rack, I had looked at electric versions but didnt think I could get the motor to fit behind the dash with the wiring loom aswell, however there will be others on the forum who have managed to go down this route, it certainly is the easiest of the two choices.
  12. trtechie

    Oil woes

    Hi Stewart im using the standard set up for a tr6 pi, hose from rocker cover via a flame trap to the inlet air tube, just cleaned the flame trap and replaced the hoses. Just had the dizzy back from the doctor with a new shaft and bush fitted and after a short run its still leaking oil but not as much.
  13. trtechie

    Oil woes

    Hi Ashley where exactly was your oil leaking from? if the o ring on the horizontal MU drive had split, wouldnt the oil come out of the end cap held on with one screw? I have put another dizzy on temporarily and so far have had no further leaks which would suggest the fault lies within the dizzy.
  14. trtechie

    Oil woes

    Hi Roger I first noticed this coming back from Boness last year after a 3 hour drive down the M6 at the legal speed limit. I had stopped and when I started the engine there was a distinct popping noise (not a backfire). I was also burning a little oil and had some worn rings/valve guides so put it down to crankcase pressure. The engine has been remanufactured to stage 2 so I wouldnt have expected there to be any pressure now.
  15. trtechie

    Oil woes

    Can anyone give me some advice regarding an oil leak im getting from my distributor, I have replaced the o ring on the dizzy shaft but still getting copious amounts of engine oil getting into the base of the dizzy and then dripping from the drain holes. Ive tried to find any information about this but nothing so far. It has just been checked by the dizzy doctor and refitted but the problem remains.
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