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  1. Hi Macleesh, A friend of mine has a very presentable 1972 model in pimento. Had lots of work and good upgrades including 170 bhp engine rebuild. It’s not concours but in good condition. Redundancy is forcing a very reluctant sale. Not sure whereabouts you are but this car is in Worcestershire. If you are interested it would be an excellent car to buy. It will be sub £20K as he needs the funds. Not advertised yet, so worth enquiring about if you are looking for a very good honest car. I should be able to get him to send photos to you. PM me if interested. Colin
  2. Hi George, I removed the B post caps and drilled holes to accommodate the studs. I removed the 2 studs behind those, as it would be impossible to get a nut in from underneath. This still gives you 7 studs to rigidly mount it. I used the Revington TR kit to utilise the TR6 hood frame mounts on the header rail. I was not happy about relying on the lip of the windscreen frame top. Colin
  3. On my third one now and I think they fit and look good. Most wouldn't know they were fibreglass. I was able to get them painted body colour prior to Honeybourne fitting the window. The TR250 has red vinyl lining fitted too. I would recommend them unless you want to pay £1000's for a real one. Colin
  4. CP cars have 2 x rectangular switches to operate wipers and washers. Lights are operated from the column. Your additional switch is not original. Colin
  5. Hi Mark, Probably the Malpassi unit. Clockwise to increase pressure setting. Colin
  6. I have a fully rebuilt TR5/6 differential for outright sale. It has completed 600 miles and is 3.7:1. Rebuilt by a very well known and respected re-builder with many years experience. Painted and with powder coated rear casing. Open to offers as moving house and needs to go. Colin
  7. Hi Rich, I believe the factory spoiler has 5 fixing points. If you fit a new valance you have to drill these out. I just drilled the 3 required and used these strange fittings. It is very awkward in the 2 ends, hence the little spigot. Colin
  8. Rich, There are some strange shaped fittings, as access is limited. I sold one of these spoilers a few months back but I am sure I still have the fittings. I can look them out and let you know if necessary. Colin
  9. Hi, Just a reminder on scams. I put my rebuilt CP engine on Classified and also a post here. Got a fair amount of interest but one person was prepared to pay my initial asking price. Promised to send a cheque and then arrange collection once it had cleared. After about 2 weeks the cheque finally arrived but for twice the amount. Looked a genuine cheque from a business in Manchester. He then emailed to say a client of his owned him this money and would I pay him the difference when it had cleared. He would also arrange to collect the engine. This transaction always concerned me as he
  10. Just put one on eBay Michael. Really nice condition and correct for TR6. A coat of paint or powder coating and it will look like new. Colin
  11. Alan, You can machine them and fit a small bearing in there. Only room on CP bodies as the spindle diameter is smaller. Difficult to see on attached photo but they have bearings on each body. No play and very smooth. You need to be able to machine a counterbore on the same centre line as the spindles. If you are careful, you could do it on a pillar drill. Colin
  12. Hi, Enquired about this on the TR6 forum but no definitive answer. I know someone with a TR5 who has owned it from new. It has this air bleed. Anybody else got one on their TR5?
  13. Interesting. Just spoken to someone who has owned their TR5 from new - it has the air bleed. It was a very late TR5. Colin
  14. I have a set of bodies but don't recognize the air bleed screw. Someone has suggested it is off the later TR5, or very early TR6 specification. This would have been before the brass, later air bleed screw and after the version with no bleed at all. Any ideas? Colin
  15. Hi, I know this is not uncommon. Any clever ideas to solve it please? Thanks Colin
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