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  1. Hi Mark, I am the guilty party here - sorry. It came with a pile of other TR spares when I bought my car back in November. I realised it wasn’t steel so just looked at the Rimmers site to see what it was made from, hence the assumption. Never thought for a moment there would be an issue. There are piles of receipts so I will go through them and see if said carrier is there and who supplied it. I wonder why it wasn’t fitted by PO? Perhaps he knew. Then again he said he would put the spares in a skip if I didn’t want them! I’ve just had the gearbox out too due to a broken clutch s
  2. Colin, You suggest everything is OK when all inlets are covered. Do you mean you have covered all 6 'trumpets' thereby ruling out the butterflies not closing sufficiently? That's how I understand it anyway. If so, have you lost or damaged an air tube/balance pipe plug in one of the manifolds? Have you got excessive movement in the spindle holes allowing air in? One of the 3 top connectors are letting in air (think they are 1/2" BSP ports)? Won't take much to realise 3,000 rpm. Colin
  3. colin3511

    Oil Pump

    If you check the website he only offers one now. This is due to tolerance improvements on the standard one.
  4. Just keep an eye on things as you use the car. I had 2 CDD units fail. Brilliant customer service to to replace them but was never happy that they failed after less then 400 miles. I wouldn't use them again personally as there must be a flaw in the design or build quality. I am not the only one to experience issues too. Colin
  5. You need the bi-directional LED for the dash indicator light.
  6. Paul, Just did this. 1. Newman fast road cam £210 delivered. 2. Rebuilt distributor by Distributor Doctor £250. 3. Rebuilt head with bronze guides and hardened seats. Ported and polished £800. 4. Triple Weber’s £1800 including manifold and linkages. 5. Phoenix extractor manifold and single big bore exhaust. £800 but I picked a second hand one up for £350. Massive improvement on stock car although I have got new hubs, drive shafts and BMW diff. 165+ BHP. If you can do some of the head work yourself you can save some of the cost. Happy to answer any q
  7. Tested the fan in both directions and it appears there is little difference in flow from sucking or blowing. The fan blades are relatively simple in design so it makes sense you could reverse the motor direction. As it will only be a back up for the mechanical fan it will be fine. Now installed there is considerable air flow through the radiator. Thanks Roger H for the idea. Never even crossed my mind! Colin
  8. Malcolm, I have one but it is part of the whole assembly. I don't need it but I won't want to split it. I would try Neil Ferguson on 07977001571. I can take photos of mine if necessary. Colin
  9. Hi, Just wanted to share my recent experience so you don't end up doing what I did! Within the space of 10 minutes I went from a working clutch to not being able to engage any gear. No loss of fluid and lever seemed OK. Checked everything and then noticed the lever was pointing slightly towards the rear of the car. A tell tale sign the clutch fork pin had broken. Gearbox out to reveal everything was intact. Even the additional fitment of an extra bolt at 90 degrees. Resigned myself to putting it back and looking at the hydraulics. Very fortunately on putting it back I noticed the clu
  10. Thanks Neil and Peter, just what I wanted to hear! The pressure plate looks like a Tr6 one but I don’t know. Should I replace it with a new one so I know it’s right? I assume the friction plate is okay to reuse as it’s only done 1000 miles. After the engine work I did drive it for a few miles before gear changing issues, now known to be hydraulic. I drove it pretty hard with no issue or slippage. Advice appreciated. Thanks, Colin
  11. Hi, Thought my cross shaft pin was broken so pulled the gearbox. Wanted to replace the clutch anyway as PO said it had a TR4 or 4A clutch in, to make changing gear easier. Having substantially increased the engine power the current clutch assembly may not be man enough. Anyway pin not broken but the spine shaft is a smaller diameter than the standard TR6 - 1” instead of 1.25”. Is there an issue with keeping the thinner drive shaft with the engine producing around 165bhp? Ordered a new TR6 cover plate but wanted advice before putting it all back together. Thanks, Colin
  12. I have asked Revotec and they will only supply a complete fan assembly. Apparently they are all fully balanced so they just can’t supply the fan blade. Sounds like a load of bullshine to me. I wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t want £120 + shipping for a replacement fan assembly! Remember I am reusing all other parts including mounting brackets etc. I am going to try Roger’s suggestion of reversing the motor and see how well it blows as it is only a supplement to the mechanical fan. The mechanical fan, in theory, should provide adequate cooling in the UK anyway. Colin
  13. Hi, Reinstated the engine fan but want to keep the back up of an electric fan too. I have the full Revotec sucker fan kit but need to change only the fan to blow mode. The blade is not reversible. Any ideas or suggestions to getting just the blade? Seems most sell the whole kit or part kit, but not just the blade. Thanks Colin
  14. Thanks Z320. I googled it and there appears to be a company offering this process only 8km away! I’ll let you know the outcome. Colin
  15. Hi Jon, It looks like you have spent a lot of time and energy on this rebuild and it looks great. I would bite the bullet and buy a new cam. If there are any issues it’s head off and cam out. You can pick up a new fast road cam from Newman’s for £200, so not too much money. I did the same as you and found the cam had run out and caused an irritating ticking noise. Never again. If not, you need to check every lobe. Ideally between centres, off the car. Colin
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