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  1. Thanks Pete, That's given me everything i wanted!
  2. Hi All, Next job is installing the brake and clutch lines and once again didnt take photos when took the car apart many years ago! I'm after some pictures of the original route and fixings of the brake and clutch pipes showing them leaving the master cylinders, going across the bulkhead and down into the engine bay. Hope that makes sense David
  3. DMRL

    Speedo Clamp

    Hi Guys, Has anyone got a spare clamp to hold speedo in place or know where to get one - see pic attached
  4. Brilliant thank you!
  5. Hi Guys, Is the lever under the dash to open and close the air vent on the scuttle meant to be bent or straight - mine is bent see picture but that could be due to obuse! If someone had a picture of there's in place that would be great. Many Thanks
  6. I dont anticpate the Vinly looking any different - Repairing the foam I'm yet to do so will keep you uipdated!
  7. Here's some pictures they sent me of finished pads
  8. If anyone has a good dash top original I'nm still looking as Roger unfortunatley couldnt help after all.
  9. I'm just ordering now - samples of the leather and Vinyl are on the way - my gut feel is I will go with Vinyl for everything and leather faced seats. I will go with stiched covers for the crash pads as will fit better and I really like the look - its not original but i'm doing what i like on the car. I f you wait a few weeks I can let you know how easy it was.
  10. Hi all, I am recovering all my crash pads with Skinners kits but dont have a dashtop pad as one didnt come on the car. Rather than buy a new one only to cover it has anyone got a fairly decent one thay have removed - it doesnt matter if slighlty damaged as going to cover it anyway.
  11. That would be perfect - 2 years rebuild has taken 7 so far so March is absolutely fine!
  12. Hi all, Has anyone got an original pair of Tr4a door cappings - unfortunately my car came without and am nearing end of restoration and would like an original pair - condition doesnt matter too much as will be re covering.
  13. DMRL

    Tr4a gearbox

    Hi all - I am doing a complete rewrite build of my 67 tr4a - have just started the chassis and drivetrain - looking at gearbox it has an "MB" serial number. Have searched the web and it suggests this is from a 2000 saloon - can any one tell me what is the difference between this and the correct gearbox ie ratios etc plus if I trade in for reconditioned correct unit from say rimmers will they accept it?
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