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  1. Hi Pete, it may be worth getting the crank crack checked. The #4 big end journal to web radius is a favourite to crack. Roger
  2. Hi Mike, lucky you with the frame. One battle sorted. It may be possible to remove the metal dash as the top flange is quite narrow and should be able to tilt from the top. Good luck. Roger
  3. Hi John, I believe the grapevine has it that Moss do the best ones at the moment. Don't know where TR shop get their seals. Roger
  4. They look promising. Keep us posted. Roger
  5. Hi Pete, you would have been proud of me. Shortly after the Forum visit to the computer museum and your presentation we were in the Jersey tunnels and an old boy was telling his chums what the typewriter was. I couldn't resist it and stepped in and gave him everything I took in at Bletchley.. I could see they were flagging a little so I excited them with my take on the Lorenz. Great day. They were so excited they couldn't get out to the sunshine quick enough. Roger
  6. The ammeter coil has been known to become disconnected. Perhaps it is only just touching at one end. Roger
  7. It sounds like the prob;em is in the Control Box - is this any help http://www.sabra.be/GB/Tecnics/RB106.htm How about fitting another known RB106 Roger
  8. Hi Rich, here are the pics I should have sent yesterday. The bottom of the two blocks is bolted through the metal work below. Roger
  9. Hi David, the rack and fitting onto the tubing look similar for all the motors so it is quite possible for the TR6 14W motor to fit. You would need a new mounting, adaptor loom to existing loom, and a dedicated switch - all for less than £100 Roger
  10. I have tried the above items and they do not fit. So far I have had no luck in hunting the little devils down. I wonder if the above item will fit into a standard grommet and then glued in place. Roger
  11. Hi Brent, welcome to the forum. There should be only one cable going to each drum. There will also be a copper/steel pipe for the foot brake. Have you tried to slacken the shoes with the square headed adjuster.? Roger
  12. Hi Rich, Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Pcs-Aluminum-Case-Resistor-5W-10R-10-Ohm-Wirewound-For-Led-Replacement-Con-PF/313037048323?epid=20028998116&hash=item48e2764a03:g:rF4AAOSwcIpeeifM Roger
  13. I've been on 5000IU/day since about christmas. No significant illness since first week January. Legs haven't fallen off yet. No other signs of over dosing. Roger
  14. When the screen is off have a good close look at the outer lower corners. This is where any water collects and can get very very rusty. Usually repairable but can be great fun. Roger
  15. Hi Mark, the TR4 has the same doors with bare top - just painted. Roger
  16. Hi Dave, I had similar symptoms last year. It turned out to be the socket on the loom going into the back of the alternator. If you have an alternator pull the socket off, make sure it is physically OK, clean all the contact areas. Roger
  17. Hi John, and you didn;t like my rear view Audi TT mirrors Roger
  18. Hi Tom, it looks beyond help. Send it to me and I'll put it out of its misery Roger
  19. Hi Mike, Remove screen frame - 3 screws along the top of the dash, 2 nuts - one on each frame strut. 4 screws at top of the 'A' post (open the doors to see them. Remove 'H; dash support. Remove 5 attachment screws on the wooden dash. Remove the small gauge wiring and speedo & tacho. Glove box and hinge. Remove 5 phillips mushroom headed screws along the top edge. remove the 1/4 unf hex head screw at each side of the metal dash. If the airvents need any work on them do it now. The only iffy part is if the frame is stuck !!! Roger
  20. Hi Kev, Chinese take away plastic boxes Jacob cracker boxes Metal chocolate crissy tins All come in handy - but do put labels on so you know what is inside. Roger
  21. wicked witches walk west with withering wrinkles whereupon wallop - the answer That was easy Woger
  22. RogerH


    Hi Phil, start off with it in standard config. if it works - and it should - then stay as is. If there is a problem (mine was drinking oil by the bucket load) then ask the same question. On the catch tank one hose goes to thew rocker cover outlet. The other pipe hangs down just below body level. Nothing should come out Or fit a purpose built filter to the outlet of the tank. You will need to blank off the hole in the inlet manifold. Also consider using a TR4 snorkel breather pipe fitted to the blanked off hole just below the mechanical petrol pump - easier to fit with engine out of body off. Roger
  23. It must be Port-Out-Starboard-Home as it is sung in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Lionel Jeffries so it must be true. Roger
  24. Hi Rich, have you tried it in a dish washer. Roger
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